Vaarasa: a compelling short film on inheritence of caste

Rahul Pagare, a student of ITI-Electrical believed in Ambedkar’s message of ‘Educate Organise Agitate’. Grown up with a desire of his father of living a life of dignity, he found himself in a situation of financial crisis at home after the accidental death of his father as sewage worker. He struggled but failed to get any respectable job. This eventually made him think about taking up his father’s job. Still looking for an escape Rahul got confronted by TEXAS GAIKWAD, a local political party worker who tried to exploit their situation for his political gains and further by his own younger sister SHEETAL’s frustration and anger. Rahul disappointingly went ahead with his decision, which was irresolute before, of doing his father’s job. The hand which deserved to be awarded with degree got a spade and a pair of gum boots instead, his inheritance.

Concept and story – Rahul Garg
Screenplay – Rahul Garg , Shreyas Chougule
Director and Editor – Shreyas Chougule
D.O.P- Vivekanand Daakhore
Production – Aditya Chavan
Sound – Anurag Jadhav
On Location – Sahishnu , Anurag Jadhav
C.C.- Omprakash Kumra
Art – Ameya Bhalerao
Subtitles – Tanvi Nerlekar

Cast – Mahendra Walunj , Rachana Kakade, Samiksha and Kishor Waghmare
V.O. artist – Pratik Kinnarimath , Shruti Kulkarni

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