ToI Journo Rajshekhar Jha blocks India Resists for calling out his FAKE story about Najeeb’s IS Link

LATEST: Times of India’s journalist @rajshekharToI blocked us on Twitter after we called out his totally FALSE and malicious story about Najeeb’s IS connection.

This morning, we sent out this tweet, calling Raj Shekhar Jha’s malicious bluff –

Expose this propaganda journalist. Ask ToI to sack him and apologize! #SackRajShekharJha

Those on Twitter, please share this link tagging ToI and @RajShekharToI with hashtag #SackRajShekharJha

He concocted the story to please the sanghi propaganda machinery.

And the lesser said about the Times of India the better. 600 word story on front page by their great journalist. Later, a 70 word apology on 5th page.

In these times when fake propaganda is taking place with instructions from the top, we must name and shame these pawns so that others think before indulging in fake and slanderous reporting.


  1. Paid journo and acclaimed top national channel toi and it’s readers . Literate fools as Rajshekhar are threat to journos .


    Let students, teachers, activists and others come forward and protest against the blocking which is nothing but throttling freedom of expression and right to genuine information. If the story is really true, he should have proved instead of blocking

  3. Good job Indiaresists!

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