The horror this Eid: when the discrimination my Muslim husband suffers turned violent

Eid Mubarak!

It’s a normal delightful wish for all Muslims. To me it connotes horror and fear; a reverberation of life threatening anecdotes.

Sasmita AKhtar

Sasmita Akhtar

I am Sasmita Sarangi Akhtar married to Shamim Akhtar since 18 years. Shamim is an (IAS/Allied) DANICS officer. We were classmates in Jawaharlal Nehru University in 1992, married with the blessings of both our parents and dared to dream of a world where different ideologies can co-exist. We are blessed with two children.Our daughter is named Nishka and son is called Anwesh Shivam and thus flourished the utopian ideology within the walls of our home!

Extreme professional and personal discrimination has been a part of our life since Shamim joined the service.The hatred crossed its threshold on the 31st of December 2006, on the eve of Eid, when police landed at our residence and thrashed all present for no reason.The more painful aspect was the apathy of most neighbours. I was in the seventh month of pregnancy, expecting Anwesh. The intense trauma I was abjected to as a fall out of this brutality left its mark on my son. Doctors concluded that he is autistic because of the socio-psychological conditions inflicted during my pregnancy.

Eight years later, 18th of July 2015, again on Eid,a lady metropolitan magistrate, our neighbour stood outside our house with a mob, shouting slogans, instigating communal violence. Around 11.30 in the night with roughly fifteen odd people she yelled out endlessly apparently because she had an issue regarding the parking of her visitor’s vehicle.Despite their instigation we never stepped out of our house. She called the police. A PCR immediately arrived, we were still holed up in the house, the communal rantings continued unabated, but the police was more interested in our CCTV footage.

On the 19th of July 2015, Shamim filed a complaint of communal violence in the Civil Lines Police Station. The Duty Officer wasn’t even willing to receive it. Shamim sent an intimation regarding this to the concerned DCP (North), Mr. Madhur Verma, via SMS on his mobile  but no response. Shamim then spoke to the Duty Officer over phone. The latter said he would act only on the instruction of the SHO. Irritated when Shamim asked, “Will you shoot me if the SHO says so?”; within a second came the reply, “Of course, I will”. This conversation was immediately forwarded to the DCP in the form of a voice recording via What’s app. You guessed it! No response from Mr. Madhur Verma yet again.But we kept on pursuing till finally the Duty Officer accepted the complaint at 5.00pm.

A month elapsed and no action was taken. Tired of pleading all and sundry Shamim filed a RTI, the reply of which is a mockery of the law of the nation! On the 3rd of September 2015 Shamim again appealed to the DCP but well aware of the senior police officer’s apathy he also filed appeals to the supreme authorities of the country.

On 8th of September the lady judge again called the police for reasons best known to her and this time not one but several PCRs with a plethora of policemen landed at our doorstep. Shamim again requested them to initiate a dialogue with a senior officer and fell silent while I intervened to question their intention. They had no explanation whatsoever. I caught one policeman pointing at our CCTV and warning the others to “behave”.

9th of September 2015, a date added to our list of painful episodes( though in this case pain is a very insignificant word); a posse of policemen accompanied by lady police and para military with semi-automatic rifles landed at our doorstep at 11.30 am. Without a search or arrest warrant they barged into our house and insisted on arresting us.

We live in a ridge area where monkey menace is common. Most of the residents in this campus have some noise making pistol or air gun to chase away monkeys when they decide to have a ‘cat-fight’ in one’s premises. The policemen refused to budge without our air gun. They ransacked the house and left with us.

We were illegally detained at the Civil Lines Police Station till 7.30 pm. Confirmed that we couldn’t approach any court of law at that hour police officially announced the arrest. The police cleverly reversed Shamim’s complaint against the lady metropolitan magistrate and charged him with instigation of communal violence. Despite him being a senior officer and despite the alleged charges being bail able he was sent to judicial custody even without a hearing!

Ironically, Shamim had served as a Superintendent in the same jail number 1 of Tihar. Coincidentally, he happens to be the only Muslim Superintendent, in independent India, in that roll of honour.

Sad the fourth pillar of democracy, the mainstream media, is so immersed in its routine to earn a livelihood and enhance its TRPs, it continued reporting the lady’s side of the story without even trying to find out Shamim’s version; without even bothering to mention his achievements in professional life or his contribution as an author and photographer;( the writer and photographer of one of the best books on Holy Kailasa & Manasarovar), irrespective of all outstanding ACRs and his ranking as a leading photographer of India, the last one doing old school photography and perhaps the only one shooting in absolute Infra-red!

Though the supreme authorities have taken a note of the situation and we hope that justice will prevail. But it is said that justice delayed is justice denied, if so then we are living in a state of complete denial. Our government colony infested with tainted officers are holding furtive meetings regularly and accusing that we are not “worthy” of living in this campus.

This is only a factual narration without intending to bother you with the gruesome details. My humble request to you all is, if and when such an event takes place in your neighbourhood please do not be a mute spectator. Do take a stand so that all of us can co-exist peacefully in a just nation.




  1. Naved Yar Khan

    On 31st of December 2006, on the eve of Eid, when police landed at your residence and thrashed all present, did you call PCR or reported these offenses to local police? Anwesh your son got autistic because of the socio-psychological conditions inflicted during your pregnancy, warrants more quantum of rigorous punishment for the offenders.Any prosecution or writ or complaint to Minority Commission of Delhi was lodged ? I propose you should file writ against the State.


      There are huge number of muslim children born with various congenital anomalies,autism being one of them…jab DNA he defective hai,why blame someone else?

    • Anjaan Aadmi

      Better lodge your complaint with the Pakistani leadership, requesting intervention at the UN … !!

  2. Mohammad Farooq Wani

    Not horror Eid but horrible government hell bent to embarrass minorities in India. Minorities in India are really helpless. When a simple duty officer police refuses to take cognizance of the murderous situation how one can expect action from the senior police officers. True if you lodge complaint against police, you will land in trouble or you will be killed in fake encounter by labelling traitors or anti national being from a minority group. Apart from ideology and religion let all people residing with each others neighbourhood fight collectively against such inhuman officers which include Judges also. Otherwise we will be left with no alternative but to move/ migrate from India as is being done by Syrians

    • panther7708

      The problem in most cases is coming to common terms and solving it from the root, if the community is having trouble or targeting someone why wait for a fight just transfer yourself and move out to a community which will accept you

      • Mohammed Ali

        while all of us are busy fighting within ourselves, first the natas are filling their pockets from our hard earned money and for sure Someone will take the opportunity to put us in prejudice

  3. All should unite and fight if someone illegaly attacks any one of us (Indians).

  4. This seems to be neighborhood tussle between a bureaucrat and a judge – seen that multiple times – This person is bringing communal angle to have an upper hand.

    Looks like the judge lady has more weight with police (being judicial officer) – and is harassing these guys – this person is trying to bring communal angle to counter this.

    This is not communal but regular fight between neighbors.

    • Police are casteist first & next communal in India, they first check what caste each of the parties are and manipulate/ support accordingly if any of them closest.

    • Have you tried living in their shoes as a muslim for a day? Try it. Change your name and walk around. Try lodging a police compliant or renting an apartment, you will know of your hypocrisy.

  5. sketchesofindia

    Please do not give a communal tone to this… It’s really sad that you have to suffer but I just looked up and you have had a similar fight with some other neighbour in 2014 too… Just ask your husband to act more mature.
    As for the earlier 2006 incident, why would you not report it? How come you lived with all that without pursuing it… Something is not right about this article I am sorry…

    • You seem to be a neighbour, on other side. While her husband possibly needs to be more mature, if you know so – there’s another issue…
      Police are casteist first & next communal in India, they first check
      what caste each of the parties are and manipulate/ support accordingly
      if any of them closest.

    • Try living in their shoes as a muslim for a day, get beaten by viharat hindus and then blabber righteousness.

  6. m rajivlochan

    Prima facie this seems an unreliable narrative. There seem to be so many suspicious elements in this story that one would want some more details, from a reliable source to corroborate the narrative. Merely sharing it on facebook and other social media would be irresponsible till then

  7. If this kind of a discrimination can happen to an officer of IAS Allied rank, what about the lesser folks in India?


    incident shows that there is no equality before law in realty though it
    is given in the constitution. it is really unfortunate our country that
    even justice is given on the basis of religion and not on the basis of fact and evidence. Even the HE can not
    save this country.

  9. dr gn seetharam

    I suggest that you emigrate to Pakistan which is the homeland for Muslims like your husband. India has no place for Hindu women who betray their race by marrying Muslims what a shame you are

    • Danish Alvi

      Seetharam what a shame you are to humanity!


      u f***ing asshole…………….Diversity is the solution. Society is like a garden where different flowers blossom.

      • dr dn seetharam you should be ashamed to call youself a hindu. Respect other religions. We are indians first then hindu or muslim. We hindus must unite together to safeguard muslim rights. To all muslim brothers, there are very few assholes who are spreading hatred between us. So dont bother and stay united.

    • Kyun bhai. Biwi khush nahi rakhti hai aap ko ke aap musalmano ki maa bhain kar rahe ho.

    • Nidhi Mishra

      We women,including Hindu women refuse to be bearers of race,caste,religion or creed. We own our lives and we will love ,live and laugh on our own terms. Don’t confuse women with “gau” to be mated with supposedly pedegreed “saand” to produce useful calves!

    • I’ve a doubt, r u a doctor in real… ya bss u hin dr. laga rakha hai hahaha… I dnt knw if the above story is true or not but for u m damn sure u r sick….samay rehte phle apna ilaaz kra lo daacter sahab warna one day you will becme shame to your own society, aapki maansik sthiti theek nai lagti… get well soon..:)

    • Shamsul Islam

      You must have learnt such idiotic ideas from a Hindutva shakha. You belong to the tribe which killed father of the nation, a pious Hindu

    • what a shame YOU are for even saying this. suggest you emigrate to nepal which was a hindu kingdom. we have no place for bigots like you

    • Prasan Kumar

      so Aruna Asaf Ali is a betrayer of indian race? lol!!

  10. dr gn seetharam

    the correct place for Muslims is Pakistan. Having fought for and achieved Pakistan they should shift their backsides there and not take advantage of Hindu tolerance we Hindus should give Muslims strong kick on backside direction Pakistan thank you

    • Dr saab dont worry. Not one of us is budging from here. By the way, please treat you mental illness

    • Remove that doctor tag before your name…it’s a disgrace to the title

    • He calls himself a doctor ! Tomorrow if some Muslim/Christian is unwell and waiting in his clinic, Dr sahib will treat him/her out of line if that person gives more money! BTW read your history …If you are aware , Hindus were defeated because only soldiers from warrior classes were allowed to fight because other classes were not soldierly . So it was Hindu Intolerance that bought ‘other’ religions here!

  11. Danish Alvi

    Incidents as such creates rebels who we call as terrorists.

  12. Ma'roof Ahmed Khan

    That is why I prefer to live in a ghetto with minimal civil facilities than a posh colony. At least I get respect, affection and brotherhood in my ghetto rather than apathy, animosity and suspicious eyes of neighbors in posh colony.


    I suppose this is a one sided story. Timing of this narrative is to get a communal passion . I have a neighbor who is muslim. No mob comes and shouts at them. Your husband might be involved in antipublic activities.

  14. Mukesh Bahri

    I suspect the timing of this post and its intentions. This moslem family has no right to complain when their own tribe in other moslem countries deny basic rights to non Moslems. I am sure her IAS husband has been a mute spectator to all the atroticities on kuffars by mohd’s followers.

    • Shamsul Islam

      Those are theocratic states or kingdoms which India is not. Who told you that India is for Hindus? Also tell why millions of Hindus are working in gulf?

      • Anjaan Aadmi

        (1) working is exchange of money for services provided … it is a give and take, no favour by any side …
        (2) India is indeed for the Hindus … the Muslims got their land in 1947 …

        • Shamsul Islam

          You are anti-national if you believe that India is for Hindus. And by the way define Hindus. Ravan, Kauravs and killers of Father of nation were also Hindus. Are you in this company?

      • Mukesh Bahri

        It seems you are a product of inbred copulation. It is not difficult to see the actual and real intention of moslems to expand their footprint across india. Taming them and keeping them on leash by denying unreasonable and growing discriminatory rights causes pain and anguish to these skullcaps. If you use our land and promote your expansion & pakistan agenda you are bound to be reprimanded.

      • Mukesh Bahri

        Hindus work everywhere in world. Their contribution is recognized and appreciated throughout the world including in NASA where more than 40% scientists and engineers are indians.

    • Prasan Kumar

      By that premise, all upper caste people today would have to come out and beg for forgiveness on bended knees for the atrocities committed by their forefathers

  15. Laxmansinh D Parmar

    I agree with prasanta Mishra it look like one sided story and some time looks twisted and fabricated to get sympathy on communalism

  16. fake one sided story.. no one is tortured for no reasons… she has deliberately hidden their own misdeeds. Fu***k off

  17. “Oh, so sad. I’m deeply touched. Secularism is in danger. Muslims are not safe.” I will comment something like that if you do not come up with fake stories.

  18. Love Commandos

    There is an urgent need to bring the episode in Public Domain. Petitioning higher judiciary can be an option and another could be of moving higher authorities. Communal mindset of the police needs to be curbed. We also face many such incidents when helping inter religious love couples. Please write to and let us know, if we could be of some help

  19. Anjaan Aadmi

    Sasmita Sarangi, you enjoyed the privileges of being a backward caste … went to the JNU by depriving many with far better academic credentials than your’s … !! … what have you given back to the nation … ?? … the gift of converting to Islam for your own benefit … ??

  20. Shamsul Islam

    Please talk to PUCL Delhi head a renowned lawyer, Shri ND Pancholi (9811099532, call before 9am or 7pm).

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