Who is Amit Shah?

Amit Shah has been made Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Chief today. But who is Amit Shah? What are his achievements? Here is a short list of his achievements:

Who is Amit Shah


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  1. Amit Shah is one of the greatest patriot nation has ever greatest . He has been falsely implicated by anti-Hindu secularists, communists, activists and NGOs. who are paid by Islamic and Christian nations.

    • babar khan

      Amit shah is murdre and tuccha ..but it bad day for bjp ..who dont have a good man to bjp prcedent…god will save the bjp….party with diffrence …yes hahaha hha

  2. Chander subhash

    It is inapropriate to call some names go into minute details before passing such silly comments

  3. We have to keep fighting these criminals to save our democracy.

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