Umar Khalid takes on JNU admin for serving show cause notice for a 9 month old event

Umar Khalid

Protest against witch hunt, be ready for more witch-hunt – JNU administration’s message for us!

Day 2 of Hunger Strike, and I thought of going to my hostel to take a shower. As I entered, there it was, waiting for me already, something every progressive student activist always expects these days – a show cause notice by his highness the Chief Proctor. The same that Com. Anirban received yesterday. The crime – same as his – “participating” in the screening of Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai last August. Not going into the point already made by Com. Anirban about Rohith Vemula being targeted for the same “crime”, not even going into the very important point made by others of why exactly is the BJP government so scared of this documentary that it sends it thugs to physically stop it everytime. I have only one question to ask the JNU administration and His Highness The Chief Proctor – it took you 9 months to wake up from your slumber and realise this great “indiscipline” on our part! Is it a simple coincidence that the JNU administration chose to send this notice to us, when we are already into a movement against witch-hunt of student activists? Protest against witch hunt, be ready for more witch-hunt – that is the JNU administration’s message for us. More importantly, the way they are “digging up” old “cases” is also to profile us as repeat offenders, those hard to discipline students against whom the present punishments are justified – Punish, penalize, rusticate, send more notices and Discpline. To hell with your intimidatory tactics, Mr. Jagdish Kumar and people in your esteemed coterie. We are going to fight back.

And if anyone thought that the 9th Feb program was the reason for the present crackdown on JNU – look now, it is not just Kashmir or Afzal Guru. They don’t want you to talk about anything – Muzaffarnagar, Gujarat, Beef Ban, Caste…the list of taboo topics in universities is ever increasing. Just a few days back, another student was show caused for writing Jai Bhim on the Ad Block Wall. And it wasn’t about defacement, anyone who has been to JNU would have seen the graffiti all over Ad Block. They chose to target the specific student who wrote Jai Bhim. Then again, those who burnt the Manusmriti on 8th March also have a proctorial enquiry going on against them – the organisers in this case include those who left the ABVP. Inko ko to saza milegi, barabar milegi – those asteen ke saap jinhone pehle to RSS ki naak katwayi, and then dared to strike at the core of RSS.

There is a need to realize the present attack for what it is – an all out, concerted ideological attack on the students movement by the fascists in power. They want to “cleanse” the universities of all voices of dissent. These theatrics are just an attempt to scare us, so that next time we start self censoring ourselves. No one is shutting up, and as a protest against this continued targeting, JNUSU has called for a screening of Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai tonight itself. We will fight this witch-hunt, while continuing to speak truth to power. We will stand by the people of Muzzafarnagar, Gujarat, Vidarbha, Bastar, and yes Kashmir and Manipur too. Because that is our commitment to the tax payer’s money. And every attack by the powers that be only makes us stronger. Mr. VC, you are new to this campus, you don’t know its history much, but I hope you read Iqbal. Ho sake to yeh lines padne ke baad, apne aaka Modi Sahab ko bhi bhejiyega –

“Kuch baat hai ki hasti mit-ti nahi hamari
Sadiyon raha hai dushman daur-e-zaman hamara.””

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