Where is my India: Akif Kichloo

Dr. Akif Kichloo

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She writes,

Where is my India?

“Forgive us for what we have done Cause We are young, We are young, We are young” (Tulisa)

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What has happened to the young generation of my country, my motherland India? Why do I seem to be worried living in a nation which seems to be jubilated on the death of a fellow young man? What has happened to my nation? And as a Muslim representing the state’s minority, I would say, “WHERE IS MY INDIA?

Everybody knows the facts but for the ones who don’t:

Early morning of the 9th of February, the govt. of India executed Mohammad Afzal Guru for his involvement in an attack on the parliament which dates back to 2002. He was arrested within three days of the attack. Based on only circumstantial evidence, with not a single eye witness, Mohammed Afzal was sentenced to death by a trial court. The Supreme Court, in the words of the court itself, ‘to satisfy the collective conscience’, upheld that sentence eventually.

The basic tenet of any law states that a person can only be convicted for any crime based on evidence beyond reasonable doubt. The evidence in the case of Mohammed Afzal did certainly not meet those criteria of beyond reasonable doubt. Mohammad Afzal did not at any stage have a proper legal representation, which justices of the Supreme Court chose to ignore. Perhaps for those justices it is more important to take cognizance of the press reports detailing who slipped on the road to a pilgrimage than the proper representation of an innocent being charged with a crime that could invoke death penalty.

Mohammed Afzal Guru was executed in the prison conveniently ignoring all the proper conventions and decencies. By their own admittance, the authorities only informed his family by a speed post which ironically reached Srinagar a day after the execution. So, the family learnt about the execution only through news. The family was denied to carry out last rites for the deceased executed by the Indian state to satisfy collective conscience.

Yes, The Supreme Court’s words ‘to satisfy the collective conscience’. To put meaning into it would read they killed a person without conclusive evidence to satiate their blood lust or so as they say “The collective conscience”.

So the question still remains. The collective conscience of whom? Is it The general masses? And if it is so, who decides that? Who has the right to craft the collective conscience of the people of India? And if it really was the collective concious of the people of this county then my question would be “What kind of people are we?” How safe the minorities are in this country?”

One voice from Arundhati Roy in ‘The Hindu’ rhetorically calling it ‘A perfect day for Democracy’. I again ask “WHERE IS MY INDIA?”

Quoting one paragraph from Arundhati Roy article from The Hindu:

Like most surrendered militants Afzal was easy meat in Kashmir — a victim of torture, blackmail, extortion. In the larger scheme of things he was a nobody. Anyone who was really interested in solving the mystery of the Parliament Attack would have followed the dense trail of evidence that was on offer. No one did, thereby ensuring that the real authors of conspiracy will remain unidentified and uninvestigated

And now I ask if the real authors of the conspiracy still remain unidentified and uninvestigated, how do we maintain that the families of the police officers who unfortunately lost their lives in the parliament attacks got the justice they more than deserved.

Why are my fellow Indians with whom I have grown up and shared everything all my life. Why can’t they accept this side of the story? If not accept it, why not the general masses at least open their minds a little and at least think about the fact that there are two sides to every coin. I don’t say which story is true and which one is false. But Why can’t we at least think of a possibility that two possibilities at least exist?

All our life we say, everybody is corrupt in this country. Our state specially ranks second in corruption. It is a fact that we have accepted and learnt to live with. But then how can we say so bluntly that we have full faith in the judicial system of the state. How do we suddenly develop such faith in the state when a fellow human being from a different community is put to death? Is this what we have become?

101 countries, which amount to more than 50% of the total, have abolished the death penalty. Then why is our nation so blood thirsty. Weren’t we the next generation? Weren’t we the next hope on which everyone relied upon? Weren’t we the generation which was supposed to change things up.? Weren’t we the generation who was supposed to look beyond religion and live in communal harmony? What happened suddenly? Why this sudden change? Have we succumbed to the policies of some hate mongers who always find ways to divide us and then rule?
Sometimes it is hard to believe my eyes when I see people jubilated to see someone die. Sometimes it is hard to trust my beliefs when I see people of one community demanding the person from the other community to die first, as if it were a race between two communities to kill and only then prosper. Isn’t it what is happening? Why these questions when we say “Why Afzal Guru?” Why not Rajaona?” Isn’t the death of one enough to keep the general conscience satiated for a while? Are we some vampires who are so blood thirst that the death of one is not enough for all? What have we become?

As it is mentioned in one of the Quranic verses: “Fa ayna tadh haboon” – In which God means to say,”Where are you going?” There is such love in these words. It is like when a mother becomes helpless and dejected due to her child going astray, and she asks him “What are you doing?”

Such simple words as she says “What are you doing?” but the pain she feels, the pain of motherhood that she feels, hidden inside these simple words.

Or when the father becomes helpless and dejected and says “Son, What are you doing?” There is so much compassion in the father’s words knowing what his son is doing will spoil, ruin and harm his son’s future. At that time the father becomes so helpless and says these words “What are you doing? Where are you going? Which way are you headed? What have you become?”

And when God says “Yaa Ayuhal insaan” [O Mankind], the love He expresses to the whole 7 billion people in the world. “Yaa Ayuhal insaan” [O Mankind], not just Muslims, but the whole of mankind. Just one word “Yaa Ayuhal insaan” and the amount of love God has expressed in it.The intensity with which He says “Yaa Ayuhal insaan” meaning [O Mankind]. It is like God coming to the earth, going to each individual and shaking him and saying “Yaa Ayuhal insaan” [O Mankind], “What have you done?”, “Fa ayna tadh haboon- Where are you going?” “Why have you left the path of righteousness?, Why have you left the good in you?

So Today I ask, Where are we going? What are we doing? Why have we left the path of righteousness? Why have we killed the good in us? Why have we become so blood thirsty? Why can’t we be an example of peace and prosperity? Why can’t we kill the hatred in us and spread love and only love.

As Dalai Lama has said and I quote, “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”

As Bulleh Shah has said and I quote and translate, “We read to become all knowledgeable, But you never read ourselves. We run to enter temples and mosques, but we never entered our own heart. Everyday we fight Satan But we never fight our own Ego, never fight our own will power. We try grabbing that which is in the sky, But we never get hold of What sits inside us.

Let the race end my friends. Let us stop seeking all this knowledge my friends,. Only one thing is what we need. Let us stop trying to be the one who knows, for ‘God is One’ we need to know.

But I still ask, “WHERE IS MY INDIA?”

“Will I ever know?”






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