It’s Valentines Day in India, Where Love and Mobiles are Banned !

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Like every year, Valentines Day in India will be scourged with a lot of debate and tension. The media will surely discuss it the whole day, how some groups tried to stop couples from expressing the most purest of human emotions. I am not talking about public displays of love, but simply how they would thrash a girl and a guy driving together on a motorcycle. They will go and ransack any shop selling the valentines day merchandise. They will even drag unmarried couples to temples and mosques to get them married straightaway. That goes without saying last year they almost ended up marrying a man and his sister. I have never come across such fools (needless to say, I have very few reasons to be celebrating Valentines Day recently) but it goes without concluding, that they will beat the hell out of you, and not even bother to listen to your part of the story.

Basically speaking, you better not be seeing hanging around with anyone of the opposite sex on this day, for in their eyes, there could be no relation between two individuals of the opposing sex, but that of lovers.

Now that is what will happen in India and has happened in the past. The bigger question however remains, and is debated every year on countless media channels – WHY!?

There’s always just one answer – “Its not the Indian Way!”; “Its not a part of our culture!”; “Western culture is an abomination that has to be stopped!” and the all time favourite – “Our religion doesn’t permit it!”

A Khap panchayat in progress
A Khap panchayat in progress
Maybe the last part has to do more with St. Valentine (A Christian lad) than anything else. But then if we had “Pyaar Divas” or “Youm-al-Ishq” the situation would still be the same!

The question, I would love asking these people who go around being the banner carriers of their religion and the Indian culture, is simple – Why only Valentines Day!? Is there now something wrong in expressing love? Or is it that the constitution now needs a new fundamental right – the Right to Love?

I at times watch Pakistani journalists debate issues in their country to get a more unbiased perspective than what the Indian media provides us. One Pakistani liberal (at least he is one as far as the definition in Pakistan goes) Mr. Hasan Nisar asks similar questions to the conservatives on host of issues. I ask the conservatives of India the same questions today –

  1. 1. If we are banning Western culture, what about Western medicine? We can very much carry on with Ayurveda!
  2. How about banning the television and the radio? After all when millions of Indians grab their dinners and sit in front of their TV sets they are following the TV Culture (all imported from the west)
  3. How about ransacking mobile stores? That’s bad isn’t it? Mobiles are the number one channel of love today. There are no fancy sparrows and pigeons carrying any love letters.
  4. How about banning electricity? That will surely help. Thats not Indian Culture. We should live like our ancestors did – always in the Dark! Its sad but Gandhi wanted that, so I am pretty sure that will create a larger support base for this move. Lets go back to small communities spinning Khadhi!
  5. In short, How about banning everything western – from musical instruments to every single piece of technology, because as far as I know, we have hardly contributed to the world in that sphere! It only takes a logical person to understand that without technology there cannot be any cultural imperialism, cultural assimilation or cultural integration. We could start with the democratic institutions, the bureaucracy and the law! Then the police and army that these groups so love and fancy. Then we could come to industry and agriculture. Lets go back to the time of bullock carts and ‘tangas’!

Here’s our country India, which has from time immemorial taken in everything foreign and produced something better. India – where numerous cultures have integrated to create this Indian culture, people now so rigorously defend. A minuscule Valentines ‘Day’ will not harm the culture of India. If somebody does think opposite to that, well then they have got the idea of India all wrong, haven’t they?

girl with mobile phoneBut, what can we say, the police too does the work for these groups. There is no one to help those who just want to love! The hypocrites run amock – they will use everything western, from mobiles to automobiles, but they just cannot handle a day – a day celebrating love!

Also, I would love to point out, they are a happy bunch! Other than the police helping them, there are those in power, supporting ban on mobile phones for girls, banning girl bands, instigating people against musicians (For crying out loud – MUSIC! I would love to hear what the ringtone on their phone is) and so on and so forth.

Lovers beware! Love is gone! Its illegal to love. You can hate alright. Everyone will support you if you hate the opposite sex, or any other group or community – do that, its perfectly fine with Indian culture. But, if we see you doing the love dance, we are going to beat the love out of you. Love is bad for India. LOVE IS BANNED! PERIOD!










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