What actually happened in JNU, and why we must defend the campus

Harshit Agrawal | Quora

A lot of answers are here. The only weird thing is not one of them is from a JNU student or who witnessed what happened on that controversial day and yet everyone has such strong opinions about the whole incident from people calling everyone studying in JNU as terrorists, jihadis and naxals to asking for the university to be completely shutdown!

I am a JNU student studying right now and also happen to be a witness for some events that happened on that controversial date – 9th February 2016. So, that kinda renders me more legitimate to answer this question than people who only know about it through Zee News and Times Now.
On 9th February 2016, a student organization DSU, short for ‘Democratic Students Union’ had called for a cultural meeting of a protest against what they called ‘the judicial killing of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat’ and in solidarity with ‘the struggle of Kashmiri people for their democratic right to self-determination.’ A lot of Kashmiri students from inside and outside the campus were to attend the event.

‘Democratic Students Union(DSU)’ is an ultra-leftist group in the campus that believes in the ideology of Maoism. It’s a very small group of very well read students. They are not terrorists or naxals by any means. I have been in the campus for more than 2 years and never have I witnessed or heard of them committing a terror activity as much as of throwing a stone, let alone overthrowing the state!

Now, first things first.

Did they do something wrong in organizing a meeting over the issue of Kashmir? Is the issue of Kashmir so sacred to us and our brains so brainwashed with the idea of nazi-like nationalism that we are not even ready to hear about the issue of Kashmir from Kashmiris themselves?

Do I support the secession of Kashmir from India? No.

I am not even aware of the exact nuances of the political matter, but I am ready to hear, learn and debate all sorts of opinions, especially from the inhabitants themselves.

Now, did the organizers of the meeting do something wrong in calling Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat’s execution ‘judicial murder’? And was it the first time somebody raised an objection on capital punishment and the judgement of a court?

After Afzal Guru was hanged, a lot of human rights group condemned the hanging. The political party PDP with whom BJP has formed a government in Jammu and Kashmir itself called Afzal’s hanging ‘travesty of justice’. Arundhati Roy condemned it. Shashi Tharoor called it wrong. Markandey Katju has severely criticized it.

Praveen Swami, Indian journalist, analyst and author specialising on international strategic and security issues wrote in The Hindu,

“The Supreme Court’s word is not, and ought not to be, the final word. Indeed, the deep ambiguities that surround Guru’s case are in themselves compelling argument to rethink the death penalty.”

Former Delhi High Court chief justice, Justice AP Shah, said that the hanging of Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon were politically motivated.

Now were all these people anti-nationals, terrorists, jihadis?

I have faith in your wisdom to answer that.

Now coming to next issue – the shouting of ‘anti-national slogans’.

Now 20 minutes before the meeting was going to start, ABVP, who consider themselves to be the sole harbingers of nationalism, wrote to the administration asking it to withdraw the permission of organizing the meeting as it was ‘harmful for campus’ atmosphere’. The administration, feeling afraid of clashes, denied the permission. Now, for those who do not know, JNU is a beautiful democratic space where all voices are heard, all opinions however radical, respected. And ABVP was scuttling that space.

DSU asked for help from JNUSU (Jawaharlal Nehru Students’ Union) and other left student organizations like SFI(Students Federation of India), and AISA(All India Students Association) to gather in support of their right to democratically and peacefully hold meeting and mind you, NOT in support of their ideology or their stand on Kashmir. DSU, JNUSU, and other student organizations decided they would not let the administration and the ABVP scuttle their hard-earned democratic space to debate and discuss, and decided to go ahead with the meeting.

The administration sent security guards to cover the badminton court where the meeting was supposed to happen, and denied the permission to use mics. The organizers agreed.

They decided they would continue the meeting around the dhaba itself and without the mics. However, the ABVP mobilized its cadres and started threatening and intimidating the students and organizers. They started shouting cliched slogans like

‘Ye Kashmir Hamara hai, saara ka saara hai.’

The organizers as a response to them, and to create solidarity among the students attending the meeting started shouting,

“Hum kya chaahte? Azaadi!”

Do you think there was something highly inflammatory and dangerous in this statement? Think about it. Nations break all the time. We were chanting the same slogan under Britishers. Soviet Union disintegrated. Secession is neither good nor bad. It depends on the precise circumstances of the place. And mind you, I don’t support the secession of Kashmir. I claim to have insufficient knowledge of the situation and conditions of the people residing in that region. Hence, I am neither for nor against it. Hence, I have no problems with a group of students simply shouting slogans in support of a particular region’s freedom. They were not planning a conspiracy to overthrow the government and seize Kashmir from India. They were simple students who read, travel and learn about socio-political issues and have a stand about it.

Next slogan –
“Tum kitne Afzal maaroge, har ghar se Afzal niklega!”

Now, I did not study the case closely, and hence, would believe in the courts of India and therefore, I believe Afzal Guru was a terrorist. Though principally I am against capital punishment.

However, this group of students believed that he did not deserve capital punishment and also have their skepticism about his involvement in the parliamentary attack. I am picking up this from wikipedia –

“It has to be noted, that in its judgement of 5 August 2005, the supreme court admitted that the evidence against Guru was only circumstantial, and that there was no evidence that he belonged to any terrorist group or organisation.”

And this directly from the Supreme Court judgement:

“The incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire nation and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if the capital punishment is awarded to the offender.”

So, a group of students believe that Afzal Guru was framed, had no role in the attack on the parliament and his capital punishment was wrong. Big deal?
And were therefore shouting, “Har ghar se Afzal niklega!”

And mind you, these people are not carrying any arms, all they are carrying are ideas.

So, in such a case, what should the state do? Charge them for conspiracy against the state? Or maybe merely try to engage with them, debate with them about a difference of opinion?

And was this some secretly organized meeting about overthrowing the government smuggling in bombs and grenades? No, this was a public meeting. Everyone was invited. You were free to disagree with them. They are not doing it in hiding. If they were terrorists they would not come out in public! But didn’t you see them all at your TV channels courageously defending themselves and their right to have a difference of opinion? Tell me, which traits of terrorists do you find in them?

Now, I’ll come to the most controversial part – the slogans against India.

In the meeting, there was a whole group of Kashmiri students which had come from outside JNU to attend the meeting. If you would even look closely at the video that is being circulated, you will only see these students who had formed a circle in the center of the gathering. And trust me ,not one of whom was from JNU! I was present during the event for some time, and I could not recognize a single face from that group as being from JNU.

This group of students, who belonged to Kashmir, and had faced the wrath of the AFSPA for decades, were angered to see ABVP disrupt their meeting, and started shouting the slogans against India, like:
“Bharat ki barbaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi!”

“India, Go Back”

In my almost 2.5 years of stay in JNU, I have never heard these slogans shouted anywhere. These are nowhere even close to the ideology of any left parties, let alone DSU.

To make things clearer, here is what a Kashmiri student who is not a JNU student and who was not present in the meeting, has written about the slogans on his facebook wall, after hearing them on youtube:

“Let me do the “DECONSTRUCTION” not Derridian but ‘Kashmiri deconstruction’ of the slogans that have become so controversial.


Bharat for a Kashmiri young men and women who were born in 1990s and after means Indian Military Establishment. The representative image of Indian state is always, Men-in-uniform-with-weapons.

BARBADI is used in the same lexicon as it’s used by different organizations in India. It means end to the military occupation of Kashmir.

JANG means struggle, whether peaceful, Gandhian, Marxian, Gramscian or violent depends on your interpretation of the word.

I hope it leads to some clarity. Anyways it might be a ‘fringe’ slogan in spaces like JNU but it’s a ‘mass’ slogan in Kashmir.

2. AZADI: The word AZADI, which is the most confusing word for ‘Indians’. Let me simplify it for you. It’s not a seditious slogan nor is it secessionist. AZADI as a slogan is historically, socially, culturally, conceptually and principally rooted in the principle of Right to Self Determination of people belonging to a region occupied by two nation-states identified as Kashmir.

Let me add more, Azadi is a synonym of Resistance and has a very deep aspirational value attached to it.”

About the slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, it is disputed. I did not hear any such slogan while I was present there. There is a slogan in a video, but it’s not clear as to who shouted it – the Kashmiri students or the ABVP as a conspiracy, as this video below explains:

Now, that it’s been clear that no JNU student was involved in shouting anti-India slogans, let’s come to the way the government responded to this:

The police on the orders of Home Minister Rajnath Singh raid our univeristy and then hostels. They pick up the JNUSU President from within the campus with no substantial evidence and the court remands him for a 3 day police custody. He did not shout the slogans. He is a member of the All India Students Federation(AISF) which is the student wing of the Communist Party of India(CPI) which has no Maoist or secessionist ideology and is the mildest of all left parties.

Yesterday too, seven more students were picked up by the police from the campus.

I say, if you want to arrest, arrest those Kashmiri students at the most. But ruthlessly witch-hunting students is outrageous and clearly not what you would expect from a democratic government!

And finally, I am going to touch a raw nerve here, but I think it’s become important that someone does –
“Why are we so volatile regarding our ideas of nationalism? Why do we treat it like religion? Somebody shouts few slogans and it becomes absolute blasphemy! A university is a place for debate, discussion and dissent! Slogans should be answered by slogans, and not by sedition charges!”

Elaborating on this, I would like to quote the first prime minister of India ‘Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, whose name the university bears:

“A University stands for humanism. For tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search of truth. It stands for the onward march of the human race towards ever higher objectives. If the Universities discharge their duties adequately, then it is well with the Nation and the People.”

At such a crucial time, when JNU is facing all kinds of fabricated lies and flak from media, I would urge all of you to stand with JNU. It is one of a kind of university and it’s absolutely beautiful, both in it’s spirit and geography.

I urge you all to visit my university sometime. It welcomes everyone, accommodates everyone…:)


This article has been reproduced from a Quora answer by Harshit Agarwal. Here’s the link: https://www.quora.com/Jawaharlal-Nehru-University-Campus-Row-February-2016/What-do-you-think-about-the-JNU-protest/answer/Harshit-Agarwal-17


  1. rowdy rathore

    all these leftists and anti national scums should be put behind bars, we dont want our taxes to be wasted on these bastards

  2. Go do your studies well..dont try to be a mask for these anti national forces…

  3. m rajivlochan

    Well, you just ratified whatever was being said against JNU. The claim that JNU needs to be treated special would be difficult to defend in the light of these details. You are perhaps being authentic about your views. But the authorities of the state will not see it that way. The JNUSU president has not been ‘arrested’ by the police, he has merely been detained on court orders to facilitate investigations. The boys, especially the ones from Kashmir, will require a very good lawyer to get out of this particular mess.

  4. Hahaha…..just trying to defend in every way possible…ohh plzz have visted ur campus twice…nd da best phypocrite part of most of the jnu students is that they themselves shout of freedom of speech nd etc..but whn one opposes their opinion they dnt respect ur views and u r labelled as chaddis, rss, capitalists etc…such a bucnh of hypocrites they are

  5. Wonderful discussion ! Not a single comment is in any way related to all that has been posted !

    So much for the intellect of the right-wing.

  6. Your article resembles with a speech in Julius Caesar. World War I happened coz of an idea.. an idea to have a separate nation for the Serbs. Saying they were not carrying arms but just ideas. Wars on fought on papers first and then executed. Humans are turned into suicide bombers by ideas not by arms. ISIS is spreading through internet not by delivering arms. As you said, you dont know anything, so better study and know about India so as to preserve the integrity of India.
    Anti-India slogans in any campus is disgusting. Though none of us have ever heard it yet these sentiments persist among the masses, that is the problem

    • just one clarification. Have you stayed in a state where there is imposition of AFSPA?

      • He probably hasnt, So is one of the faces of the event Umar ( I saw him saying I am not from Kashmir) , just because he isnt holding the same view as urs , you asking his eligibility of commenting over the topic is quite myopic. Going by the logic you shouldnt take Umar’s view seriously too !

        • I am sorry i don’t know who Umar is. I am not in any way supporting the Hindustan murdabad statements that happened. My point was there needs to be an understanding of the cultural context behind what was being said. There was an interesting incident that happened 3 decades back- after the Indira Gandhi assassination- one of the Sikhs was arrested because he was overheard telling Indira Gandhi should die. However, he was later acquited because he hadn’t actually killed her, he was just angry how she was involved in the damaging of the Golden temple. My point is that yes, maybe Ankit hasn’t. And i am wrong to question him on that viewpoint. But when you arrest someone on sedition charges without understanding the context, i have a problem with that. Anti-national is a strong word to be used and i don’t think students were being anti-national.

          • JNU has produced a Afjal Guru… there is anti india sentiment prevelent in JNU as evident from Slogans… whether it is kashmir freedom or guru… this can produce potential terrorist like afzal .. mind it a single wolf can kill scores… the ideology must be be countered if you want to prevent terror attack… thats why musjids in France are being shut down… all hate factory (including JNU) should be shut down if required

          • First of all.. Who is the Afzal Guru that JNU has produced? The anti India sentiment that you are talking about through slogans.. The video showed ABVP doing the same.. It is the Hindu Right wing that hates the Republic Day. And considers it a black day in the history of India. And celebrates the murderer of the Father of Our Nation. Kashmir Freedom issue has come up through the demand of removal of AFSPA.. Masjids in France are being shut down doesn’t help the cause because it shows the government’s lack of initiatives in encouraging discussion and engaging with the Muslims. Look at Canada- it has embraced the Muslims and the culture through allowing Syrian immigrants. They haven’t caused any troubles. France issue is different. It started with Charlie Hebdo showing Muhammad in an obscene and a disgusting light and this led to a repercussion. A similar thing happened in India when M.F. Hussain painted Lord Hanuman naked- the Hindu right wing went also all out.

          • Since you have bought up the issue of immigrants and them not causing any trouble, i’d suggest you to read about the incidents that happened in Cologne.

            Of course, I am not generalizing that all Immigrants cause trouble and neither am I saying that immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to seek refuge in other countries. I am merely pointing out the fact that some of the immigrants have caused trouble.

          • “Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany” : theguardian, 31 Jan 2016

            A 13-year-old Russian-German girl has admitted making up a story about being kidnapped and raped by migrants in a case that triggered a furore in Germany and briefly embroiled Berlin police in a spat with the Kremlin, state prosecutors said. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/31/teenage-girl-made-up-migrant-claim-that-caused-uproar-in-germany

      • Since u have touched AFSPA. I have not stayed in afspa state. But let me tell you that my neighbours have served in state where afspa has been in force. The conditions there is so fragile that it is difficult for them to survive there. Do you know how many soldiers have died in those states ?

        • My friends stay in AFSPA. Let me tell you the conditions of the civilians where afspa has been in force. The conditions are so fragile there that the civilians are strip-checked and their private parts checked in order to see whether there are weapons or not. People are taken randomly into police custody on blind suspicion and not given the right to trial. I don’t know how many soldiers die in those states. I am sure you do. There are records showing their deaths. But very little is known about the missing people, about the countless rapes that occur, about custodial beatings, etc. Do you know anything about that?

          • Ohhh yeah..It happened in my neighbouring village..A person was shot by the army because they had “intel” that he was a terrorist…It was found out later that the dead person was a school teacher and the terrorist was his brother who hiding in the hills..CASE CLOSED…There was no compensation nor any judicial inquiry…And If you do not believe me make a manipuri friend,come with him/her to manipur and do an investigation.

      • you are staying in a state where there is ethnic cleansing of pundits .. and people are supporter of terrorists….

      • I have…manipur…

    • Alan Merwin Raju

      Go through history, every revolution that took place had a definited cause and effect. Its not merely the idea or the slogan that brought about change, it was mobilisation of a mass who believed in what they thought was right. If you say that is wrong then I dont know what democracy are you upholding and which nation are you a part of?
      Because the India I would like to believe in is where we are free to express our thoughts, where I wouldnt have to fear what I might have to say. Let it be Kashmiris who want freedom, let it be Kashmiris who want to join India. They all have a right to it. The India that I believe in wouldnt split just because a bunch of people raised slogans, we are not pushovers. We are the worlds biggest democracy and its time we started having evidence to show its true.

      This crackdown on students itself is evidence enough for the high handedness of our government.

      • Kalyani Singh

        “it was usually the mobilisation of a mass who believed in what they thought was right and was willing to go to any length to achieve it. If you say that is wrong then I dont know what democracy are you upholding and which nation are you a part of?”
        I’m sorry democracy does not mean that, because according to what I just quoted it would be okay for a right wing organization to believe they were right in wanting to persecute anyone they wanted and go to any lengths to achieve that. This is what you said right? A democracy is where you have rights but they’re not absolute, you cannot go to any lengths if that means killing innocent bystanders or holding the state hostage or anything that causes harm to others. Hell we protect religious sentiments from being hurt, but not nationalist sentiments?
        As far as the Govt. is concerned its proceeding according to the existing laws in the country, but you don’t believe in them right?

        • The regular debate that “Rights are not absolute” – the word “absolute” is contextually wrong and should be replaced by “infinite”. Rights stop at the end of other persons nose. Hence it should be “Rights are not infinite (but freedom of expression of ideas is absolute). Laws cannot be rigid nor can they be ambiguous (in contrast to Holy books wherein you can read your meaning into it as per your own frame of mind or your guru). Also they cannot be permanent (recall Sati). For me the whole thing is blown out of proportion as I feel one group reacted to other in defiance on spot and not premiditated. If they were outsiders in campus, the police needs to dig deeper.

        • Alan Merwin Raju

          Um I meant the revolutions per se, and that was for the comment to which I had replied where the person spoke of an idea splitting a nation. What i meant to say was that an idea alone cannot bring forth change but it requires people willing to go to any length to achieve it, so his comment that an ‘idea alone’ is disproved.

          Any democracy is within a stipulated statute of laws that every citizen must abide to. When I say go to any length with respect to a modern society, i didnt mean to form a naxal group, the IRA or LTTE. What I meant was, you are within your rights of expression if you are dissatisfied with your country, to protest, to bring about change as long as the rights of another citizen is not violated. A crime is when you infringe upon anothers right. That is the crux of true liberty. Your freedom is within your own individual space. In my opinion, the students were not staging an armed struggle, and didnt infringe anyone else right. It is when you suppress an open struggle that you see extremists rise from amongst them.

          Is it wrong for Kashmiris to request for seperation from India? Is it right for them? Can India guarantee them peace? These are sensitive issues that have not been given adequate coverage, and even we are not fully aware of the ground issues there.

          • Kashmir is not even the issue here, that’s a much larger issue and completely separate from this topic. The question here is that can a group of students be allowed to give what amounts to hate speech towards their own country and if action is not taken against them and the hurt majority takes the law into their own hands who will be responsible? The point is people’s sentiments don’t just get hurt when issues are religious, most of us love and respect our country and don’t want to hear talk of dividing the country or waging war against us, we already have hostile neighbors to do that. Kashmir’s problems are not solely political and aren’t solely because of India. They talk about plebiscite everytime but do they want to meet the conditions agreed to for plebiscite? Conditions of restoring the Kashmiri pandits and Pakistan removing its occupation from the territory its holding or has given away to China?
            The incident in JNU was a grave misuse of the rights and privileges given to these students, they are guilty and they should be punished. Rights are from the state, if you talk of destruction of the state how will your rights survive? Its India that these people are standing on, had it been any of the countries that share their communist ideology like China or Russia or the beloved Pakistan they were hailing they would have been shot at the spot or never seen the light of day. In India they will be given a fair trial and a slap on the wrist.

          • I think your answers stem from the understanding that the slogans were raised by the students. If that is the case then I agree with you. That was stupid of them. But if the slogans were raised by the Kashmiri outsiders and not the JNU students, dont you think they were within their rights to do so?

          • Alan you’re taking the whole two wrongs to make a right thing too far, that does not happen. Everything ypu mentioned is as condemnable as this incident but for different reasons and different sections of the law. Those reasons don’t take away from the fact that what happened at JNU was shameful and harmful to the integrity of the nation, harm isn’t just caused by raising weapons, its caused when you’re giving cause to enemy countries to raise fingers and say this is what your own people say. Forget Kashmir and also forget the narrative that these slogans were raised by Kashmiri outsiders, its all on video.Omar Khalid is a JNU student or not? As far as police is concerned their job is to uphold law and order and not indulge in debate, police is their to take action legally so that public sentiment which is high in this case doesn’t lead to a worse situation. As far as ABVP is concerned in both cases they were the ones who brought these incidents to light and protested against them, how does that automatically give rise to a conspiracy?
            In the end it depends on the way you look at it, the matter is being investigated under the authority of courts and unlike these super intelligent beings of JNU we do believe in the Judiciary of this country. Let the truth be told.

          • police is after a handful of students… no ordinary student is affected.. why are u bothered about few students… who raised anti national slogan… pls say kashmiri muslims.. pundits, sikhs, budhist are not interested in ind or pak… a ind kash will be another pak or afganistan… if u r interested read the quaran .. how much freedom it allows.. and debate in JNU if u have guts.. for your reference a verse

          • please read Batman comic , he as so many power and enjoy the freedom at Gotham City.

          • Yes.. We can also have debates about how much freedom is prescribed for the Hindu Pandits in the Vedas. Let us have a debate regarding this on the Campus.

            Rig Veda 9.13.9 ”May you (O love divine), the beholder of the path of enlightenment, purifying our mind and destroying the infidels who refuse to offer worship, come and stay in the prime position of the eternal sacrifice.” Tr. SatyaPrakash Saraswati

            Rig Veda 7.6.3 ”May the fire divine chase away those infidels, who do not perform worship and who are uncivil in speech. They are niggards, unbelievers, say no tribute to fire divine and offer no homage. The fire divine turns those godless people far away who institute no sacred ceremonies.” Tr. SatyaPrakash Saraswati

            Rig Veda 9.63.5 ‘‘Augmenting the strength of resplendent self, urging the waters and rejuvenating all noble acts and destroying the infidels.” Tr. SatyaPrakash Saraswati

          • I agree completely with you.. Send these people to Pakistan an let them shout anti Pakistan slogans there. They will be hung in public. It’s India that tolerates such non sense. These people need to be punished. Enough of tolerating such non sense on our home ground.

          • but kashmiri pundits, budhist, sikhs dont want separation.. only muslims… how would you give freedom? what about freedom o f pundits? do u think tthey will be at peace if they have independence… it will be another pakistan or syria.. how will u guarentee safety of pundits in independent kashmir? u wwant them to convert?

      • Abhinav Prakash

        Brilliant, first Muslims with support of Pakistan drive out Kashmiri Pandits and now you talk about deciding Kashmir’s stay in India based on will of Kashmiris. HYPOCRISY !
        Well, since you talk about importance of Democracy, why limit it to only Kashmiris? Why not entire India and Pakistant should vote on with which country entire Kashmir state should stay. Whichever gains maximum vote, that wins. how is that?

      • First give every Indian the free speech rightn to draw cartoons of whatever god and prophet they wish to draw… otherwise STFU

      • Kapil Bhardwaj

        “Your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man’s nose begins” – as simple as that.

        Let’s Start with the nation concept first! There were more than 500 princely states which were merged(either forcefully or other way) when India as a nation evolved in 1947, a heck of an achievement. Though, Princely families are still here and enjoying the luxuries of being a VVIP, en-masked in forms of political leaders and big industrialists. So does that mean, we are still not liberated or under some sort of oppression. Nah! Freedom is an Illusion, we all are just a slave of the Economic System and a Nation makes it more possible to achieve the same what a single state alone can’t despite of resources it possess.

        I lived in Srinagar for a year and didn’t saw any brutality/oppression despite of AFSPA. Yes people have different opinions but situation is changed a lot as compared to 90’s as they are getting the taste of globalization with much better connectivity and prosperity. And they won’t leave that in any case, priorities have been changed. Now they feel guilty for exodus of kashmiri pundits, their brothers whom they silently gazed, fleeing for their life. But Time flees and only Guilt left for the whole life if don’t act correct in the past. AFSPA is a result of their misadventures that backfired badly and Failure of the administration and the police to tackle local issues.

        It’s not good to debate each & every shit for the sake of being intellectual, real issues are lagging behind. And forget living in dream of ideal world, nature is harsh and everybody needs to accept it. India is our identity and such shit will not be accepted.

        Dats what I want to say. Jai HInd!

      • it is not crackdown on students… but on handful of students who were indulged in anti national activity… why does that bother you at all… and you talk of freedom of kashmiris… those who want freedom killed and drove out pundits.. now ask them if they welcome pundits? I am willing to debate with you… the issue are not simple as you think… pls let me know your idea how to resettle the pundits… in valley

      • Hi, can you justify the same to the parents of the soldiers who die everyday saving our asses, while we enjoy our life in peace. I Know, i am trying to make this discussion one sided, but when some decisions are not taken by discussion, when some thing is wrong, its totally wrong. Those people who used anti-indian slogan must be found out and proper action should be taken against them irrespective of which side they belong to.

        It might be a full political agenda, but culprits should be found out.

        • Alan Merwin Raju

          Brilliant answer. Bravo.
          Although I also would like to point out that United States war on terror has only compounded the issue of Islamic extremism. So when she states that they are after the 150 million radicals who can wipe out a society, she also has to understand their origins.

          America is the reason why we have Islamic Terror. There I have said it. They propogated Islamic outfits in Afghanisthan against the USSR where a certain engineer called Osama Bin Laden rose to prominence.

          The orgin of ISIS is because of the war in Iraq. Yes, Saddam was a dictator and a genocidal maniac. But I have to say he had the state under control from these extremists. But the war in Iraw splintered th factions. In addition to increased resentment against the western civilization, they found a means to channel their Jihad. And you would be surprised to know that, all of the top ISIS leadership are former Saddam loyalists who were Baath party members who were shunned out by the US placed government in Iraq. That is, the US created ISIS in the first place.

          So to say that a 150 million radicals are a threat to world order and not acknowledging that their drive for wiping out people stems from resentment because of the mistake that the US themselves did is, in other words, moral immorality.

          So while the woman was right in point out how minority radicals can extend its power so that the maority liberals are

          • I do respect you buddy…It’s the first time that I have read a topic in facebook which is so logical and confirms with reality..

      • Vidit Kothari

        Just a week ago I met a soldier who was going on his way back to Jammu where he was assigned to. He told that all most all the kashmiri’s are antiIndia even after so so many benefits being given to them by the Indian government. He hinted that there are groups ‘foreign’ groups that spread the word of anti India and hit the commoners’ mind with such hateful made-up stories that changes the fundamental thought process of the people and thus makes them all Anti India. There are some extremists in a religion due to which all of the religion gets the blame but the astounding thing is, no one from the religion is trying to do something about it instead he/she joins the evil doers. God knows when he or the people-who-think- they-are-God will bless and leave the world and the other religion just as they are and not force conversion and breed like a reproduction machines.

      • Freedom/Rights are easily bandied about words. I think some good discussions around the subject to set the foundation is in order. Freedom/Rights are associated with a certain understood sense of responsibility. If one has understood that and is persisting to use it in a way that many others do not agree, on the least, they have to be prepared for the response coming their way. There is no need to paint them with this pseudo-sympathetic brush.

    • mrankitanks .

      As per the article, anti india slogans and slogans of “pakistan jindabad” were raised by ABVP, not JNU students. Read before commenting, then. They probably did it to frame the JNU students as anti nationals.

    • HORSESHlT writes SHlT

      Because the left wants to over throw a democratically elected govt… A govt that has hardly been in power ever…( 95% of the time, the anti Hindu congress left has ruled India. ). The left loves democracy only if the left is in power…all the time.

      Modi is unable to mange this revolution. Modi doesn’t cut it netiher do those Khaki trouser wearing RSS…they run around with a stick…. Modi is a wuss. and the RSS is a bafoon organization. So scr3w Modi and scr3w the RSS.

      The right thing to do now, is for a hardliner Hindu to take power from Modi and bring a Hindu fascist govt. With the backing of a military dictator is the only way t to go..and then bomb JNU and arrest and kill all communists.

      We need a 10 year Hindu fascist govt to come out and clean house…. The left will not allow democracy to function….

      • How is wanting fascist government in place of the elected government that constitution gives is not anti national? Is it not waging war against India and it’s constitution? Is this comment not seditious?

      • So basically you want a Pakistan. There seems to be one next door. Feel free to visit it as often as you wish to.

      • Migrate to some Arab country instead and leave us in peace. That would be better.

      • Ashish Mathew

        I don’t have any comments over political parties neither over JNU issue but daibo #ten or #twenty whatever you are and whatever u said seems like I just smelled the most horrific cow dung. So u basically want to remove democracy and want Hitler to visit India. I wonder what you do in real life other than being online. So #fifteen, just imagine that what you wanna do to others shall be done to you, and tell how you feel. This one should improve your comment. And next time if you have some same kinda comment, please leave the ground before you prove that ur a swagger that who not only looks like an idiot but is also a panzee in real life.

    • Matthew Cherian

      The issue here is how post APSFA youth has been growing up.With all the military and seeing people get tortured all around.It wouldn’t take a lot to push them over.Like those who lost their family in NATO air raids.It wouldn’t take much.

    • kagitha jayasurya

      Oh my god.. Such a lame excuse. Useless guys doing some random nonsense at this useless university which is basking in its old glory. The quality of students coming out of JNU is pathetic. Anyone can let me know please, if there is one individual from JNU who really brought change in the last decade. Such an useless university. Look at IITs and TISS and the quality of students we are producing from theses institutions. on the other hand we got JNU students just going berserk on any thing by feeding on tax payer money. What a bunch of buffoons disguised in the form of students. The central government should take steps to ban all this tom, dick and harry student organizations which come into logger heads just to prove their ideologies rather than fighting on student issues and demands.

    • Padmashree Prasad

      Brilliantly said! These people are very bent on finding flaws in every damn thing. They are just not satisfied with the way their country is. I second you unequivocally Ankit.

      • Padmashree Prasad

        America is world’s best democracy. Let any American shout anti national slogans and support Osama bin Laden, they will have the time of their life. Just because your parents are open minded you cannot use it to talk about your sex life with them. This is such a situation.

    • this article is a fucking nonsense The author of the article makes very conveninient interpretations of the slogans like “bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”. Any hindi speaker will know that the interpretation of this slogan by the author is sheer non-sense.go and say similar slogans in any country theyll bust you left and right and will arrest you in act of treason and keep in jail for min 10 years for example just see our neighbours pak, they arrested a person just for liking virat and catching an Indian flag is that not freedom of expression according to this idiotic author. and whatever the abvp provoked like we will not give kashmir they are shouting for the country so it is utterly idiotic just to oppose youre rivals you chant anti India what idioitc logic is this no person with even little common sense will support it and the author saying i dont have any idea abot afzal guru saying in unv we should discuss ideas bit no countries govt will allow ideas to discuss anti India things now look at jadhavpur univ those idiots are shouting we want nagaland freedom , manipur freedom, kashmir freedom why these idiots are remembering kashmiror,…. now why not prev and why are they favouring their freedom when you look at other countries like pakistan, USA, Spain, china,….. every country has secessionist movements but i never heard its own students organising such idiotic discussions to divide their own country this is utter idiocity and this article is fucking joke,,,,

  7. Maya Raj Krishna

    Thank you for the clear narration of the events. We stand with you. JNU is indeed a beacon for other universities and has done yeoman service to our nation. It’s autonomy and democratic character must be protected.

    • Moushumi Dhar

      Btw what’s the name of the last entrepreneur who came out of JNU- a person who created products, services, jobs and something useful for the Nation-and made India proud at a global level- anyone? just curious to know: smile emoticon

      • Alan Merwin Raju

        Current Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry- Nirmala Sitharaman is a JNU alumni.
        A simple google search will throw up many others, very prominent people are there.

        • Moushumi Dhar

          Yeah maybe…still doesnt answer my question…wat is the benefit that India gets for every student recieving subsidies out of tax payers’ money…on one hand IItians are making cutting edge technology, making orgs, creating jobs …on the other hand a JNU shamelessly shows some of its alumni list who by all means do not seem to have gained their ” greatness” bcos of the univ…i mean seriously the univ can’t take credit for sth done after eons of passing out…its not like 20 sth entrepreneurs working in univ and creating jobs even before they passed out…it’s interesting how JNU automatically expects to get leeway with nothing to show anything for its presence…while others in the same category are creating a better world each day…on top of that they get righteous on why they are not allowed to sing paeans for a court proven terrorist!!!!

          • If you think creating cutting edge technology, being an entrepreneur, and creating orgs is the only methodology in making India a better place, I am really sorry to break this to you – the world is so much bigger.
            Firstly, Technocrats are a very valuable asset with respect only to a particular industry in that they are trained in. If IIT ians were the only people bringing about change in 21st century India, it would be a slap in the face of every other activist, writer, academician, civil servant, journalist who has eked out gains towards making India a better place.

            Secondly, your narrow minded view towards gains-per-rupee for a student studying at JNU is not becoming of education as it is. If you think education is all about what the students give back to society, then your IIT students would not fare better than the JNU students, because lets face it-most of them ditch India eventually-brain drain. So that equation does not work at all. While I am at this juncture, let me also phrase it to you, that education is not only about monetary benefits and making a name for yourself, it is about widening your horizons, where you learn, where you become part of a collective notion, where you aspire to start fluttering those wings you didnt know you had, in short, it transforms you, that is the true nature of education. JNU has been at the forefront on this.

            Thirdly, you are very unaware of the fact that several civil servants including the former head of the CBI, the RAW, cabinet secretaries are JNU alumni. So does it not counter your argument that JNU is not worth the money tax payers pay for. Point made that they do not earn as much as your average IITian, but they do a lot for the country in terms of being voices for a mass of people unheard of, of being volunteers in a society that like sitting down more than standing up for what they feel is right.

            Finally, let me also speak up for the remaining students fof JNU who have braved several odds to study at that university. Please do not accuse everyone of the same accusation, and seek punishment because of a select few. It is so not right.

            That is an account of a former JNU student who recalls and recants what JNU is. Please read through it. It has every bit of my argument in it.


          • Lengthy Rant- with not much data- Let me tell it loud and clear- and if you think people do not agree with this- ask it out also loud and clear- instead of calling me narrow minded- make your research broader- ironical-upholders of “right to dissent” cannot handle dissent without labeling the dissenter- so here’s my loud and clear proclamation- in a country of 1.5 billion population with 50% people below poverty line every rupee matters, creating jobs matter and creating careers matter- anyone who disagrees probably has a surname like ” Ambani” and this comment page also has a narrative by a JNU student about how he is forced to participate in campus bred politics and how teachers are politically motivated…why don’t you read that- selective reading eh?

          • I typed all that out and you dont have the basic courtesy to detail out your argument but you stick to one word ‘narrow minded’. How nice of you.

            Not much data. Are you kidding me? I have refuted every bit of your argument into segments. Everything that you based your point I have deconstructed. How is that a lack of data?

            Selective reading. Definitely not. Im not inclined to any political party or ideaology. I am open to ideas as long as I feel it is right. I hope thats not wrong?

          • Not much data? Are you kidding me? What data are you on about? I just deconstructed every point that you based your argument on. Its basic courtesy to at least rebut the points. Thats the whole point of disqus, if Im not wrong.

            I meant your narrow minded attitude regarding education to see it as a means to only career opportunities, and not it being an upliftment to first generation students. We who are exposed to information at a young age do not understand its value, but for those who are new to this, its like the world is opened to them. That was my point. You overlooked that.

            I dont think the government spending money on education is as much of a concern to the taxpayer as much as it spends on everything else considering it only amounts to about 3.8 percent of the Union Budget. So please dont harp about poverty when you are okay with the statue of Sardar patel being built for 500 crores, the yoga program and every other publicity stunt held recently paid for from taxpayers money. So dont just bullshit about poverty when you speak about students studying on taxpayers money, because they got there on merit, and its pittance compared to what the government spends on everything else.

  8. Kalyani Singh

    I don’t see a lot of consistency in the article. First you say don’t want the secession of Kashmir, then you say you have no opinion about it and then you say that nations disintegrate all the time and even that’s neither good or bad. Your whole take is whatever justify any which way possible, deny, blame on unknown outsiders and if all that fails ask what’s the big deal. So the big deal is everyone is already aware of what goes on in this heavily subsidised university, paid for by the tax payer who works, not merely has ideas but contributes to the economy. Only this time it was brought to light and the whole nation saw for themselves. Is Omar Khalid not from JNU? You don’t listen to the university authorities when they cancel the permission, you decide everything is politically motivated and go ahead with the event anyway, you don’t listen to the Govt., don’t cooperate with the police, half of those being so brave while shouting slogans are now absconding. Apparently all your university teaches is not just being anti-nationals but being anti any kind of authority or order. Tell me this you say outsiders came and shouted slogans and left coz your campus is so open, so tomorrow outsiders might come and commit a crime in the campus, kill someone or plant explosives, would that approach still stand?

  9. Kalyani Singh

    Also I take deep offense to the use of the phrase “defend the campus” this campus is not your private property, its the property of the state you so vehemently oppose, you cannot stop law enforcement from entering. And if you have the right to defend your campus, does the country not have the right to defend itself from people who ask what’s the big deal if it’s divided? FOE ends where sovereignty, integrity and security of the country is in question. Talk about hypocrisy.

  10. In the meeting, there was a whole group of Kashmiri students which had come from outside JNU to attend the meeting

    > So here lies the problem. Already well planned by DSU. The idea behind this meeting itself is to create all thsi controversies. How can this be even allowed?

    Dont fall in to the trap, if you are a student not belong to any politically motivated group

  11. Er.Vikas Gupta

    Quite a confused article, as most of the JNUiites are now turning out to be. The writer seems to lack the basic knowledge of working of our constitution and our judicial system

    We all Indians agreed on 26th Jan 1950 that we will treat the word of Supreme court as final, and respect it whether we agree with it or not. When DSU called for a cultural meeting on “Judicial killing of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat” did any student at all registered objection with the authorities or administration except ABVP? Which eminent person has called Afzal Guru hanging as Judicial killing? And if the word of Supreme court is not final, then whose is? Students of JNU? Why is the sense in having courts if their word is not final?

    Organisations like ‘Democratic Students Union(DSU)’ are more dangerous than the armed insurgents because by their perverted thoughts and ideas, each one of them can create thousands of terrorists or naxals. These union leaders later go on to become national leaders to lead a respectable lavish life like the present day left party leaders and leave the practical dirty work to their brainwashed minions in jungles of Bastar, Bihar and west Bengal.

    Yes we are always ready to hear about the issue of Kashmir from Kashmiris themselves. But ALL kashmiris. Arrange cultural evenings, Invite Kashmiri muslims, Kashmiri pundits and also request army officers to participate to present their point of view about AFSPA.

    You say JNU is a beautiful democratic space where all voices are heard, all opinions however radical, respected. And ABVP was scuttling that space. So is ABVP voicing their opinion scuttling the democratic space? If DSU has a right to call for meeting, ABVP has a right to seek cancellation of that meeting. And By the way, why were Baba Ramdev’s and Subramanium Swamy’s voice and opinion not welcome in the grand democratic space of JNU?

    You say “DSU, JNUSU, and other student organizations DECIDED they would not let the administration and the ABVP scuttle their hard-earned democratic space to debate and discuss, and decided to go ahead with the meeting.” OK. So Administration of JNU cannot be ALLOWED by DSU and JNUSU to do what they want? When students do not care for their own university administration, what respect would they have for law or the country?

    “Nations break all the time. Soviet Union disintegrated. Secession is neither good nor bad. It depends on the precise circumstances of the place.” You are making such statements so casually that I do not even want to comment on these statements, especially as you yourself claim to have insufficient knowledge on Kashmir.

    I would only request to ignorant like you to do one simple experiment. Stand in front of a mirror and try to say “Bharat ki barbaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi” If you are really able to say that, go and request your parents to seek psychiatric help for you. All the best.

    So far as your claim for democratic space in JNU is concerned, I am enclosing a poster made by intellectuals of your esteemed institution

  12. BTW, UPA regime hanged Afzal, not NDA. Why is it someone to be blamed all the time? All the time only one thought is right, and all are wrong?

  13. Man stop this nonsens of telling lies..umar khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar are the liars..they did shout slogans and then they started denying..the fact is that these idiots are publicity hunters but they have tried to do something this time which they will repent whole life…I dont know if they are really danger for the country..because all the fuddus like them cannot to harm a country like India but they must be given punishment for what they have dared to do…

  14. Supriya Tanwani

    It’s truly overwhelming to see your sense of solidarity towards your alma mater , you should appreciate others feeling towards the nation in a similar manner. I specially want to point at the explanation of “BHARAT KEE BARBADI TAK JANG RAHEY GEE” by a Kashmiri Student that you have referred to.I am pretty sure, even a well educated crowd of JNU would not have been able to decode it that way, because in no way it sound like that . Yes I agree we have the right of expression, but that doesnt mean we sit back and tolerate misuse of those right to sow seeds of anti nationalism. And to refer again to the quote of Pandit Nehru where you refer to what universities are suppose to stand for ” It stands for the onward march of the human race towards ever higher objectives”. Hate slogans cant be away to reach that objective..does it? I do agree with your point that expression of ideas should not be criminalized but then it also doesn’t give the right to hurt others sentiments just to prove yours.

  15. This is why your parents have put you there and we from the nation are paying for your so called studies. Wake up, its already too late. You just don’t bloody have a case here. The more you split the vanum the more you are spoiling your career. This is not going to help you become anything else than a suicide bomber. You also tried to run away by saying “Now I didnt study the case closely” if you didnt study the case closely then bhosdk yahan itna lamba article likh ke apni gand marwa raha hai???. Your Aakas think that by asking you to flood social media and blogspace with articles MIGHT help you create a case and you get some sympathy because you are a student?? This time its not going to happen, and by the way … the outside world is very different from what you are learning in there. And mark my words this article will feature in your resume.

  16. I had visited JNU few times, am not JNUites. The JNU is a pride for Indians for many reason…I cannot quote for illogical and politically motivated commentators here. I love to interact with people from JNU because of their vast insight and unique perspective on India’s socio-economic and socio-political transformations.I wish if I could have studied in JNU.

    When I first came to know about JNU issue…I was waiting for the Revelations 🙂

  17. frankly speaking, you should make these statements before the Delhi Police or the court where the proceedings are on.

  18. Rahul Mishra

    Ye bahut tez samajh raha hai khud ko. Do you think we are fool? You shoud also be sent to jail. Tu ab barbadi ka interpretation apne hisab se karega? Nonsense JNU student.

  19. People shout anti national slogans and we are supposed to “debate” over it.. Seriously you and your unreal views of the world make me laugh. JNU students, staying on the campus with our, the INDIAN taxpayer’s, money decide to suddenly “debate” on the secession of an “INDIAN” state.. Who gives them the authority to do so in a public forum? Secondly… Wars were never created by arms, they were created by ideas. The whole partition was never a result of arms, ideas and these “ideas” gave rise to the break. You guys are sick rats and believe me, majority of the nation is ashamed to call you people “few of the brightest minds” of the country.. Not only was the government’s action towards it justified, it was necessary. Try ruling over a country where the population is so high, a country which is divided to this extent in the form of language, religion, political beliefs and even ethnicity; You’ll understand the perspective of the government then

  20. Dhruv Bhattacharya

    Well, almost every step through this article, I read that you “don’t understand it completely, but you are willing to learn and debate”. Well, the good thing is you are willing to and you should understand the nuances of these things (especially Kashmir, because that is why this thing has happened in the first place). I am also against this stupid hash tag called “Shut down JNU”, but those activities which happened in JNU are not warranted. It is an idea which changes the world, it was a slogan which everyone started shouting and a movement was created. It was merely a local agitation which resulted in the genocide of millions. Honestly, I’d like to think that Afzal Guru lost all of his “human rights” the moment the started planning the attack on Parliament. He and the likes of him, take away the thought of “human rights” from innocent people and we should call them martyrs. The word “martyr” itself will quit being in the dictionary if we do it more. Here is a hypothetical question, if the tax-payers money is just enough to feed a bunch of convicted terrorists OR run prestigious institutions like JNU, which creates thought leaders like yourself, and you have the power to take the call, what would you do? You cannot do both and not raise the fees of the institutions as well. Having said all of that, I am against the unnecessary agitation from different student groups, police and media. I am against the idea of political groups of students, but they exist. If it were up to me, I’d work it out at the university level, expel those students with a really bad remark on their certificates so that they don’t get such a platform to perform this drama again. Its a university, which in the last few years has become the practice playground for aspiring politicians.

  21. Sandeep Mittal

    Dear Author, Please first do some research and do not try to defend the anti national activities.

  22. I want to counter this article point by point.
    1. The author of this article claims to be a legitimate source to answer a question regarding what happened on the JNU campus and later in the article confesses to not having in-depth knowledge about the court proceedings of Afzal Guru’s case and the political scenario in kashmir. So, the author does not have in-depth knowledge about two most pertinent issues regarding what hapened on the JNU campus and still ends up writng a very long article on the issue.
    2. The author quotes Praveen Swami who says that the word of the supreme court is not, and ought not to be the final word. Wtf? Then who’s word is the final word in our country. I don’t know why Praveen Swami was not booked for contempt of the court for making such a statement, if at all he made such a statement. Supreme court’s word is the final word. Period.
    3. A little more about the Afzal Guru case. In it’s verdict, supreme court has clearly stated that Afzal Guru’s case is the rarest of rare cases since he was involved in planning and perpetrating the attack on the house of democracy (parliament). So there is no doubt regading his involvement in the attack and therby his involvement in anti-democracy activities.
    4. If the students only wanted to protest against the capital punishment to Afzal Guru, why did they glorify Afzal Guru by calling him shaheed in their posters?
    5. The author of the article makes very conveninient interpretations of the slogans like “bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”. Any hindi speaker will know that the interpretation of this slogan by the author is sheer non-sense.

    • Amandeep S Khurana

      Quite juvenile your ‘point-by-point’ rebuttal is I must say.

      Please go through independent sources/journalists and see for yourself that in major chunks of the valley and esp. in downtown Srinagar, every friday there is stone pelting, slogan shouting & flags of ISIS/Pak are raised (and mind you, the ‘we-are-the-only-nationalist-this-country’ party is/was in power in the centre and state. Let alone Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt, whom they consider martyrs, any terrorist (freedom fighter for them!) look at the swell of people who come to attend the Janaza. AFSPA has been a brutal reality for them, no denying. This is not to say they are homogeneous group with same intention & same actions.
      The author has very contextually put what all happened that day and I think this is the kind of narrative that needs to be debated.

      Oversimplifying complex issues into “either-you-are-with-us-or-anti-nationals” is dangerous trend for democratic dissent.

      • Pushpkant Mahato

        Parties don’t give certificates , go on asking on the roads of India..and yo will get 95% people calling these fools Traitors. I tried defending these people today and was slammed left Rigt and center today..The matter which hurts more sir is That my taxes go into studies of these fuckers, however small their number may be..

      • I did not completely understand your reply since it lacks grammatical consistency. I was expecting a point-by-point reply to my point-by-point counter. It will help if you can please reiterate your point. Anyway, I will try to reply to what I understood. ISIS flags being waived in Srinagar in itself can be a reason for AFSPA to be in place. Regarding anti-nationalism, any one who is planning to fight against my country till its destruction (refer the slogan “bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”) is anti-national for me and that is not debatable as far as I am concerned. If these people want to destroy my country, I for sure do not want my taxes to be wasted on their education as rightly pointed out here. And yes, debate is exactly what we are doing here!

    • All your counters are merely your opinion.

      It is not just Praveen Swami , even Supreme Court judges have disagreed with the Court’s judgements ; any judgement is an opinion on the legality of an issue ; all of us may know that a person is a murderer , but if the prosecution has not been able to prove the case against the accused , the court , any court will have to declare him innocent. This does not mean that we cannot disagree with the court’s judgement.

      • Sourav Singh

        This post will throw some more light on their hypocrisy. Till date India has hanged 1342 hindus and 72 muslims. These guys had no issues when those others were being hanged. But the moment a Yakub Memom or Afzal is hanged, they are suddenly so much against the capital punishment. https://www.newindianexpress.com/thesundaystandard/72-Muslims-Hanged-in-India-against-1342-Hindus-and-Others/2015/07/26/article2940289.ece

        • Thank you for the link.

          As far as I can see , I am not able to understand your mention of hypocrisy ; can you clarify , what hypocrisy and whose hypocrisy ?

          The statistics that are given in the link are not the statistics we should be looking at. In my opinion , we should be looking at :

          1. How many Hindus & Muslims have been arrested for terror activity ?

          2. How many Hindus & Muslims have been killed for terror activity , by means of encounters ?

          3. How many Hindus & Muslims have been tried in courts and finally been sentenced ?

          4. How many Hindus & Muslims have been tried in courts and finally sentenced to death ?

          If these statistics are available , we can make a correct comparison of whether religion has impacted on the law and order , and the justice system in India.

          Regarding your last statement , this is again a sweeping generalization ; activists have been against the death penalty in many cases , not involving Muslims , and not involving crimes of terror.

          Let us cast aside our prejudices and debate intellectually.

    • Point by point rebuttal.

      1) Please enlighten us by your knowledge about Afzal Guru’s case and political scenario. Also try to be as neutral as possible or if you can.

      2) The Supreme Court considers homosexuality to be a crime. You mean to say that is the final word? You mean to say we shouldn’t protest?

      3) Now, newer reports have come in. Former Delhi High Court Justice A P Shah states that the hangings of Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon were politically motivated. Afzal Guru- yes you migh

      • For point 3 watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zJcFO8VvqA

        and for point two, supreme court doesn’t consider homosexuality a crime. It is article 377 of constitution which says homosexuality is crime and supreme court can’t go against constitution. Supreme court’s duty is to upheld constitution and its judgement on constitutional matter is final (unless govt changes the constitution like Shah Bano case and the supreme court decision will not have any constitutional validity)

        for point 1 refer the to point 3 video.

        Enjoy free speech and democracy

        • Again.. the problem is this.. the Supreme Court Said it was purely circumstantial.. One more thing.. He might have been tortured into saying this.. There have been many people.. who have been tortured for saying the same..

          Also.. Why do people become terrorists? That is the question.. What drives them to the dark path of violence?? I believe we should debate that..

          Regarding Kanhaiyya Kumar., Why arrest him in the first place? He wasn’t even there!!

  23. There is whole debate going on what happened (the arrest of student leader in JNU) is right or wrong. Everyone is trying to see it from their own perspective and I am so glad to see that all of you are discussing this issue. I decided to give my point of view too.
    Indian constitution does provide us the freedom of expression. So we do have a right. But do we have a right to abuse it and use it against India. Absolutely no. Being a complex country, it is always a challenge to govern India. We have may be thousands of issues such as corruption, women safety and security, employment and blah blah. But that does not mean we should hate India and start shouting anti Indian slogans. Many individuals think his or her problem is bigger than anyone else.Having said that, I must say that does not give us a right to shout anti Indian slogans. Yes, we are frustrated and we have bitter feelings but should we go to extreme. Some of you have tried to explain the reason why some students started chanting the slogans and some of you have tried to justify by decoding the meaning. Let me tell you, if every individual tomorrow do something wrong and try to justify his or her own perspective, then it will be difficult to survive in this country. Some of you have mentioned about judicial killing of Afzal Guru and do not support it. After listening to the speech of the student leader carefully I found he strongly condemned the capital punishment of Afzal Guru but on the other hand, he said he has faith in India’s constitution. Don’t you think it is a double standard game or is he stupid? Doesn’t the constitution states to have faith in the judiciary system? Besides, capital punishment is the most harsh punishment in India and don’t you think the judiciary system just punish anyone like this without proper inquiry. I guess not. So my question to all of you who try to criticise the capital punishment and supporting the arrest of the student leader, is whom you are trying to make fool?
    Some of you have wisely mentioned that it is not the weapons but the ideology which causes a war and I totally agree with it. No matter how hard the life in a country is, one should not go chanting slogans against it. By birth yes, we all are Indians, but do we question even what we have done for our country. The student leader is not supposed to lead as he is misleading and truly politicizing the matter. He is criticising the current higher education policy and Smriti Irani for the budget cut. Oh man. I am a student (but I guess I am a logical student) as well and when I heard her speech I mostly agree with her. This guy seriously lacks foundation and I am not sure even how he got into JNU and became a leader. if by shouting against the current government without even thinking (I must say ‘analysing’) about the future can make you a leader then anyone after a few packs of drinks can show his or her frustration.

    Why so much hatred feelings? Let bygone be bygone. By organising (hatred events to revoke) such type of events, what are you trying to prove? And please those who are trying to justify the meaning of the slogans, you are making fool of yourself. We are not stupid. If someone has that much problem living in India, he or she is free to leave this country and emigrate to any damn country. India do not need you. Proud to be an Indian and will always be.

    • Abhinav Prakash

      Very well put Sam. In a democracy, right to opposition is with only those who believe in democratic principles- not those who want to utilize democracy as a tool to establish dictatorship of proletariat or medieval law of Sharia.

  24. Finally an article to which I can have discussion with. Two cheers for liberal and Democratic credentials of JNU, its readiness to discussion and debate. But alas just few days back it did not allow Ramdev to visit the campus. So much for discussion debate and Democratic credentials.
    Further, the entire article is written with deep prejudice with veneer of objective analysis. The meaning of word BARBADI as getting read of ” occupation ” is not only intellectually dishonest but also perverse.
    It’s also wrong that entire population of Kashmir wants secession from country. This is clearly belied by high voting percentage. It’s actually a handful persons patronised by Pakistan and anti India elements. The writer has also completely ignored the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, perhaps the only example of genocide in which victims belonged to majority community of country.
    Why there is no debate on their genocide by such elements in this temple of debate and discussion?
    The fact is JNU has become a paracitic institute with habit of pandering to anarchic causes. It’s high time it actually comes back to unprejudiced intellectual vocation.
    Further, JNU spends money from us taxpayers pocket and we do have a right to demand accountability of what goes on there. We sure don’t pay our hard earned money for such blatant anti national activities

    • Biggest farce of Indian liberalism is ignoring Kashmiri Pandits, who were *actually* ethnically cleansed and became refugees, while siding with their tormentors. So, so many books, movies, protests for the Kashmiri Muslims; nary a tear for the Pandits!

  25. ramesh chandran

    I read the article and I felt that somebody was trying to give a clear perspective to the event(Ankhon Dekhi). Today we are in a state where we do not know what is right or what is wrong. The information that comes out in the media depends a whole lot on the Government in Power( for uninitiated GOI is the largest media spenders and you have to be on the right side). Forget Of the people,for the people and By the People.We have handled the people of Kashmir very badly…The politicians have played with their lives as usual.Do es anybody know that Meat was never sold or served in the whole of Kashmir on Tuesdays. We are a fucked up society and we deserve it unless we stand up and fight for our rightful right.

    • Abhinav Prakash

      you are truly fucked up if you believe shit like meat is not sold in Kashmir on Tuesday. I have been there multiple times and meat is sold and served every day. And yes you are fucked up more because you think banning of meat in Kahsmir is a bigger issue than murder and rape of countless Kashmiri Pundits and Hindus in Pakistan. What a fucked up person you are really.

      • Alan Merwin Raju

        The fuck is this then:indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/beef-ban-in-kashmir-a-hindutva-plan/

      • ramesh chandran

        Dear Abhinav, You are totally opposite of your name. Dark and Dim. First read the main article and then re-read my comments. If you cannot understand please do read again or take it around to someone who can put it through your shit head. By the Way saying fucked up many times does not cover your insanity rather shows it. Cheers

        • Abhinav Prakash

          Dearest Ramesh, you are a rotten piece of turd hanging from Afzal Guru’s dead and fucked up ass and therefore its no surprise that you stink so foul. But don’t worry, there is still hope for you. You can go and stuck yourself to Hafeez Saeed’s or Geelani’s assholes until they are hanged too. Cherish ahead your dear life as traitor and anti-Indian turd

        • Abhinav Prakash

          Dearest Ramesh. Thank for proving that you are a dried piece of turd stuck in the shriveled asshole of Afzal Guru. But hey, don’t lose hope for future. In the market there are still assholes of Hafeez Saeed, Yasin Bhatkal and Geelani to which you can go and stick to. All the best for your shitty anti-Indian life

    • bishwajeet mishra

      Really india had done too much attrocities there, what they had done there in 90s.why there is afspa in effect have you gone through all this. They are not able handle their state.by the way you think media is govt. Controlled in india…lol..you need to go for an eye check up.

      • ramesh chandran

        Bhiswajeet…I am an Advertising Professional been in the Industry for a while to comment and write about it. If u read my piece carefully it says Government of India are the largest spenders of advertising money. So who so ever favours the government of the day gets more than fair share of the advertising benefits,exclusive news that they want to project and many more benefits….hope u are aware now

  26. Abhinav Prakash

    This article is a good example of how Indian students with weak mental framework are being brainwashed in turning against the very country they are born. And funny thing is now they are honestly confused on why supporting the idea of breaking up India should tantamount to Sedition and Treachery. Clearly logic, rationality and intelligence can’t co-exist with leftist dictatorial regime in JNU

    • You hit the nail on the head. And the Leftists routinely purge the faculty (especially humanities departments) of any non-confirming teachers, so opposing views are never presented to the students. Brainwashing to the extreme.

  27. Subramanian S

    Swiss cheese. Arundati Roy is hardly credible. India being a nuclear power is bad, but a recognition by Britain, a nuclear power is fine?
    On subject. Why was this not expected? Dissent is the hallmark of democracy, but when the idea is to encourage sedition or secession, not expecting anti national elements is, at best, naïve. This is democrazy. Now, it is quite likely that association with such unhealthy elements has gone on for sometime, but now there is a group which finds this unacceptable. The “moral guardians” should have done more to shut it down when it turned this corner, and again, their inability to anticipate these “outside elements” questions their intelligence or was it a blind eye?? Are we to be guardians of the fifth column?? Shameful, and hiding behind freedom of speech is sick.

  28. sankeerth nedunoori

    some converted crooks, muzzies and all leftists who are eternal haters of BJP and Nationalistic ideas & AAP tards and Congies …all came to a pact with a single agenda to destabilize this government…..the more you guys keep on spreading hatred under the garb of free speech, the more are your chances that you guys will get reduced to smithereens in next election…..

  29. Because the left wants to over throw a democratically elected govt… A govt that has hardly been in power ever…( 95% of the time, the anti Hindu congress left has ruled India. )

    Modi is unable to mange this revolution. Modi doesn’t cut it. Modi is a wuss.,

    The right thing to do now, is for a hardliner Hindu to take power from Modi and bring a Hindu fascist govt. With the backing of a military dictator is the only way t to go..and then bomb JNU and arrest and kill all communists.

  30. ABVP guys are looking perplexed and puzzled by the ongoing event…they are not shouting slogans…whom r u trying to fool?

  31. bishwajeet mishra

    What the insane logic he had, he is quoting supreme courts one statement(i don’t know whether its genuine piece or just for making strong appeal in article), and belives court awarded afzal with death penalty on the basis of circumstantial grounds, and court said its not clear about his alignment to any organisation but it didn’t turn down his involvment in attack, and this cheap guy is trying to dechipher hindi words “azadi,barbadi,jung ” and all that. Do you think people don’t know hindi words.

  32. These commies or lefties hv the guts to utter these anti nation words only in India because India is a hindu majority country.Had they uttered these words in bangladesh they wud hv veen hacked like a dog inside their homes like bloggers Avijit Roy or Chattopadhyay recently.

    In Pakistan they wud hv all been killed in 1947 n the survivors any time thanks to blasphemy laws.Even if your neighbour has a grudge against you he can kill u with help of police or fellow hardliners saying you did a blasphemy.

    A hindu cant get his marriage registered cant cremate his dead there.You all JNU leftists go and migrate to pakistan or for that matter any muslim majority nation .

    Do you knpw of any communist or left party there.

    Jyoti Basu cam with his tail between legs from bangladesh in 1947 & destroyed whole of Bengal in his 30 year of rule creating a bunch of jobless frustrated fanatics leftist.

    Its high time thet real face of JNU is exposed & indias booming private sector never gives a job to these fascist leftists.Let them fight for the shrinking govt jobs or remain jobless as they are least interested in studies but only agitations.

    SM is doing a great job in this regard. By the time these jholawals passout they will remain jobless all through their life thanks to passing out fromom such a wretched place

  33. Zee news has relaesed a video showing that the above video is fabricated and another attempt of the leftists to fool the country’s innocent people.


  34. bishwajeet mishra

    What the insane logic he had, he is quoting supreme courts one statement(i don’t know whether its genuine piece or just for making strong appeal in article), and belives court awarded afzal with death penalty on the basis of circumstantial grounds, and court said its not clear about his alignment to any organisation but it didn’t turn down his involvment in attack, and this cheap guy is trying to dechipher hindi words “azadi,barbadi,jung ” and all that. Do you think people don’t know hindi words.
    Talking about free idea surely you can have but get some constructive ideas “diverse and critical thinking” jnu is famous for it. How simply you are saying even soviet get destroyed , i hope you don’t want india’s fate to be like soviet ,just because your fellow friend’s shit idea. And at least gather some knowledge before justifying things. As in almost every para is full of “i don’t know, i was not present at that time,i haven’t researched on that “. If you have no idea why are you writting this crap to justify the event, your only claim is you are jnu student as well as you have observed the gathering. I am also surprised that you got literal meanings and synonyms out of thier words

  35. Vedant Paliwal

    jisko neta banna tha woh ban gaye….. baki sab yahan puch hilate rah gaye

    ps: pointed at umar khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar

    they shot to fame…… thanks to every one for giving them importance they never deserved

  36. The author is OK with all that happened…and I am not. So I’ll disagree with most of the points in this article. To me, shouting Bharat ki barbadi is an of sedition, and so is supporting Afzal Guru. You are trying to take a side. The article is biased.

  37. Time to kill all communists

  38. saksham agrawal

    I agree.. But.. When the group “DSU” is for the students of JNU.. Is it not their responsibility to check that who all are attending the meeting. And even if some are from outside of JNU, they should know who is sensible enough to attend it. These are the casualities which get people framed.

  39. This author is trying to obfuscate the fact that many of the humanities faculty and students in JNU espouse a pernicious anti-Indian, anti-Hindu, pro-Islamist and pro-Maoist ideology. This ideology is what laid the foundation for this event to occur and the disgusting slogans to be shouted.

    And the author tries to defend this incident! How brainwashed he must be…

  40. Interesting post, in a number of ways. I don’t want to go into the political implications of what went down and what you are suggesting did, but the one big problem with what you are saying, that sticks out like sore thumb, is how you have chosen to interpret things people said to suit your needs. Most people do not have comprehension disability, and your interpretation of slogans such as these are hilarious at best. The danger lies in the fact that people like you (and I’m assuming there is more of your ilk) have the wherewithal to distort statements like this, even when the situation is this serious and the implications important. We seriously need a little more common sense in matters such as these, and as far I am concerned, you are displaying about as little of it as the media.

    P.S. – If anyone utters something in my presence which contains the words “Bharat ki barbaadi” used in a context similar to the way it was used here, I’d happily kick that person’s head in and invite others to do the same. The world would be a better place if people did that.

  41. Pushpkant Mahato

    I have been reading same shit all day long..Intellectual critics are confused on what grounds they would criticise the government. On the other hand intellectuals please clarify who created the political drama and the absolute mayhem..Five People did that D. Raja, Yechury, Anand Sharma, Pappu Gandhi. Why did they have to go there and create an absolute chaos ????. What was the need to go there ? And then there is this video “The Conspiracy” which my 12 year old nephew too in one glance said that this is edited and fake..Whole day long i read many articles again by Left leaning intellectuals..picked their points and tried to argue on the basis of those points with atleast 10 people including my colleagues and even my vegetable vendor and they slammed me left right and centre..If these points are not enough to trick even a Vegetable Vendor, i don’t see anyone falling for these liberal thoughts until that person is politically aloof to the idea of Indian Republic, or of course if you are hallucinating. So stop fooling people by these Confused articles.
    And sir countries do not break, we already have had enough bloodshed once in 1947, we don’t want that again. I don’t know what India was in Colonial period or in 1947, but I was born In an India as which is One from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Gujarat to Arunachal. And i don’t agree to your views of “Countries Break”, because it won’t. These Ultra left as you call them, i call them traitors are the product of the Communist misrule in Bengal. Khali dimag Shaitan ka ghar hota hain. Communists left bengal youth jobless, ideal for them to plant their ideas of Conspiracy. And i can say that because i was born and brought up in Bengal and not to say voted for them till 2011. But one incident changed my views on them..I won’t discuss that issue here. And the JNU fracas has only emboldened my beliefs towards them..Left is nothing but a bunch of self centred good for nothing fools. They created such situations in Bengal that Industries died, Agriculture was hit , and all this in the name of Labor Empowerment. Can anyone in the Left tell me that “What is the use of A Gardener if there are no gardens left ?”. Means both the Industry and Labor are interdependent , both need each other to survive. Unfortunately CPIM, Marxists they call themselves but they forgot That Marx was not of the idea of a Labour only institution , he advocated for an environment conducive fr both parties, but the Left just to grab power misused Labour Card(A stand which Vindicated Mao Zhedong views more than Karl Marx, Mao Zhedong views is what is practically being practised by Left, though They claim Lenin, Marx) and progressively made West Bengal one of the least developing States of this nation. What was once the pinnacle is now lying on the floor, waiting for revival. I am also aware of the fact such Mao Zhedong followers are the ones who were carrying these protests at JNU and The teachers too are of the same mentality because they too are mostly the product of the same Environment…As teachers As students

  42. the author is lying to the teeth… the video does not show that the ABVP activist were shouting anti nat slogans.. no body was trying to stop the anti nat slogans .. meaning it is a normal practice… author is trying to justify the slogan as a reaction to ABVP provocation….no provocation can justify shouting anti indian slogan… why there is no solidarity with kashmiri pundits or sikhs or budhist.. only kash muslims… the agenda is clear .. it is not discussion but a secessionist agenda… they are trying to pass it on as freedom of spech… and why Afjal guru was being made a martyer.. osama also did not get a trial.. many terrorist dont get a trial…… thousands of indian citizen are detained without trial… so many execution in india… any protest or discussion on that… so stop using capital punishment as a excuse…. it is a anti national act and must be punished

  43. will JNU ever will have ever courage to display charlie hebdo cartoon… satanic verses… debate quran.. speak for kamlesh tiwari… debate on women equality especially in Islam… it will choose the soft target.. Hindus, india etc… now that state has come down hard on them .. they are hiding… and mark my words .. if state continue this strong attitude they will dissapere in a few months…

  44. I do not like the RSS Chaddies..They are useless..running around with sticks.. and Modi is too much into “MAke in India” and economy.

    What we need is a real harliner Hindu dictator like Assad of Syria so he can call in the armed forces and kill all these anti national communists and the ISIS supporters in in India

  45. Pushpkant Mahato

    How come these author not write about Why Army is there in Kashmir in the first place, why did the need arise for the army to be stationed there ? These people never talk about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits as if they are not humans and will make Afzal guru a martyr…Why dont shout slogans against Hijbul Mujahideen…Fact is they are leeches and leeches ought to be treated salt and pepper..

  46. We can see unconditional, pure patriotism in school children, that is pure.They are disciplined.
    But when you grow up and join some institution like JNU, you get a feeling that you are a part of a “intelligentsia” who has a misconception that thinking out of the box means breaking the norms and get noticed by crusading against any public sentiment or an establishment.

    Freedom of Expression does not mean that you can play around with the national interests.
    Being a citizen of India, put the nation first,

    We care two hoots for any ideology which hurt the national sentiment’s.

    This incident also shows how the so called “Intelligentsia” is gullible and a sitting duck for the enemies of India who has already made inroads to their thinking process. Frailty thy name is …….

    Get refined buddies, care for the nation, give a thought of the sacrifices made by the defence forces, are they not intelligent or don’t they have any food for thought?

    They keep it simple “To be or Not to be ” an Indian. Thank you forces to keeping our country safe. God protect us and the country from the educated betrayers. Education without integrity waste and useless…You can dump it in your Junkyard JNU

  47. .I do not like the RSS Chaddies..They are useless..running around with sticks.. and Modi is too much into “MAke in India” and the economy. Modi is too soft for these radicals..he cannot control them..it looks like these leftists communist have an upperhand over Modi and the BJP.. Get rid of the BJP.

    What we need is a real harliner secular Hindu dictator like Assad of Syria so he can call in the armed forces and kill all these anti national communists and the ISIS supporters in India. The Govt should burn down JNU and shoot them all those motherfkers.

    Time has come for a true secular Assad type to fk these Islamists and communists.

  48. I have not seen more dumber defence than this on I just read of the whole incident. Even RG came up with better defence. And that is saying something

  49. Support JNU by drawing cartoons of Mohammad… in solidarity for freeespeech

  50. Aditya Ganjoo

    “I am ready to hear, learn and debate all sorts of opinions, especially from the inhabitants themselves.” were the Kashmiri pandits, who were murdered, looted, raped and thrown out of Kashmir on the name of ethnic cleansing by these very same ‘inhabitants’ ever asked on this matter by anybody? No.

    “nazi-like nationalism” Again… you are quoting it for the wrong side, I guess. Do read the neutral literature about Kashmiri history from ’89 to ’91. That might help you to decide who actually is behaving like ‘Nazi Nationalist’.

  51. Aditya Ganjoo

    “The political party PDP with whom BJP has formed a government in Jammu and Kashmir itself called Afzal’s hanging ‘travesty of justice’.” Yes. And I don’t think there could have been a better way of diluting the power of an influential anti national group. And before you suddenly jump to any conclusion about me, let me tell you that I never opposed the coalition of AAP with Congress. Did you support that? So, then, I can question your double standards on this issue.

  52. Aditya Ganjoo

    “Now, for those who do not know, JNU is a beautiful democratic space where all voices are heard, all opinions however radical, respected.” I have studied in KV JNU for 2 years. The school falls in the campus of this university. And I don’t remember how many times I have seen huge police gathering prepared for lathi charge at the Main Gate of the institute. No…. that’s just an observation.

  53. Aditya Ganjoo

    ““Hum kya chaahte? Azaadi!”

    Do you think there was something highly inflammatory and dangerous in this statement? Think about it. Nations break all the time. We were chanting the same slogan under Britishers.”…. Here, brother, I lose all the faith in you!! Nations with citizens of such a faith can hardly survive the waves of time! What the hell!!! Do you really think that Nation breaking is such an everyday task? I have nothing to say on this. Get rid of all political inclinations and just introspect. If you support this statement, are you really, really going in the right direction?

  54. Aditya Ganjoo

    “They were not planning a conspiracy to overthrow the government and seize Kashmir from India. They were simple students who read, travel and learn about socio-political issues and have a stand about it.” So you want to wait till they plan a conspiracy? Not to overthrow the government, but to cause disturbances. According to a statistic I had read in 2007, around 70 soldiers are martyred every year in CT operations. According to another statistic, more than 80,000 people have died in Kashmir since the ‘ethnic cleansing’ How about all those deaths? aren’t all these a result of some idea?

  55. Aditya Ganjoo

    “However, this group of students believed that he did not deserve capital punishment and also have their skepticism about his involvement in the parliamentary attack.” Some people support the action of Nathu Ram Ghodse. What is your stand on it. Take your stand, but remember, I am watching it. You cannot change your stand later without a reason.

  56. Aditya Ganjoo

    “And mind you, these people are not carrying any arms, all they are carrying are ideas.” grin emoticon grin emoticon They were not killed anyway!

    Next time tell this to the traffic police hawaldar, when he catches you without helmet!!!

  57. Okkk few things I would like to ask ….. The meeting or the event was organized by the JNU students ….. So wasn’t it their responsibility to stop anyone from shouting anti national slogans ….. U say those people wre not from the campus so it was the sole responsibility of the person who invited them in the first place to the campus….. The person who organized it should had tried to stop them from doing so ……
    Next thing , since u r so confident that u know each n every face in JNU den m.pretty sure u can identify the person in the video itself who was shouting the Pakistan slogan and all the other ppl who wre present dre …..
    Next about afzal guru …… U say many ppl condemned the hanging of afzal guru ….. Many people as in politicians , writers n some other big shots ….. Just go and ask those ppl who lost their family members in those attacks ….. U talk about capital punishment ….. If India would have been a country who would had supported capital punishment den I am pretty sure you would had seen dat happening frequently but instead of that u can see not even a handful of such cases …..
    Talking about JNU ….. I have heard dey have different ideologies n dey follow different views ….. Everyone has d right to have different views , follow dem n even raise voice as INDIA HAS GIVEN THEM THOSE RIGHTS …..
    Kashmir issue ….. U have different views ….. Totally fine ….. Have a debate on dat ….. But dont disrespect the country …..
    Capital punishment …… Different views …… Have a debate on dat ….. Talk about capital punishment in general n dont support your argument with a terrorist’s hanging ….. Cz wen u do dat u r not having a debate or a discussion but only adding fuel to fire ……
    But wen u start shouting stuff like “Bharat ki barbaadi” den no sir in no way ,n no matter what explanation u give me for that, I cannot tolerate it …..

  58. Rachit Singhal

    I’m not sure why the writer is not considering the legal binding of the constitution of India here. Ohh yes, he is unaware of those and does not knows anything.

    There is law to prevent any provocative speeches and it is even mentioned with the Fundamental Right to Speech that any provocative speech is punishable by law. Secondly, Supreme Court is the highest authority in India for legal matters and it is mentioned in the constitution that any statement or move against the verdict of SC will be considered as a contempt of court and again punishable by law.

    The writer mentions they had a democratic space within the university and were trying to protect it, so let me tell you my friend that a democracy requires a constitution and I am not sure if you have one but India is certainly a Republic. India is democratic and having your own democratic space inside that is again debatable.

    Coming to what you said that it was a meeting to disvuss ideas and debate. I’ve been part of debates on topic of capital punishment, but the title said “Should there be capital ounishments?”. As of now there is capital punishment and SC will give in accordingly. Saying, “Tum kitne Afzal maaroge, har ghar se Afzal niklega” is not a debate sentence and seems to me more like a notion.

    I also understand that you have concers that ABVP shouted slogans for pakistan and yes as per the video footages I believe that, but that does not makes the students participating in that less of a criminal. Action should be taken against ABVP activists, but my advice would be raise concerns, do protests, but all in the limits of law. Raising an ammunition is not the only unlawful activity, there are others also and I believe I explained them just enough.

  59. Âakašh ÝaÐav

    Em not saying you’re wrong but you’re wrong about the facts you’re trying to say that we should consider slogans as slogans. You do not know the power of words. If you know then you would have understood that this is the reason you’v wrote this article.

    • Slogans are different from words ; words are a means of communication , slogans are just rhetoric.

      What is the use of saying Beti Bachao , Beti Padhao if the person who mouthed this slogan is not willing to condemn police highhandedness against students , even girl students ?

      • Âakašh ÝaÐav

        Choosing words all matter nothing else. You can make riots using words like (Pakisatan Jindabad/Hindustan Murdabad). We all know what Pakistan has done to India and You’re saying that is the way of protest. They might be right about something but they use those words and the scene being captured/framed because of those words only. India has seen a lot of protest for Kashmir and for a lot of people but this kind of attitude we should not just ignore it as Slogans or Bro all our studies all our dreams all our hopes will not worth it.

  60. aadha gaya shut aadha gaya patt baaki ka kya lenadena,mr harshit u r jurk,jo bharat ka apmaan dekh use postmartem kar raha hai,tumhare ghar ke bahar tumhare liye aise comment kare to?yaha toh desh ke liye baat ho rahi hai woh bhi educated adult student ke dwara,tum sab napunshak ho gaye ho jiska khoon na khole,u r like aatankwaadi,jo gun ki jagah pen sorry keyboard use kar raha hai.

  61. one more thing i want to question if they who shout r kashmiri then why the so called leader kanhaiyaa and khalid stop them ,but they became chakka and just claping there,hopeless person,

  62. Kulveer Singh

    The hatred for Modi amongst liberals is turning into a situation where they are arguing in favour of the idea for division of India. This is such an inversion of the idea of India that is happening. If Modi Bhakts are guilty of inverting the idea of India into a monolithic Hindu Rashtra thing, the liberals are inverting it to the other extreme.

    Students are questioning the Constitution of India which sets a very bad precedent. “Think about it. Nations break all the time. We were chanting the same slogan under Britishers. Soviet Union disintegrated. Secession is neither good nor bad.” I read this on a JNU student’s wall today.

    Some good friends of mine are debating whether the idea of borders is sacrosanct and why India should not be allowed to disintegrate if a state wants independence.

    .. If we are fine with disintegration of our nation, we can be fine with anything, and the establishment should be silent even if people tear down the tirangaa in JNU.

    Mind it, all this while all MPs and bureaucrats gathering in favour of such secessionist sloganeering had at one point of time taken the oath which reads as “… that I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India …” .

    integrity = no further disintegration; I think.. these RGs and Rajas are oath-bound to protect the integrity of the nation. Breaking oaths is perjury, I would imagine.

    As a citizen of India, we are bound to honour the Constitution of India, which is a Union of States and not a Soviet Union like Federal state where any state could call for Independence. The Constituent Assembly had a choice of Federalism but it voted against it and chose India to be a Union of States rather than being a Federation of States… The student’s premise of equating the situation with break-up of Soviet Union does not behove of academic brilliance.

    The soldiers that have given their lives to protect borders, and the soldiers at the borders, what are they protecting, let’s call them all back and let each state call for independence. Not a far-fetched idea, if we allow such sloganeering in Universities of Punjab, Jaunpur, Jodhpur or Tamilnadu; the day is not far-off.

    Ultra-nationalism may be bad (or Fascist) as it is fashionable to say these days), but you take away even the idea of integrity and we are looking at a hundred pieces of India.

    If intellectuals of today are fine with it, if youth of today in colleges is fine with it, it is time to pick the pieces of India as we knew it.

  63. The saddest part of this whole movement is, Afzal guru carried out the attack on parliament and about 10 soldiers and policemen died saving the same Congress MPs who are now protesting Afzal’s hanging.

    As an FYI to the nincompoops who are crying:
    The First Amendment to the Constitution, made on June 18, 1951, states that “interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state, friendly relations with Foreign States, public order, decency or morality or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence” will be paramount and freedom of expression will not be unconditional.

    Section 153A: Deals with words, spoken or written, or representations that promote disharmony and feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will between groups. The penalty is 3 years in jail and/or fine.

  64. See most of ur arguments do not hold ground. Pl stop fooling the masses. If you feel that Pakistan is better than India, pls shift base and let India remain at peace. Do not try to break India.

  65. Sleek words cannot make this anti-national event look Good. An Educational Institution is Educational Institution and not a place for Politics. Its funded by hard earned Indian Tax-Payers money. Govt fund it for education and not for politics. Education and only Education should be allowed in the campus. No political activity should be allowed in the campus. Ask the poor-parents who send their kids to study. Do they favour – their wards shouting slogans in campus. No – never.
    Ask a shouldier standing on the borders – will he allow anti-india slogans to be raised in the campus. When a shoulder puts his life at risk on the border – he only remembers Bharat Mata and its security and not these much subjective words “Secularism, Liberalism, Freedom of Speech” etc etc. All these words only sound good – when you are safe within the country.

    No amount of word juggelery can prove that what happened in JNU is good. Its ugly and painful as students did it.

    I think govt should make it mandatory for every citizen to first go military training for 6 months and serve the country at border and then do some study at prestigious institutions.

  66. Sanjay Gupta

    Total crap. Discussion is one thing, anti India sloganeering is NOT ACCETABLE, whatever be the explanation.

  67. Sourav Singh

    Even one Mr Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged on the basis of circumstantial evidences only. Please check this… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhananjoy_Chatterjee . Where were ur protests at that time? Pls accept it that you guys are not exactly against capital punishment but have sympathy only for terrorists who are out to break the nation.

  68. Aditya Biswas

    Afzal guru was hanged by the congress government then why Rahul gandhi’s support was accepted by the protesting students?? And Does when Communists suddenly started caring about individual rights or democracy for that matter? I am a litle confused, I may not be as well read as the protesting students, but from every angle this entire thing looks like a political issue. Communist and congress have suddenly become friends???

  69. Utkarsh Jain

    Well, to an extent I believe that JNU students had no participation in anti-national slogans but saying that Afzul guru was framed is not acceptable for two reasons. The first is that Afzal Guru was on trial for almost 13 years and the Apex court and the President of India took the decision after a long trial and thought process. Second reason is this video (link attached) where Afzal guru accepted that he had actively participated in the 2001 Parliament attack. Not only this, he accepted that he participated for money but not for Kashmir. So considering this video to be non-fabricated, I believe that calling Afzal guru a martyr is “Anti-National” and “Anti-Kashmiri” as well.

  70. Rupesh Kumar

    Very immature post. Organiser should be responsible and accountable for this situation. Some one has be to take responsibility here.

    You are talking about many issues (Kashmir issue, Indian Judiciary System, anti national moment, Politics and more) here but I would like pickup only one, that is anti national slogans, as my understanding:-
    1) They could control the event when they first heard first anti national slogans.
    2) They could clearly mentioned in media that they didn’t involved in anti nation slogans voices. There should be some other video proof if they are not involved or they didn’t like this anti nation atmosphere.
    3) They could file a complain/report to higher management/campus police/Delhi police about these outsider those made anti national slogans.

    Anti national slogans is crime and authorities are doing their work. Do not question on indian Judiciary system, please learn/check what other nations like USA, AUS, Singapore, China and other developing/developed nation have.

  71. Bull Shit !!!

  72. @Harshit Agrawal, this is a good attempt to make these anti nationals sound soo innocent, we are not fools to be satisfied with your argument

  73. Shiladitya Verma

    OK, We believe you that it was not JNU Students but some others from outside the campus, who came and shouted slogans like “Bharat ki barbaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi!”, etc.

    But just a question, what were JNU students doing at that time when these people started shouting these kinds of slogans. Did you guys ask them to shut up, or ask them to leave your campus or just any thing…..

  74. While many of the points are valid, my head is spinning with the amount of spin in the explanation of the “Bharat ki barbaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi!”

  75. swapnil taneja

    You tried very well to convince people of what they are saying but failed miserably. Every hindi speaking person knows what “Bharat ki Barbadi tak jang rahegi” means. You attempted to break it down and explain what it means. We all know what it means. Sedition arises from the spread of an idea. If an idea is anti-national it will spread like a disease. We don’t want what is happening in Islamic state to happen in India and hence the punishment is compulsory. Syria is a good example of an Islamic Ideology. It is good on our part that we are allowing irrational Muslims to stay in our country. I hope the day doesn’t come when we start throwing a whole community out of nation.

  76. I must pet your back for your writing skills……campus is meant for education , getting enlightened and yes..meeting and discussions are part of health campus activities . but by no means these can be used to fuel….anti national agendas on the behest of leftist to trouble the existing government.

    as far as afzal guru….is concerned ….. court has explained the grounds of capital punishment. and mind it …Kasab was given fair trial in spite of no suspicion of his involvement in mass murder terror activity …..how can you expect that afzal was not given fair trial..

    India is most tolerant country in this word….but do not misuse that tolerance to gain other motivated and self centred mean goals….

  77. Hemant Vavale

    जे एन यु मध्ये सध्या शिक्षण गेत असलेल्या एका विद्यार्थ्याचा एक लेख वाचला. त्यातील काही ठळक मुद्दे

    १. त्याच्या म्हणण्यानुसार काश्मीरी लोकांना त्यांचे म्हणणे मांडु द्यावे, सर्वांनी त्यांचे ही ऐकावे, भलेही कश्मीर भारतात राहील की नाही किम्वा कसे या विषयी लिहिणारा म्हनतो की त्याला फारसे कळत नाही , पण कश्मीरी लोकांचे म्हणणे न योग्य नाही.

    माझे मत – जे एन यु च्या या विद्यार्थ्यांचे ऐकायला जावे तर, उद्या पुर्वोत्तरे कडील अलगाववादी ही म्हणतील आमचे म्हणने ऐका, हैद्राबादी ओवेसी म्हणेल आम्हाला वेगळे राष्ट्र द्या, केरळमध्ये अल्पसम्ख्य झालेल्या हिन्दु च्या विरोधात तेथील मुस्लीम व ख्रिश्चन म्हनतील आम्हाला वेगळा देश हवाय….ठिक आहे , आपन ऐकुन ही घेतले असते , पण जर कोणी म्हणेल की तुझ्या देशाचे तुकडे कर व एक तुकडा आम्हाला दे, हे काय ऐकन्यासारखे(करण्यासारखे तर अजिबात नाही) आहे?…

    जिथ पुर्ण पाकीस्तानच माझ्या देशाचे तुकडे करुन तयार झालाय, तिथे काश्मीर काय १९४७ साली आभाळातुन खाली पडला की काय?

    काश्मीर विषयी, जनमताचा प्रश्नच येत नाही, तो विषय १९५३ सालीच निकाली निघालाय, तात्कालीन भारत सरकार ने तेव्हाच निकालात काढलाय.

    तर पुन्हा एकदा गर्जना करावी लागेल की..

    “दुध मांगो खिर देंगे, कश्मीर मांगो चिर देंगे”

    २. दुसरा अतिशय महत्वाचा मुद्दा उजेडात आणलाय या विद्द्यार्थ्याने, तो असा की, जे एन यु प्रशासनाने, डी एस यु या छात्र सम्घास, कार्यक्रम आयोजित करण्याची परवानगी रद्द केली होती., तरी देखील, डाव्या विचारसरणीच्या सम्घटनांच्या साहाय्याने,पाठिंब्याने हा कार्यक्रम विद्यापीठ प्रशासनाच्या परवानगी शिवाय झाला.

    ३. तिसरा मुद्दा – अफजल गुरु व मकबुल भट याम्च्या फाशीच्या शिक्षेला विरोध करनारे ते पहीलेच नाहीत, या आधीही असा विरोध करण्यात आला होता, हे म्हनताना लिहिनारा, काही नावे सम्दर्भ म्हणुन देतो.मागच्याच वर्षी याकुबच्या वेळीही असे मानवाधिकार वाले जागे झाले व मध्यरात्री कोर्टाचे दार उघदले गेले.

    मला प्रश्न पडतो तो असा की, या देशात दररोज कोणीतरी नक्कीच फासावर लटकवले जात असणार, आठवड्यातुन किमान एक तरी असेल, महिन्यात एक तरी असेल की. मग हे मानवाधिकार वाले, मानवतावादी, डावे, जनसामान्यांच्या फाशी विरोधात का बरे प्रदर्शने करीत. अफजल, याकुब, भटकल यांचे वेळीच कशीकाय यांच्यातील मानवता जागी होते…काय तर म्हणे, ज्युडीशीयल किलींग..

    ४. आता येतो, या विचारधारेचा मानाचा मुद्दा..लेख लिहिनाराच्याच शब्दात खालील प्रमाणे..

    “Hum kya chaahte? Azaadi!”

    Do you think there was something highly inflammatory and dangerous in this statement? Think about it. Nations break all the time. We were chanting the same slogan under Britishers.

    तर या विद्यार्थांना म्हणायचे आहे की, अशी घोषणा देण्यात काहीच गैर नाही..कारण काय तर म्हणे, राष्ट्रांचे तुकडे हे होतच राहतात, आणि स्वातंत्र्यसंग्रामात ही अशा घोषणा दिल्या गेल्या होत्याच की.

    नीचतेची सीमा गाठली इथे यांनी. जे एन यु तील या विद्यार्थ्याम्ची तुलना स्वातंत्र्यलध्यातील वीरांशी? स्वातम्त्र्यसग्रामाची तुलना काश्मीरशी? देशाचे तुकडे करण्याची भाषा करुन ही हा निर्लजा म्हणतोय की यात गैर काहीच नाही. विषेश म्हणजे असल्या नीच लोकांचे समर्थन अजुनही होत आहे.

    ५. अफजलच्या “ज्युडीशीयल किलींग” च्या विरोधात “हर घर से अफजल निकलेगा” अशा घोषणा देने योग्य वाटतेय या लेखकाला. या विषयी वर मुद्दा २ मध्ये लिहिले आहे.

    ६. अफलजचे उदात्तीकरण करणे , आझाद काश्मीर मागणे, या असल्या गोष्टींसाठी सरकार ने विद्द्यार्थ्याम्वर देशद्रोहाचा खटला चालवावा? केवढा अन्याय हा?

    माझे मत असे – अफजल काय कोणी महान संत होता? कुणी समाजसेवक होता? का कुणी दानवीर, कर्मवीर होता? अफजल न्यायपालीकेने दोषी ठरवलेला आतंकवादी होता. शेकडो लोकांचे प्राण घेणारा नराधम होता. देशाला तोडणे, मुस्लीमेतरांवर जिहाद पुकारणे, व तडीस नेणे, हे त्याने त्याचे जीवीत कार्य मानले होते. भारतीय सम्सदेवर हल्यामध्ये तो दोषी सिध्द झाला होता. म्हनजेच भारतीय स्टेट वरच हल्ला करणारा व त्याचे अनुकरण करणारे दोघेही तितकेच देशद्रोही होत.. व “कश्मीर आझाद” करने म्हणजे पुन्हा तेच की भारताचे तुकडे करणे होय, या विषयी मुद्दा १ मध्ये लिहिले आहे. त्यामुळे देशद्रोहाचा खटलाच योग्य आहे, हे निश्चीत.

    ७. हा मुद्दा लेखकाला सर्वात जास्त वादाचा वाट्तो..तो असा की भारत विरोधी घोषणा, देनारे जे एन यु मधील विद्यार्थी नव्हतेच.

    मग ते कोन होते, तर ते काश्मीरचे विद्द्यार्थी होते व ते बाहेरुन आले होते.

    लेखक म्हणतो, माझ्या समोर भारत विरोधी घोषणा दिल्या जात होत्या, पण माझ्या ओळखीचे त्यात कोणी नव्हते.

    तर हा नालायक विद्यार्थी, षंढ विद्द्यार्थी व याच्या सारखे अनेक, यानी यांच्या समोर भारत विरोधी घोषना दिल्या गेल्या, तर तु, भ्याडा, “भारत माता की जय” अशा घोषणा का दिल्या नाहीस? तुझ्यात देशप्रेम , देशाभिमान आहे की नाही?

    ही असली षंढ पीढी घडवणारे विद्यापीठ काय कामाचे?


  78. Shashank Juyal

    What a brilliant article !!! Its akin to a drug dealer allowing his premises for drug usage giving the below arguments
    1. People are so obsessed with Neo nazism that they can’t even hear about drugs from the drug dealers.

    2. Even supreme court highlighted the issues with war on drugs.

    3. In response to the crackdown on authorities the dealers want right to ‘self determination’

    4. He has not studied the socio political effects that drugs have on the society so he wouldn’t comment on it.

    5. Every house will have a drug dealer how many dealers can you possibly punish.

    6. This wasn’t a gathering in the woods and the people were invited to his house.People are free to disagree with it.

    7. People had always used drugs and this isn’t necessarily bad.

    8. I don’t know much about drugs so you see it really isn’t that bad.

    9. The people were not carrying drugs they were merely armed with ideas of proliferating drugs.

    10.Now the most controversial part,they did’int actually wanted decimation of authorities actually all of those who were born after 1990 had only seen war on drugs hence to them it meant a policeman trying to stifle peddling.

    Now replace “Drugs” with “Islamic fundamentalism” and you would get your answers.

    Most of the secular s conveniently chose to overlook the fundamentally ethos of democracy that people are equal in the eyes of law and their religion does not matter.What they actually ended was standing up for ‘sickulars’ who believed people should be given preferential treatment due to their minority status even when it directly destroys the very fundamentals the democracy is based upon.

  79. Prem Ravindran

    My answer to all you guys out there, Feel happy that you live in India,where we allow such behaviour from a section of people.You can lecture and say a lot of things that you view is right from your point, let me put it like this i pity the poor, government should do a lot more,when i have not not even slept empty stomach. You guys talk about Kashmir…try to do this in POK. you will never dare. Democracy has give us right to give our view, but the point is nothing comes Before the COUNTRY….. If you have done something against the country no one should support such thing, for if i enter your home and mis behave with your family memebr you wuill react…

  80. bulla jo rakhe khulla

    seems a paid writer(dont have money to buy a decent meal).Convinces us he doesn’t know shit yet doesnt stop to pretend he knows all with myriads convenient quotes.

  81. Swapnil Demapure

    Point 1:- Writer was partially present in the event, so how can we blindly believe on him.?

    Point 2:- Afazal was cught by policy, sentenced by court and Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde(Ex-home mister – (Congress Party) took responsibility to hang him till death). ABVP or BJP was not there.

    Point 3:- writer Very badly describe “Bharat ki barabadi slogon”… scene-less you failed miserably.

    Point 4:- If there is something wrong happened then organizers or leaders of the group is responsible.

    Point 5:- If you are still favoring Afazal then why you blaming Modi for 2004 riots. he also didn’t took any weapon in his hand to cut any heads. (Bullshit)

    Point 6:- It doesn’t take much time to convert this kind of Opinions in hate speeches and hate speeches sufficient to change mind set to create one more “KASAB”

    Point 8:- I don’t understand what Rahul Gandhi doing there, his party was in power when Afazal got death punishment.

    Point 9:- You guys are studying, Traveling, Reading, on our Tax money… we are not going to tolorate such bullshit at any cost.

    Point 10:- visit his university sometime. It welcomes everyone, accommodates everyone “even if they are terrorist, anti nationalist, they welcome everyone only they hate ABVP.”

    Point 11:- we don’t care about ABVP, Congress, Left, or BJP. we care about our nation… you guys only read few books.. which is thought of some individuals… & create your opinion… go travel & understand the ground reality…

    Point 12:- Go & meet those families who lost there beloved in Parliament Attack, 26/11 attack, akshardhaam, bodh gaya, varanasi, Pune German bakery, 1983 bomb blast, Pathankot attack, Kargil war, Mumbai attack on (January 27, 2003, March 13, 2003, July 28, 2003, August 25, 2003, July 11, 2006, 26/11, July 13, 2011), Gurudaspur attack, ahamdabad,banglore,hydrabad attack, so many are there which we not even remember.

    ask them what they feel about India, about You about JNU about Pakistan about Tolerance. they are tolerating you guys your bullshit slogans…

  82. Kya Mera Bharat Mahaan Hai

    Harshit Agarwal : Are you mindless, senseless since birth or became after joining JNU???

  83. I am totally unaware of the situation or the issues that have been created… i am an indian staying away from my country.. Honestly! I began to know about all of this just approx 20 mins before i read this article, by watching some videos n social media updates (i work at an remote site with no social media access… sigh)… my take on this should not hold much ground due to my lack of knowledge… However, reading through your extremely well scripted article a part of me keeps telling me about your desperation to call something right in the most diplomatic manner!!! Wat u say might be true … BUT THIS PROBABLY IS THE FAKEST REALITY STORY I HAVE EVER READ!! (bold letters towards the end in accordance with your desperate final statement)

  84. Krishnaraj Kenadath

    Well written, agreed. But there are more issues in this that people like the author missed out. We live in an era where a group of religious fascists are out there to barbarically kill anyone who speaks anything against their religion. We define such people as terrorists. Afzal Guru, Maqbool Bhat, etc.. are people who either directly or indirectly supported such terrorists groups. The argument that JNU students are not anti nationals just because they were expressing their ideas peacefully, does not hold good, merely because their slogans were in support of the kind of people who have terrorized not just one country but the whole world. The attack on our parliament is an issue which is much –much- much more serious than issues like freedom of expression

    Whether Kashmir should be freed or not is another issue, but to publicly debate it in our own country when all our jawans are dying there just to protect the idea called Kashmir, is simply scandalous. The point is not whether Kashmir should be freed or not, but the point is that when we Indians ourselves have different opinions on critical issues like this, how can we exist as a nation? The author has mentioned that it was not the JNU students who shouted anti national slogans, but it was another group who just took this platform as an opportunity. This itself proves one point – that the protest site itself has been used as platform by anti-national forces, whomsoever they are. And that is exactly why such discussions are equally as dangerous as armed terrorists.

    Nationalism is definitely much above religion. Only true patriots can understand that. Terrorism can in no way be excused, and the only suitable discourse is capital punishment. Afzal Guru, and Maqbool are people who definitely deserved to be hanged, and the entire nation’s conscience says this. Defending such people in support of freedom of expression and merely to hold debate and discussions is not just a crime, it is a scandal.

  85. Sushant Kumar

    You defend the argument by saying that it is just an “idea” but if you can see through you will realize that it is all you need. History is evident that the most gruesome wars began with just an idea.
    The next thing that I see in your argument is that you have tried to explain by breaking the sentences which seems to me that you are trying to pull the curtains. But if you read in the context it visibly seems anti-India. I don’t know how you perceive the word “liberal” and “democratic” but anything against the country is seditious.On the ground of democracy you cannot just say against the country and expect everyone to be calm.If you claim yourself to be so much peaceful and democratic why did you go ahead with the meeting when the university withdrew the permission.
    The last thing is those “kashmiri” whom you claim to have shouted slogans were participating in an event organized by DSU which was supported by JNUSU and so if anything they do wrong is your responsibility too.

  86. What a utter junk especially explanation of anti india slogan. Who are these well read students to dictate national policies? Let them get a degree and come up in social life. Delhi is full of backwas

  87. gandharva kudige

    Your intellectual analysis of the situation is good for a research paper. U expect the masses to understand ur view? Think clearly about the situation and how it impacts the masses.

  88. I would be more happy to see a unbiased article … this is clearly written by a person who is principally against “CAPITAL PUNISHMENT” .. I suggest go through various documents to find out why this punishment has been given … I think he prefer to keep him in jail to eat our tax money till that day when some favorable organization kidnap a group of people (in bus or train or plane) and ask for his release .. then started killing one by one … and then the negotiation starts then the command will go and then kill those terrorist after loosing 10 civilian life and 5 army peoples life … SECOND … this article is completely biased to LEFTIST group and clearly stating that the ABVP is disturbing the environment .. also twice he mentioned the full form of DSU and JNUSU and AISA but never mentioned the full form of ABVP .. funny … I find this article more disturbing than the actual event happened there … Also the reason stated for the slogan “Har ghar se Agjal niklega” is really pointless and funny … They said it because they were anti capital punishment … Go on and say ki har ghar se kasab niklega … har ghar se dawood niklega .. har ghar se obama niklega … I strongly feel that the Freedom Of Speech should not be entertain with ANTI NATIONAL slogans … you dont like ABVP or BJP speak up about that and no one is restricting you … YES IN THIS CASE YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH but if you say that PAKISTAN jindabaad then you go to hell and you should be barred from all your freedom take apart speech …

  89. kagitha jayasurya

    Oh my god.. Such a lame excuse. Useless guys doing some random nonsense at this useless university which is basking in its old glory. The quality of students coming out of JNU is pathetic. Anyone can let me know please, if there is one individual from JNU who really brought change in the last decade. Such an useless university. Look at IITs and TISS and the quality of students we are producing from theses institutions. on the other hand we got JNU students just going berserk on any thing by feeding on tax payer money. What a bunch of buffoons disguised in the form of students. The central government should take steps to ban all this tom, dick and harry student organizations which come into logger heads just to prove their ideologies rather than fighting on student issues and demmands.

  90. TERRORIST Afzal Guru himself accepting to be the mastermind behind the attacks. And we have JNU students & AAPtards supporting him in the name of free speech. What will they say now

  91. Harshit Agarwal, who are you trying to fool. You are with your smart argument trying to insult the intelligence of the people. Today Times Now presented 4 videos in the News Hour program which are clearly exposing the lies propagated by people like you, and some self certified Secular politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechuri, A Raja, Arvind Kejriwal, and many others who are swearing by to convince the world about the students are innocent but these four videos shown by Times Now clearly are exposing your lies.

    Slogans like…… Pakistan Zindabad, Go Back India, Afzal your murderers are still alive, Bharat Tere Tukde Tukde Honge, Banduk Ke Dum par Azaadi, Afzal your Death will bring Revolution are clearly and loudly heard in the videos and what kind of a skewed logic are you presenting with your fake intelligence? Your positioning on the issue is pathetic, and shows your poor knowledge on the subject.

    You have tried your best to intelligently articulate your argument while presenting your own analysis about students protesting on various issues within their rights under Freedom of Speech and Expression…. but these four videos are telling a different story? And you know camera does not lie. The videos have captured how India is being abused shamelessly by the anti India brigade. They sound as if they all are from Pakistan? So much of hate is seen in their sloganeering. And you are telling us… All is well ?? Either you are paid for reporting this concocted, well conceived fabricated story or you are naive or utterly stupid to believe…it is not a Big Deal.

    And whichever we look at with our intelligence….You seem to be making up a story which is unbelievable and not true. Because now the four videos are telling the true story contrary to your claims. Why should anyone believe your story and not the live videos?

  92. I don’t know if the whole incident is a sham or a genuine. But I certainly don’t think any government would play with fire like this one. The chants were there, the slogans were there. And if we still defend just for the sake of freedom of speech or them being students there is no lower that we can go to and there is no right for us to be called country men.

    I don’t pay taxes for running these activities and hell yes if it would have been upto me i would have dragged them outside the campus and thrown them away.

    I’m not coming to a conclusion here but why the students in question are not participating in inquiry commission (that of JNU’s only). Being an scholar doesn’t give you right to speak anything in fact it puts more responsibilities on your shoulders.

    These incidents represents the fact that Pakistan or any nation would not need external force to destroy India, the so called Indian attitude is good enough.

  93. If the people who got caught are not guilty, then let the policeman know who are they. Otherwise stay aside a suffer. If i was in government i would have fired a bomb on JNU by now. Want to destroy the country???? jara kisi aur country mein ye jaake ke bolo fir yaha aake bolna pata chal jaega ki ghar ghar mein afzal niklega ya pichware se shit.

  94. yashwantbansal89

    First check video its a total changed…go youtube again and check orignal video abvp students said indian court jindabad..this video is fake.

  95. Shitanshu Singh

    when did afzal guru die ? 9th FEBRUARY 2013. 3 years have passed by . The democratic students union at jnu were sleeping all this while . They did not realize it was judicial killing for 365*3 days . who has instigated them now ?or is this a sudden awakening of sleeping conscience and mind. even i am student . maybe we as students cannot identify and eliminate terrorism , the proper mechanism is in operation to do that. why will terrorists throw stones ? they have many other serious issues to handle . i am not calling ur students terrorists, i am just replying to your argument. you do not want secession of kashmir . u want to discuss with the locals , learn about the issues, debate. what was this union doing on that date ? discussing with locals ? learning about issues , debating ? or protesting ? if they r so much grieved by the issue of kashmir and want to resolve it which two countries have not been able to resolve it for the past 69 years then they should talk and debate with the concerned authorities . it will take a huge effort to change the fate of kashmiris . shouting slogans at delhi wont help in the long run .nations break all the time ??? really ? kindly check your statement??
    some knowledge to you on kashmir because you seem to be most ignorant on the matter of kashmir.
    “The Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan has been accused by India of supporting and training mujahideen.[33][34] to fight in Jammu and Kashmir.[34][35][36] In October 2015, former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf admitted Pakistan had supported and trained insurgent groups to fight in Kashmir during the 1990s, resulting in the ongoing insurgency.[37] According to official figures released in Jammu and Kashmir assembly, there were 3,400 disappearance cases and the conflict has left more than 47,000 people dead which also includes 7000 police personnel as of July 2009”
    if i take up the entire issue right now . it will b very lengthy . i will discuss the kashmir issue with you separately. there was circumstantial evidence against afzal guru , which means he was not innocent . IF I EVEN BELIEVE YOUR STUDENTS THAT AFZAL GURU WAS FRAMED AS TERRORIST (ACTUALLY WAS A NATIONAL HERO ACCORDING TO JNU STUDENTS) . circumstantial evidence was enough to send him to life imprisonment . why would somebody want a person serving life imprisonment to be born in every house? stop calling your students terrorists. they r anti nationals . thers a difference . i think u know.
    kindly check the word meanings from a hindi dictionary for the words BARBADI , JUNG , AZADI. things will be more clearer to you . i wanted to write more but me feeling sleepy . do clarify if u have any confusion…………….

  96. Its right you must know more about India, Mao and other groups before you try to defend. Look I did not have privilege to study in any high level universities where education is highly subsidised but in a country where people are dying with hunger if we give such huge amount for study, study you must. Let it be political science or human behavior or even human rights but study it…dont try to practice the failed isms? Mao has become only a status symbol in his own country and others like Lenin are now history only. Why cant such intelligent people like you or JNU bright students realise that just by abusing others one can not do some thing positive. In your opinion ABVP is vilain so let it be but how is red better than them? We are all watching Naxal movement and ts only bad effect since 1970 till date. Red brigade in this country has behaved like champions of poor but could not help a single poor but destroyed his/ her inspiration while all the leaders enjoy the capitalists luxury. Look at Bengal , look at the states where red movement is still active. They have failed to convey to the masses what do they want? The only visible effect is that few people get together arrange arms and ammunitions kill the lowest rank group police constable, take commission from all corrupt contractors or politicians to fund their luxury or houses in cities and sell dream for of a day when all will be equal. Please try to look at broader side …the RSS brigade may be learning from this red brigade….Why carry coffin on your shoulders ! Live in present and try to find out a way which can lead society on a peaceful and prosperous path.

  97. Nilaya Shanker Srivastava

    1.This article INDIRECTLY defending all wrong doing by ANTI NATIONALS.
    AND, on all the issues at which JNU protesters are proved anti -Nationals, the author of this article is saying I DON’T KNOW.

    So, Firstly know every thing then WRITE an article !!

    2.People from outside came and spoke anti-indian things, What the so called Nationalist of JNU were doing. Are they Nationalist or Eunuch.

    3.If you are not aware on Kashmir issue then why are u mentioning it in your article. And, then Defending separatist stand.

    4.Maqbool Bhat’s and Afjal gure were terrorist. Don’t put arguments to defend it, If u believe in judiciary and Indian Constitution. Otherwise you are free to go to North, west, south , east of INDIA.

    5.Don’t pretend to be Rationalist, When you are not. If every word of this article you are defending wrong doers.

  98. Pradyut Vatsa

    Such illogical reasoning to defend something so wrong. What Nehru said and about the very existence of a university has to be preceded by the existence of a nation or a state if one may call it. I say there are several problems with the Indian state, we’re not tolerant , we’re not cultured and we overdo a lot of things but would never ever say “bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”. This has to be nipped in the bud and someone has to pay for it. Maybe kanhaiyya kumar was innocent and it was really collateral damage but this is what happens in such mob-like incidents. Expecting the government of the day to not react is something which is downright stupid and completely questions the nationalist fabric of a country

  99. Suhajit Mondal

    let start from the last point: ” I’ll come to the most controversial part – the slogans against India”
    Author’s (Harshit Agrawal) Conslusion:
    BHARAT : The representative image of Indian state is always, Men-in-uniform-with-weapons
    BARBADI : end to the military occupation of Kashmir.
    JANG RAHEY GEE: JANG means struggle

    Big surprise !!!!!!!!!!
    If author is correct there was a gathering from other colleges, so there is no doubt that all student who came to JNU has a affiliation or connection with SFI, AISA, DSU etc.

    JNU student and SFI, AISA, DSU also think “Bharat” means Men-in-uniform-with-weapons!!!

    Queries: I don’t understand what for they were asking azadi for Kashmir, is this azadi for Kashmiri Muslim only or all Kashmiri Hindu and Muslim? JNU student think the same
    Bharat: JNU student and SFI, AISA, DSU also think “Bharat” means Men-in-uniform-with-weapons!!!
    after traveling whole India, after spending many years in Delhi with students from different state of India, JNU students also think Bharat means a state in Men-in-uniform-with-weapons!!!!! what explanation !!!!!! a Big applause !!!!!!
    BARBADI: not getting any counter point of author’s view, not getting how author correlate two separate point, If anybody ask me what the correlation between the ” BARBADI” and ” end to the military occupation of Kashmir” then I must have to say answer is 0
    Jang: I think all know what type of JANG Kashmiri have fought till now, author has tries to give his explanation but it is very falter.

  100. As a student of JNU, I have to go anonymous here. You may call intolerance or anything else, but I am afraid to speak my mind out openly.
    They say that “Don’t fight with crocodiles while in water”, but most students here have taken the easy solution to be crocodile themselves instead. I don’t want to be one of them, and since I am afraid to speak out loud, I prefer to be anonymous.
    As a researcher, I am supposed to check the validity of each and every statement that I hear, and I have the right to decide what I believe, and not give in to the peer pressure.
    But, in JNU you cannot. You just cannot. If I try to argue and put my points, I would be labelled as an ABVP supporter. People don’t believe that I am an apolitical person, and I support them who seem to be fighting for the “right”, rather than the “wrongs”. I may support Congress in issues where they are “right”, support BJP in issues where BJP is “right”, and support AAP where AAP is “right”. You may ask who am I to decide the “right” and “wrong”, but I decide for me, and not for the whole society.
    I do not argue with friends because I don’t want to be labelled as a rebellion. No, I am NOT. All I wanted from this university was the environment to study and learn research techniques, understand theories, and work for the betterment of the society.
    For the protest and the human chain in the evening of February 14th, I was a participant. Not because I share the solidarity with Kanhaiya Kumar, rather I had to come because there were clear instructions from the teachers to assemble for the protest. Our teachers clearly asked us in class about who are the students who were present for the protest on the initial day, and explained why every student should be a part of these protests. The teachers support the students, inspire the students and, I hate to say, brain-wash the students about why they should be a part of the movement. When your teachers and professors want you to be a part of the movement, then who am I to fight against the tide during my research days? All I want is to complete my studies and degree here, and join some other institute where I can concentrate on my research, and act as a guide to the students for their research in turn, and not direct them towards a particular belief.
    As for the things being said about the government money that helps in subsidizing our studies, very honestly I would hate it if the subsidies are removed. The student subsidies are very important for many of us, in fact for all of us. I understand that we get accommodation and food at less than Rupees 60 a day, and I am grateful for that. If I take this as my right as a student of JNU, I cannot keep my eyes closed towards my duties, which primarily constitutes of studies and research.
    I don’t understand, why should the students be politically motivated to achieve a particular goal. What should be the goals of a particular student body in an educational institution? To ensure safety of the students, to ensure that the classes are being held smoothly, to ensure that the quality of living is up to the mark. What about those basic requirements that they are supposed to ensure? What happened to the incident when a foreign student was raped and the students were asked to keep things confidential, rather than filing a FIR? JNU asks students, faculty not to publicise sexual harassment casesWhere was the student bodies asking for the protection of students against such incidents? What happened to our classes today on February 15th, when all our classes has been called off because of a strike?
    As I conclude, I would like to say that the students’ time is not to fight for a particular ideology, rather this time is to keep our minds open so that we can accept and examine different ideas, and then we can choose for the right way. Intellectual debates are part and parcel of this university, and they are the most important part of the learnings. However, we should keep the debates healthy, and keep them within the walls of the classroom. My friends may not believe in what I believe, but that should not bring a gap in our relationship. And, to reach there, the first and the most important way is to create a politics-free JNU at all levels – administrators, teachers, students and workers. Politics should be completely out of the boundaries of JNU. And, may be many harsh steps has to be taken by the government and/or college administration to reach there. But, that is the only way out. But, please DON’T #SHUTDOWNJNU

    • Moushumi Dhar

      Thank u for sharing the truth….pls say it out loud and clear about how JNU keeps u imprisoned…ppl need to know the truth

    • Alan Merwin Raju

      JNU has been at the fore front of student activism for decades. Its Union chairman was arrested and jailed during the Emergency period. So I dont understand what university you were joining into when you, as a so called researcher, did not work out that protests and debates would be a part of the sphere.

      I have read numerous accounts of students speaking up for JNU and upholding the activism that has been its cornerstone. Never have I read an incident where I read about forceful involvement, as you mentioned.

      You are entitled to your freedom just like any person in this country, so if you are not interested just step away. Do your research, move on.

      Regarding sexual harassment cases, I cannot confirm or deny, you dont give proof either. What basis can you give proof of the same. I mean you can be anybody posing as a student, just writing down stuff.

      And what research are you on by the way? I hope its not food, because Khanna and Taste has already bee trademarked. If you know what I mean.

  101. Kaur Jagdeep

    They were/are saying they want to break India. “Ab Bharat ke tukde hongey, Insha allah, Insha allah”, among other such slogans shouting for India’s ruin and devastation. Separate Kashmir, and then will come Bengal, Punjab, Kerala, states of the North-East; nothing new for JNU, just that this suddenly caught fre. This obviously has become a Tamasha when it should have been left alone, like everything else that happens there; thanks to the media. Talk of freedom of expression; I have been in Purani Dilli and Darya Ganj and people shouting Pakistan zindabad, and bursting firecrackers everytime Pakistan won a cricket match. No one minds; it’s the norm there. Though I was a tad bit surprised the first time I heard it; but I got used to it, never really did mind it; I am not into cricket at all. Freedom of expression still is not an issue here. And that is the problem today, there is no problem, no issue, really.

    Waisey agar dekha jaye to if this is alright, country ko hee galiyan nikalna, isi country mein reh ke, isi country kee very highly (ridiculously so) subsidised education le ke and khana khaa ke, then what was so wrong when people like Sakshi Maharaj and Yogi Adityanath said something about “a particular group of people”, like @AmritHallan points out? That is their opinion and have the right to express it. Personally I believe ‘Ubi dubium Ibi Libertas’; where there’s doubt there’s freedom, so yes, one can shout/say whatever as long as one is not hurting anyone…but somehow a non-issue is becoming a big issue here…

    Oh and this is just aside…about freedom for Kashmir, what of the multitudes of Hindus that were massacred and the rest kicked out by the muslim brothers there? They are still living as refugees, yep Refugees, in Jammu and other parts of India and elsewhere, homeless, with everything that ever belonged to them, still lying somewhere in their homes, in Kashmir. What about their freedom?

  102. Priyank Shandilya

    Afzal was a terrorist though he didnt belong to any organisation. A terrorist is considered a terrorist by his act.
    They call it Judicial murder, they hold judiciary responsible for KILLING a terrorist who was a good man, consequences made him a terrorist, so judiciary has murdered a person who was out to kill the representatives of the people of the country in order to disturb central law making authority of the country which would open the gates for every external and internal anti BHARATIYA forces to take-over the authority of the nation by force, which would ultimately result worst conditions in country than British era.
    Now coming to why killing such a person was justified, he gave a message to the society that every harassed person should pick-up a gun and start killing. They have sympathy with such a person. They believe in maoist ideology. They pomote naxalites in the country. They want another ISIS in india. Imagine a population consisting teenagers with arms in hand, illiterate only know to pull the trigger.
    Why we BHARATIYAs should not treat nationalism like a religion. Our spirit of nationalism has gifted us BIGGEST DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD. And nobody, has the authority to speak against our spirit of nationalism, of which Constitution is the holy book.
    True that the gathering was physically un-armed, Ideas are more distructive than any weapon.
    Every true BHARATIYA calls for treasonous liability against the responsible person. And shut such a campus where we are providing subsidy to such ideas.

  103. Gand mein charbi hai. Baki kuch nahi. Border mein khade jawan ke baare mein toh socho. Inko khada rakhnege ek din bhi toh dar ke mare mut denge jab paki goli ajubaju se jayegi. Chup chap padhai karo bhadvo. Zyada dimaag padhai mein lagao. Aur abhi bhi charbi hai toh roz subhe sham mumbai local se travel karo aur kasab jaise bande se ek din goli kha ke maro. Aur phir marte marte kaho india ke tukde karenge.
    It boils my blood to see idiotic students from JNU and Jadavpur University shouting anti-Indian slogans. We mumbaikars work hard and earn money and pay taxes to fund education of these idiots. Throw them out of India, these bunch of as******. Dare u say that in Mumbai which have taken the brunt of these terrorist activities, our policemen and soldiers have died protecting us, we will see it to it that u JNU idiots are send to the sea. U can swim to pak or dubai whtevr is ur favourite bloody losers

  104. Hmmm. Such lies.

  105. Pierson Sam David

    This is an internal matter of the University. The authorities should take full responsibility. The debate was not in the interest the cause stated. They are also raising an issue about capital punishment which will not find support as many have been hurt by the unmindful terrorist acts. I hope the FIR’s resolved in an amicable manner.

  106. Gabbar Singh

    This is the most absurd this I have read this year. You are joining the statement in a manner which will get the sympathy for JNU guys.

    You guys get 3L/student subsidy and this is the kind of idea’s which are growing in your mind.

  107. what ideas are you talking about ?? idea to break india ? idea to make many more afzal guru? this jnu students dont know anything… afzal guru is a convicted terrorist by the supreme authority in our country and matter ends der itself, his mercy plea was also rejected by the president of india.. all this happened while congress was in power still this radical leftist while frame everything and say rss, bhp, abvp did this & that.. why the hell der is need to discuss afzal guru’s hanging ?? jnu wont dictate a terrorists fortunes the supreme court did what was right.. guys life afzal, yakuz, kasab should be shot at sight itself… now stupid idiots from jnu will 1 day discuss kasab too that we are again capital punishment and all, those fucking bastards killed our people, our police, locals, army and u guys want to discuss about death penalty ? bloody hell with people like u ? why such terrorists shouldnt be given death penalty ?? tell me 1 reason ?? why ? the have all the right to kill our sovereignty by staging attacks against our nation and we cant give them death penalty just because we are very tolerant nation.. had this thing happened in usa or pakistan they would not have thought for once before fucking such bastards… freedom of speech has limits and jnu students should know that.. u guys are disgrace to our nation..

  108. Rohit Nathani

    When you people said that the organising party didn’t endorse the slogans ‘Bharat ki Barbadi tak Jung rahe gi Jung rahegi’, how do you justify the same slogan being published on your posters then

  109. First of all, As according to you, Zee news and all such channels are not trustworthy at the first hand about this issue, so is the integrity and truthfulness of your statements. Such statements from a person(that too from the campus itself) cannot be trusted blindly. Even though I am not of the opinion that all JNU students are the supporters of such Anti-National protests, but some of them might be, which will surely be bought to light by the court itself in the near future.

    Protesting by utilising the Right of Expression as provided by our constitution is absolutely no problem with those guys but on the other hand, they have a problem against judicial killing, which has been provisioned under the very same constitution for terrorists involved in such attacks.

    People must not try to alter the meaning of well-understood sentences just to curb the ongoing agitations against the university itself. Students might not be at fault but they must also not support Pro-Afzal and Anti-National sentiments. Yeah, Defending the campus as a whole might be right, Defending the seditious protests is not at all tolerable.!

  110. Vidit Kothari

    This is all kind of useless talk trying to calm motion or rather suppress the ones who are voicing for the country – India.

    Now about capital punishment
    Human rights group is an important establishment for the world at present but for this case the people in human rights org tend to just focus on piece of multi faceted issue. When a criminal of such a level is put behind bars, then rather than helping him plan for bigger and more violent attacks he should be nip in the bud before anything more dangerous happens. By the way, where are those activists protecting these –ve minded people or at least their names when the other innocent ones behind bars aren’t being treated properly?

    It’s all a big pot still under planning which I think Is going to harm billions of lives and this nation unless we act strong, firm, determined and don’t judge these situations by emotions but by logic, and welfare of all.

    • this article is a fucking nonsense The author of the article makes very conveninient interpretations of the slogans like “bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”. Any hindi speaker will know that the interpretation of this slogan by the author is sheer non-sense.go and say similar slogans in any country theyll bust you left and right and will arrest you in act of treason and keep in jail for min 10 years for example just see our neighbours pak, they arrested a person just for liking virat and catching an Indian flag is that not freedom of expression according to this idiotic author. and whatever the abvp provoked like we will not give kashmir they are shouting for the country so it is utterly idiotic just to oppose youre rivals you chant anti India what idioitc logic is this no person with even little common sense will support it and the author saying i dont have any idea abot afzal guru saying in unv we should discuss ideas bit no countries govt will allow ideas to discuss anti India things now look at jadhavpur univ those idiots are shouting we want nagaland freedom , manipur freedom, kashmir freedom why these idiots are remembering kashmiror,…. now why not prev and why are they favouring their freedom when you look at other countries like pakistan, USA, Spain, china,….. every country has secessionist movements but i never heard its own students organising such idiotic discussions to divide their own country this is utter idiocity and this article is fucking joke

  111. this article is a fucking nonsense The author of the article makes very conveninient interpretations of the slogans like “bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”. Any hindi speaker will know that the interpretation of this slogan by the author is sheer non-sense.go and say similar slogans in any country theyll bust you left and right and will arrest you in act of treason and keep in jail for min 10 years for example just see our neighbours pak, they arrested a person just for likeing virat and catching an Indian flag is that not freedom of expression according to this idiotic author. and whatever the abvp provoked like we will not give kashmir they are shouting for the country so it is utterly idiotic just to oppose youre rivals you chant anti India what idioitc logic is this no person with even little common sense will support it and the author saying i dont have any idea abot afzal guru saying in unv we should discuss ideas bit no countries govt will allow ideas to discuss anti India things now look at jadhavpur univ those idiots are shouting we want nagaland freedom , manipur freedom, kashmir freedom why these idiots are remembering kashmiror,…. now why not prev and why are they favouring their freedom when you look at other countries like pakistan, USA, Spain, china,….. every country has secessionist movements but i never heard its own students organising such idiotic discussions to divide their own country this is utter idioicitynd this article is fucking joke

  112. harshit can you post a copy of the supreme court judgement on afzal guru. especially the one where the court admitted the above. as that will kill all the arguments and should form a solid ground to start a debate on whether afzal was guilty or was he framed and hanged by the politicians so that they may save their faces.

  113. Logical inconsistencies in your article.


  114. Madhur Uniyal

    You live in a family which has cared for you, nurtured you and educated you with all it had . One day you decide that you are well read enough and you have certain freedoms like freedom of expression. You start abusing your mother using your fundamental right of free speech, Shout you would not rest until the family is destroyed, you invite your friends to join in to illtreat your family. And then you later justify that it was your friends not you and that you don’t understand the nuances of the sanctity of your mother ….but dear Harshit Agarwal you are open for a discussion on it. Bravo

  115. Ijtaba Alavi

    Abolish nationalism, casteism, patriotism, racism, religions and live with peace, not in any nation but on Earth, live like a human, just as you were born. We accept man made psychologies, boundaries, identities and ideas, and then we fight with each other because of of them, instead of working together for the betterment of whole humanity globally. Peace (^_^)

  116. Though you’ve few questions to think upon, most of the things I do not agree.

    1. First of all why did you think hanging of Afzal Guru was a judicial killing, or somehow you believed that he was innocent. Try to search in youtube ” Afzal Guru”, there is a video where he admitted that he was involved in parliament attack. Have a look at the video, you will come to know whatever he said was not a forced statement. That person had no clues why he helped the terrorists to attack parliament, he did only because of money. When you touch such sensitive part of history, you should have gathered all facts, else it will end up something like this you are now.

    Second part, do you remember the innocent people who are killed in the incident? Do you even try to gather their name or what happened to their families, I bet you didn’t. First love the people you are part of.

    2. Secondly, what background you are from, like Arts, Commerce, Science? I can not believe a student decided to dig up on a terrorist’s history, while India is in competition to launch missiles to Mars. Even if you are not from Science background, in commerce also there are many thing India is lagging at this moment. Students like you can really help to rise India from a developing country to developed country. You’ve the fire to do something for people, then invest for the country, not for terrorists.

    3. For instance let’s consider, Afzal Guru was not a terrorist(to make you happy), then what he was.. a common man. In Mumbai bomb blast 100s of people were killed without any reason, did all of them got medal for getting killed? Even if you all could prove he was innocent, what you could have got as a result? Were you planning to open all terrorists cases and analyze each of them and prove them innocent? And what benefit you get from that? And believe me India is the only place, where they tolerate terrorists like Kasab for years even if they have evidences. So it’s okay to hang one in hundred who is the reason behind death of 100 of innocent lives. Just chill. Or have you just considered that Indians are just did borne to be shoot at will?

    For rest of Indians here:

    Brothers, these are people are young, they have much to learn. Along the way they think they are over smart and do mistakes, its our job to show them correct way and change their way of thinking. For an instance, your own kid makes a mistake, do you scold them or put it in newspaper or notice on your door? If you scold them, you help to change their thinking, if you put it as a notice on door, you are creating a revenge sense inside them. What the JNU people did, it was limited to JNU or Delhi, but by posting it in facebook, in media, in blogs we only spoilt our country name and you call them Anti-National? Anti-national is someone, who do not work in favor of country or bring disrespect to country, so you, I and these JNU students..everyone is Anti-National here, it is just the way how we all earned that batch.

    Coming to next point about Revenge, give me a single example where people of India killed a terrorist. It’s always been army, police. You are trying to outrage so many others who are in verge to become terrorists ( I am not referring here JNU students, mind it). A handful of terrorists killed 100s of innocent people, think about what 100s or 1000s of terrorist would do to your country and your people. So don’t just show your brevity with words in a blog or facebook, don’t outrage the situations.Try to keep peace.

    Coming to Politics, I’ve always supported Kejriwal, well, now it makes me think again though looking at recent events, but that’s not the point. But I have never objected or criticized Modi, neither do I have right to do it. Infact I gateful to him, he is taking country to new heights. Voting is a right that is given to every Indian here, you casted your vote to Modi, I did mine to some other. I cannot question you why you gave to Modi, why someone gave to others. It’s like my money and up to me where I invest it. But investment, sometimes returns are good, sometimes not. And you come to know that over time when you observe the result. Past 10 years Congress was in power, do you think we were on Ape’s age for 10 years and Modi just made us human in 1 year. And if congress was in power, that only because you, your parents or your grant parents had casted vote to them. Do you call your father or yourself “Contrads”… India is progressing since 1950 and it will progress, not because of any political party, because it is called evolution. We are evolving, so is the country. But what I don’t like about Modi is, he has created an environment and divided people into Modi and Anti-Modi groups. Often who didn’t support Modi, are tagged to names aaptards, contrads, Anti-nationals and ” On the way to Pakistan” and many more, these are on hot seats now. Same as “Bhakts” etc..And these people who are in support of Modi are outnumbered and working day and night to suppress the speech of other parties. They make funny videos of Kejriwal, Rahul Gandi etc.. but you will not see funny videos of Modi anywhere. It is not that they cannot make it, they just don’t want make fun of their own prime minister. And about sending people to Pakistan, I really don’t understand that meaning. It always happens when people don agree to certain things they divide the place.. be it Pakistan.. Hindustan…. or Hyderabad.. Telengana.. and other. They are always division of the place happens, but people reside there only. So the division you are trying to encourage ultimately end you in dividing the country which most of us pray, never to happen. And think, we could not have a peaceful relationship with Pakistan and China, do you want one more and we will keep fighting forever….

    And at last media, they have taken note to split people in base of religion, ideology etc.. etc, so it’s up to you what you pick up…

    Think about it… And I feel I just carried away.. I know you are all smart people… I am just scribbling…. 🙂

  117. Ankita Sareen

    Pen is mightier than the sword.. People become what they think.. An idea is all what it takes to start a war.. I don’t know the Kashmir issue and I do sympathise with the Kashmiris .. BUT I am not tolerant of anyone and mind it anyone shouting anything derogatory about India that too on Indian soil.. If things were getting out of hand and in your prestigious University amidst Indian students someone or anyone is shouting slogans against your mother nation and you are just standing as bystanders than you did wrong to not only yourself but your country.

    We live in a democratic country, free world but would you allow someone to stand in your house and abuse your mother? Have the courage and stand up for the right thing. Categorizing JNU as a hub for terrorism is very wrong. But I will condemn every JNU student who did not stand up against those who were shouting anti-india slogans.

    On the topic of Kashmir – i would like to say I don’t know the entire depth or both the sides of the story. I visited Kashmir during 2014 floods and found it to be world’s most beautiful place. Spoke with the Kashmiris and saw them to be one of the most helpful ppl. But 8 out of 10 Kashmiris support Pakistan while they enjoy the Indian governments support. I personally doubt that if Kashmir was a part of Pakistan there economy would be so stable and educating girls a far fetched thought. Pl see the economic and social status of Pakistan. But my debate is not the Kashmir issue. My debate is anyone abusing my nation on my soil.

    Though we love JNU but I hate the current lot of coward students defending the people who try to thwart our economy every single day.

  118. Murali Narisetty

    There is one saying in Telugu, “mokalu chupinchi bodi gundu ani cheppinattu”. One shows the Knee and asked every one to believe it as bald head.
    “Slogans should be answered by slogans” what kind of thought process it is?
    Bharat ki barbaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi! explanation is epic.. why you guys still try to act as innocent.
    You may name me what ever you want but my blood will boil each time I here this slogan.

  119. Listen carefully whosoever has posted this. Its “Bhartiya Court Zindabad”. Now it seems you are telling a lie.

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