Umar Khalid Got Bail, Here Is Statement From Shehla Rashid

Shehla Rashid

Dear All,

The arrest and possible arrests of our comrades had given me sleepless nights. I would get nightmares of police raids and wake up in the middle of the night, scared and exhausted. After the release of Comrade Kanhaiyya, there was some relief. But now, with the release of Umar and Anirban, it seems that we can actually heave a sigh of relief before we gear up again for an intensified struggle, again.

Congratulations to all progressive forces, and the entire JNU community! My deepest sympathies to Times Now, Zee News, Prof Bhupinder Zutshi, Prof Amita Singh, B. S. Bassi, Saurabh Sharma and Anupam Kher!

Umar and Anirban will NOT be released tonight. May be released by tomorrow or Monday. But we will celebrate this little victory nevertheless. Join unity march TONIGHT from Ganga Dhaba to Ad Block at 9:30 pm

There will be no teach-in today. On Monday, Prof. Partha Chatterjee will take class on Azadi and kickstart the lecture series on Azadi.

Inquilab Zindabad!

Slogan for tonight’s march:

RSS ko bhejo mail.
Umar, Ban ko mil gaya bail.


Shehla, on behalf of JNUSU

Video of celebration in JNU, after the news of bail to Umar and Anirban came:

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