Why we must stand with Umar and Kashmiri students

Baljeet Kaur

Baljeet is a student of Criminology and Justice in TISS, Mumbai. This write-up is lifted from her facebook wall.

Groups in JNU and elsewhere have distanced themselves from the slogans. But what we need to understand is that how Kashmiris perceive india is different from our perception of India. Their circumstances are very different. Atrocities happening there have now existed for more than 2decades. Ruining 2 generations. They live with no sense of security. Hence, these slogans should be seen in that context. It was their way of showing anger against the oppression they have been suffering. We have been learning in social work that everything need to be looked a in context.

Hence, rationalisation you may call it. But what’s wrong in that. Things should be seem in a rational way. Also these slogans were raised during the clash with ABVP. So, it was perhaps more out of passion and rage. But that also is a result of their complex circumstances which if not all but largely caused by Indian state.

The problem with saying those were anti – national slogans is that we trying to tell them that regardless of what is happening with you due to our nation you are not allowed to raise voice against it. If we say the slogans raised by them were anti national then the acts of State including keeping AFSPA in free States of the country, abduction by police, illegal detention, custodial torture, rapes should also be called anti National and people responsible should be persecuted with urgency. As we are doing with these students who merely raised slogans.

So, student bodies and other organisations condemning or distancing themselves from these ‘anti-national’ slogans is very dangerous. It is already creating grave problems for the students there. They have been declared absconding. Their houses are being raided. Family is threatened.

Kanhaiyya de do, Umar le lo?






  1. No one will stand for Umar. His name is enough to distance themselves from him. In all this HOHA it will ultimately be a Muslim who will be sacrificed. That is another thing that Umar is said to be an atheist. Well but the name is still that of a Muslim.

  2. I completely understand at a personal level. But then you also have to consider the context in India – like you have in case of Kashmir – BJP govt in the centre, already happening debates on nationalism, tolerance, beef etc, how this issue has been linked to army sacrifices and then there is case for Kashmiri pandits.

    If this was done in Kashmir, it would be different. But it was Delhi. While I understand the provocation that ABVP may have offered, still, it was, at best a very foolhardy course of action!

    The only way they can escape is if PDP pressurizes and BJP compromises for the sake of alliance. Sigh!