Update from Anti-POSCO Movement

Friends, You will be happy to learn that something pleasantly unusual happened on 16th February 2013, when the aggrieved and anguished villagers of Nuagoan who were on the periphery of the anti-POSCO struggle had seen demolition of their rich betel vines by company decided now to raze to ground an illegal construction of 180, meters stretch of boundary wall built for POSCO.

As you know POSCO constructed the illegal boundary wall ignoring the case that was filed at national Green tribunal. The villagers also destroyed the public relation camp office of POSCO and at the IDCO office held at Nuagoan. They have decided not to allow anyone from the POSCO, district administration or the police into their village. They have even erected a bamboo gate at the entrance to Nuagaon to prevent entry of anyone from today. We are thankful and grateful to the villagers that they did everything peacefully in the true spirit of the anti-POSCO resistance.

As you may know, in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R), the POSCO has made repeated promises to provide compensation. This was a strategy by POSCO to woo the villagers of Nuagoan. Few of them had been trapped and misguided by these empty promises of POSCO. Now they have realized that the single agenda of POSCO is to acquire their fertile agricultural land and construct the boundary wall. Besides, this has hampered the peace and brotherhood in the area by luring a few youths to work for the POSCO.

Our apprehension is that now POSCO, Administration and the Police will plan their strategies to divide the people. They may even plan booking the notable fighters of the struggle in false cases particularly those who were not in the site when this incident happened. We warn them not to resort again to their dirty tricks. However, I may assure you all that the villagers are determined not to fall in their trap and allow POSCO in their villages. They all need your support and solidarity to continue the peaceful resistance against POSCO.

In solidarity,

Prashant Paikray
POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti
E-Mail – prashantpaikray@gmail.com
M- 09437571547

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