Why don’t you just go home, Indian Army

By Golan NAulak

Why dont you just go home, Indian Army
Pack your bags and leave
On your brown trucks with the big wheels.

Just go home
Go make love to your wife
And tell her that war is futile
Lets lay down arms and armour tonight.

Dont you wanna see your mama smile?
To see you everyday in her winter years.
Did you ever think of papas little garden?
Behind the family house.
How much he loved it when you helped him
Do the weeding on those summer noons
When you came home.

Its cold and rainy here
Even the mosquitoes bite with a tinge of vengeance

Only if we could recall all our armies
From their barracks and duty posts
Bring them back to their families
To their homes and love

Lay down their guns in unison
Tell everyone we can live without fighting
With guns and tanks and bombs.

Till then my pen will weep
My mind, I hope be sane.

~GN, March 9, 2013

(Golan NAulak is an Assistant Professor at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore.)

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