The IB Bloopers

Mukul Sinha

Mukul Sinha
Eminent lawyer and civil rights activist. The post is taken from his recent facebook update.

100s of innocent men and women have died in scores of bomb blasts and gun fire attacks all across our country in the last two decades. To name a few of them, we have had the attack on the Parliament in 2001, Akshardham attack in 2002, Mumbai and Delhi serial blasts and of course the massive attack of 26/11 on Mumbai. The IB which is the premier intelligence agency to provide information about all the threats to the internal security in the country for the prevention of violent attacks has obviously failed to do so resulting in the enormous loss of life and property. In fact there is hardly any single instance where a major attack was detected or prevented by the IB or the other security agencies connected with it.

Connect the dotNay, we are wrong! IB has successfully prevented four ‘terrorist attacks’ in Gujarat which had ‘targeted’ Mr Modi and had successfully liquidated all the ‘terrorists’. It doesn’t really matter for IB whether all the four have now been proven to be fake. We have to therefore from our humble position as the citizens of this country, pose a question to Mr Ibrahim as to what exactly he meant when he said that the questioning and arrest of Rajinder Kumar, the IB officer, who had successfully carried out the fake encounters would demoralize the IB organization. The Government of India spends multi-billion rupees on this premier organization which is yet to prove its mettle. And when one of its rogue officers who should be a blot on the fair name of any organization is attempted to be apprehended, a huge hue and cry is created in his support. Don’t you think Mr Ibrahim that removal of such a poisonous weed from your organization would make it more healthier? After every terrorist attack, the IB and the political establishments start of a chorus and blame ‘IM’ or ‘LET’ for all acts of violence in any state. Now Sir, every state has a Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau led by Joint Directors working under the IB. If Rajinder Kumar, the Joint Director, could actively participate and prevent four deadly attacks on Modi planned by the most dangerous operatives of LET as claimed by him, one wonders why are the Rajinder Kumars of other State SIBs failing to emulate him.

Take for instance Bodh gaya. Not one, but nine low intensity blasts in a well guarded monastery premises were carried out without any resistance. The efficiency of IB appears in supplying their intelligence reports to the media channels almost immediately to prove their intelligence gathering capacity. But ask the relatives of the 100s of people who have died in all the past attacks, are they impressed by such post-facto intelligence which couldn’t save their near and dear ones?

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