Watch Umar Khalid Speaking in JNU

Umar Khalid speaking in JNU campus, refuting the lies that media trial has imposed upon him.


  1. Peaceloving-Indians

    Bloody communists!

  2. thumari bharat mata nahi ,hamari bharat mata bol
    vanar sena majak mat kar bahut boora hal hoga thera
    bhara ake bhat kar jnu me kya bath kartha hai tu

  3. I just dont ssy that he is a ‘desh drohi’ or not but i hardly feel that the thosands of students of JNU will not be supporting the wrong side.I want to mean that if Umar khalid is really a wrong person or a ‘deshdrohi’ why will the thosands of students be supporting him.

    And why are we calling them as ‘deshdrohi’ even if we do not know weather what the media wants to mean us is true that is we it may even happen that the media is misguiding us.And now it is also said that a few news channels also did some photoshop edit ,they added the torn flag in the photo.Even some of the news channels have edited the speech of Kanhiya.The news channel has to just give us the information of what is going on in our country and other news it has no right to colour the information by adding their own thoughts to the news .They have to just inform the public if the news.

    That is why i want the nation to rethink about it and not to just make our minds as we are guided by the media,the media may not always be correct

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