You are NOT Welcome in Shillong, Mr. Amit Shah!

Shillong (Press Statement): Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR), a people’s group,invites all concerned individuals and groups to join in a Public Forum on 22nd April, Wednesday at 11.00 am near MBOSE office, Lachaumiere to discuss the attack on Democratic and Secular ideals by the Hindu Right. AmitShah

TUR also appeals to all Religious leaders, civil society groups and Regional parties of Meghalaya to boycott Amit Shah, president of Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP). We make this appeal because Amit Shah and his party are responsible for:

  1. Anti tribal, anti farmer land ‘grabbing’ law
  2. Attacking people’s freedom of culture, religion and faith through beef ban, vandalising of churches and mosques and their Ghar Wapasi campaign
  3. Pushing for mining of Uranium against people’s wishes
  4. Allowing corporates and multinational pharmaceutical companies to profit by decontrolling prices of essential medicines
  5. Budget reduction on fund meant for North East India
  6. Continuing and enhancing extensive militarization and severe human rights abuse in the region as a result of the draconian laws like AFSPA
  7. Attacking minorities and their places of worship and officially condoning Hinduisation of state institutions
  8. Proposing to make school curriculum non secular
  9. Weakening pro people laws like Right to Information, NREGS

10 Weakening protection for the workers by bringing labour reforms to benefit the corporate world.

  1. Institutionalizing slave labour through their Make in India campaign
  2. Continuously demeaning women and sexual minorities and attacking their rights through their vulgar pronouncements regarding sexual violence
  3. Censorship and gagging of people’s freedom of expression.

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