This is nothing but Fascism, just that it’s more ridiculous and absurd

Awanish Kumar

The dead are responsible for their death. Please don’t stage deaths as hate crimes of the casteist or communal variety, the finance minister knows when it is manufactured!

The communist writers started the protests because they are anti-national by their training, as are Muslims and Christians. RSS gurus have noted these facts in their core texts. This government irks them because Modiji has mercilessly thrown away the vestiges of 1200 year old long slavery. If BJP loses the Bihar elections, Pakistanis will burst crackers. QED.

Then came the filmmakers who are basically weed-smoking Maoists. Including Gulzar.

Then came the scientists who are mostly trained in western science which cannot be compared to the achievements of Vedic knowledge. Bastards.

Then came the historians who have falsely rewritten the true accounts contained in the Vedas, Smritis, Puranas. They are also on the rolls of the ISI.

Lets be frank. Almost the entire intellectual/creative brigade belonging to divergent ideological approaches/languages/regions and disciplines is standing against Modi. All of them should ideally be sent to Pakistan. Uff re democracy!

If you are still with the BJP, you will need to deny everything that ever existed in this country. The idea of India, in its imperfect form, that the intellectuals of all hues have debated and discussed. You will need to  reject all knowledge, aesthetics and creativity that was ever produced in the intellectual spaces of Indian universities, institutes and public discourses. Basically you need to be an absolute idiot.

If you still claim to support Modi and his Fascist regime because of the promises of development that he made during elections, you are yet to transform into a better Sanghi. You are gathering courage to say openly what you say in private or in the Shakhas. The primitive hatred is yet to take you over completely. You lie because you are an imperfect Sanghi.

In the pages of history, it’s you against all the thinkers/intellectuals/ artists/writers/ filmmakers/poets. Tough luck. All the best!


Awanish Kumar teaches in a Mumbai college





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