Umar Khalid’s Speech In JNU After Bail: Watch Full Video

Here are the highlights of Umar Khalid’s speech (courtesy: NDTV)

  • I can’t express the emotions that I feel right now.
  • I’m still trying to make sense of what happened.
  • If the government, RSS thought that they could break us then they were wrong.
  • We are proud that we were booked under a law under which great freedom fighters were booked.
  • The media trial even continued even after we were arrested.
  • The police showed me a picture of me and said that this was given to them by the Intelligence bureau. I said this is from my Facebook page.
  • I don’t project myself as a Muslim candidate, Muslim student but I was still treated as an Islamist terrorist.
  • The side conversations during investigations were on the lines that some prominent.
  • Muslims were patriotic, and it is time for us to prove our patriotism. We have been asked time and again to prove our patriotism.


  1. Good speech.

  2. Loved it. Support you.

  3. Indians dont bother if you speak up against government,ISIS or RSS or any other organization.What bothers Indian is Umar and company idolising Afzal guru,Promoting destruction of India and these non sens will not be accepted.
    Stop comparing yourself with Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters.They were real patriots.And you are just an another bunch of aspiring politician.
    If u really care about poors.Fight election and come to power and do for the poors instead of giving long speech and spreading negativity in country.

    • Based on what we conclude that Afzal was a terrorist? By reading and watching media?Even the court which has given him death sentence was not clear about his deeds and misdeeds. The judge said that Afzal has to be hanged to appease the ‘collective conscience’. When we can question judges who gave clean chit to Salman Khan, why can’t we question the judgement that painted Afzal as a dreaded terrorist? Is it necessary that one should contest elections to serve the poor?

      • Afzal Guru was the one who attacked Parliament, in his interview he opened his link with the cross-border terrorist. What more destruction one wants even after this. One who dies for the country and one who lives for the country will never support Afzal Guru. Freedom of speech is guarded by those soldiers who are protecting our country day & night. They face terrorist attack, they combat those situation. If one can’t contribute much to the nation, at least don’t spread such negativity.

        • Afzal Guru attacked the Parliament!? Do u have proof of it? All those who attacked were killed. Afzal and Geelani were caught after long time. Dr. Geelani was later released and Afzal Guru was hanged though there were no evidences against him to say that he was directly involved. By citing Jawans, can you justify killing of an innocents? Many fake encounters take place in the country branding persons as anti-nationals. Can they be justified by invoking army sacrifices?

  4. In my opinion Umar Khalid and his comrades should act wisely……Why did he participate in the prime time tabloid conducted by Times now channel which is under the tyranny of media don Arnab Goswami…????…They should have chosen a media platform where they can frankly articulate their opinion .. Actually channels like zee news and Times now should hold responsibility for the frenzy which was dramatically played… Well I think this JNU incident and Rohith vemula incident would definitely bring the hypocrisy of BJP and RSS to spot light…