Who is afraid of Gandhi? SIGN PETITION for re-publication of his writings tampered by BJP

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Dear Mr Manish Tiwari,

Information and Broadcasting Minister,
Government of India,

Subject: Publication of untampered ‘Collected Works of Gandhi’ on internet

It is unfortunate that Mahatma Gandhi’s collected works published by the Publication Division, Government of India is not available online in Hindi. It is shameful that Gandhi’s writings and ideas are not easily accessible to the masses in India while he has been reduced to statues and a figure on currency note.Even in English, CWG is available not on any Indian website but on a German website which is difficult to navigate to.As you would know, the ‘Collected Works of Gandhi’ was tampered with during the NDA regime. A review committee under veteran Gandhian Narayan Desai had reccommended reprinting the original version and making it available online and on CDs. This work remains incomplete even after the passage of several years.

Who is afraid of Gandhi’s writings and his ideas? When India is at a crossroads today – be it communalism, social justice or the basic questions of democracy – it is important that Gandhi’s writings and thoughts be easily accessible to the people.

We urge you to inform us regarding the progress on publication of CWG and make it available online at the earliest.








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