The letter from BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreya which led to Rohith’s eviction and suicide

Here is the letter that BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreya to HRD Minister Smriti Irani.

It was this letter which led to eviction of Rohith Velmula and his 4 other friends who continued their protest in front of the University of Hyderabad by sitting on road. Rohith committed suicide yesterday.

It must not be forgotten that the University Proctor’s report had not found any evidence against the 5 Dalit students. This is what the Proctor’s report says –

“The board could not get any hard evidence of beating of Mr. Susheel kumar either from Mr Krishna Chaitanya or from the reports submitted by Dr. Anupama. Dr. Anupama’s reports also could not link or suggest that the surgery of the Susheel Kumar is the direct result of the beating.” ( How the ABVP-BJP killed Rohit Velmula: a short history of events that led to ‘suicide’)



  1. Yogesh Sharma

    There is too must politics in educational institutions. DU, JNU, Jamia, Osmania, AMU, Hyderabad, FTII, IIT all are in the grip of dirty politics. All politics no education. This is not the only sucide but thousands of students commit suicide every yerar. Do not give caste or communal colour. All are responsible for this dirty politics. Dalits, minorities, majority, secularists, communists, communalists, reforms, all are responsible for this rot. Please do not spread caste and communal hate. Other students who commited sucides were also Indians.

  2. all politicians, please keep away from educations. For GOD sake.

  3. Why is the letter wrong? The purpose of educational institutions is not to promote divisive politics, but to educate the students, make them of some value to the society. The last letter of Late Mr. Rohith clearly points at his aspirations for scientific writing which got buried with him. Why should the universities become centers of propagating hatred among castes, beliefs and not teach – the purpose for which the students go there.

  4. A simple disciplinary issue among two students’ group is blown out of proportion and once again the ‘caste card’ has been used by the students to their rescue. What if the suspension was imposed on upper caste students? will the politicians make hue and cry over the issue? I think all the political parties are playing their usual ‘dirty politics’ to gain some mileage. The big question we should ask is why only the dalit students resort to violence and agitations on social issues when they are given the best of opportunities like the reservations in education and jobs etc.; why the other community students do not get into such problems? second, in the name of freedom of speech the students are also getting into politics instead of concentrating on their studies. There is only one solution to this menace that is ban students unions all over the country to avoid political communal interference. Its is sad that in the end a world class university has been reduced to nothing with castiest and communal elements playing roost.

  5. So, supporting of convicted terrorist is not anti-nation?

    – Also, Are you sure He committed suicide because he was asked to leave hostel? he mentioned some personal mental and spiritual reason for that.

    it appears to be only propaganda article to further Dalit politics and not based on truth.

  6. Those who exploited the person like Rohit for there religious and political agenda are responsible for his death.

    He had some other reason and plan while joining this university, but then someone want to poison the mind of these people. that poison only killed him.

    He did not committed suicide just because asked to leave hostel.

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