Vidrohi ji’s ‘death’ is actually a systemic murder. Let’s change it!

In lieu of obituary…

Nobody likes living like this on her own will. Nobody wants to die like this. It is a brutal murder, by the hands of a system seeped in blood.

Millions in India at the receiving end of this systemic violence, the routine brutality of ‘normal’ life feel this violence on a daily basis. Vidrohi was their own poet.

The poignant poet of our times silently passed away amid intense protests in the heart of the world’s largest democracy. The silence is roaring. Like his poems.

Vidrohi ji was an embodiment of the culture of resistance in this country that JNU represents. And actually much beyond the JNU community, he represented the struggle and resilience of the common people of India, a hope, an indefatigable question, a slap on the face of this stinking and deeply rotten system. Vidrohi ji, for all of us, was an embodiment of protest, the deep anguish that we feel with life in this society on a daily basis.

Vidrohi ji was a personal friend. I can recall anecdotes and share here. But then, almost everybody in JNU, everybody participating in various protests in Delhi can. He was dear to all of us, so close that he formed the background. The humming around us. The active yet indistinguishable inspiration for all of us.

We will revenge your murder, Comrade. Breaking every shackle of the system, your proud caravan will march on. Your poems will be our guiding light on all our outposts.

With the readers of India Resists, I am sharing this brilliant documentary that my friend Nitin Pamnani made about our beloved poet.

Kumar Sundaram






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