Why not just declare that killing Dalits in this country is legal?

Anu | Courtesy: Time and Us

In a country where massacres of dalits leave no evidence, how can justice be faulted?

In a nation where massacred bodies of pregnant dalit and muslim women produce no concrete evidence of their own murders, how can justice be wrong?

In a democracy where butchered infants and children deliver defective evidence of their butchering, how can justice be denied?

In modern India where the massacred are always landless laborers, daily wage earners and small vendors, how can justice not be done?

In a casteless nation, when the slaughtered are always dalits, pasmanda muslim and low-caste, while the criminal-justice system is wholly upper caste, why won’t justice be given?

Take a brief walk through a few modern-day massacres and their verdicts:

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