The Shocking Falsification by Sunday Guardian – Maligning Ishrat to save NaMo [by Mukul Sinha]

Mukul Sinha

Mukul Sinha
Eminent lawyer and civil rights activist. The post is taken from his recent facebook update.

Abhinandan Mishra, Senior Correspondent of Sunday Guardian on 22 June 2013 declared in his weekly that David Coleman Headley apparently answering to a question by NIA in June 2010 had said the following.

158. On being asked about Ishrat Jahaan, I (Headley) state that in late 2005 Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi introduced Muzzammil to me. Having introduced Muzzammil, Zaki talked about the accomplishments of Muzzammil as a Lashkar commander. Zaki also sarcastically mentioned that Muzzammil was a top commander whose every big ‘project’ had ended in a failure. Zaki added that Ishrat Jahaan module was also one of the Muzzammil’s botched up operations.”

159. Headley stated that apart from this he had no other information/knowledge about Ishrat Jahaan

Abhinandan Mishra alleged that above two paragraphs which “established” the link between LET and Ishrat Jahan were deliberately dropped from the NIA report on the interrogation of Headley.

The paragraphs quoted by Mishra tells us that the Muzammil was first introduced to Headley in late 2005.

However on cross checking the facts from the NIA interrogation report, it is revealed that Headley has told the NIA interrogators that Headley had known Muzzamil since 2002. Further it can also be seen from the NIA report that Muzammil had become Headley’s handler around August 2004. And by January 2005, Headley had started working with Sajid Majid even though Muzammil was his handler. The aforesaid deposition of Headley can be found in the paragraphs 17, 28 and 33 of the NIA Report.

17. In the year 2002 . I met Muzzammil Butt, a kashmiri in Muzaffarabad . Abu Dujana introduced me to Muzzammil. Muzzammil and Abu Dujana had stayed together in Kashmir. Muzzammil is very important operative of LeT. He was Involved in a series of attacks on Indian security forces when he was in Kashmir. I recollect that once Muzzammil had told me how he had goneand killed civilians in a village in South Kashmir before the visit of the then US president . Bill Clinton to India. After coming to Muzaffarabad, he was initially given the charge of the India operations.

28. Post Training Activities in Pakistan: On and around August 2004, I met Zaki and requested him to change my handler as I was not comfortable with yaqoob. Zaki then handed me over to Muzzammil, Abdur Rehamn was also working in Muzzammil’s set up. In his set up. I came across the following operatives like Sajid Majid, Abu Anas Abdul Aziz and the following:

(Extract from description of  Sajid Majid)
Then in 2004 Muzzammil again introduced me to Sajid at safe house in
Muzzaffarabad . Sajid got married around three years ago. I also attended the

33. On and around January 2005, I started reporting to Sajid Majid. After this
I started working under Sajid Majid. After this I started working under Sajid
Majid .Though Muzzammil was my handler but it was Sajid who used to
interact with me frequently.


Headley therefore could not have been introduced for the first time to Muzammil in late 2005 when he already knew him since 2002 and Muzammil was actually his handler since August 2004. By the way, if the LET had planned the ‘sinister project’ of liquidating NaMo in May June 2004 and it was planned by Muzammil as claimed by Gujarat Police, how come Muzammil, Headley’s handler, did not tell him about this project in 2004 itself or possibly get him enrolled?

Right wingers are known to lie and falsify history to achieve their nefarious objective of creating wrong public perceptions. The Sunday Guardian’s article not only does this but goes a step further in planting the two paragraphs which are allegedly “dropped” from the NIA Report. It is obvious that the two paragraphs reportedly dropped could not have been a part of NIA report since absolutely contradictory facts could not have been recorded by the ‘expert’ interrogators of NIA.

The obvious aim of Mishra was to profile an innocent girl as a terrorist in order to create a nation wide confusion and malign Ishrat in order to justify the cold blooded murder of Ishrat. The chorus of the BJP leaders voicing Mishra’s falsification exposes this nefarious design. It is also very disappointing that the media has also fallen in the same rhetoric trap.

Ishrat has again proved herself to be innocent.



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