The govt’s response to the dropping of ‘Secular’ and ‘Socialist’ only further exposes it

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Vrinda Grover- Lawyer, Supreme Court of India

Secularism has been held, by the Supreme Court,  to be part of the basic structure of Indian constitutional democracy and is hence inviolable. The principles of separation of State and Religion, equality and dignity of each citizen, inform and guide all State actions and institutions. Those holding state office in PM Modi’s government must remember that they have taken an oath of allegiance to uphold the Constitution, including the principles of equality, liberty, justice and secularism, enshrined in the Preamble. Since May 2014, there have been overt and covert assaults to subvert the basic principles of the Constitution, emanating from within the government and their affiliated groups and parties. Today,   Indian constitutional democracy and the right of all citizens, including Muslims, Christians, all other religious minorities,  atheists, adivasis, Dalits, face a grave challenge those in power.

Siddharth @svaradarajan
BJP says deletion of word ‘secular’ from Constitution preamble won’t mean Const is no longer secular, so is it ok to scrap ‘democratic’ too?

Puja Mehra @pujamehra
The Constitution lays out what India aspires to be. To remove the word secular fr d Preamble is to say India no longer aspires to be secular

Sidharth Bhatia @bombaywallah
Come on, BJP, don’t hide behind the Shiv Sena, say you want it done too.

sanjay kapoor @sanjaykpr
Every elected member critical of preamble or constitution should remember that they swore on the book to get elected. So resign and trash!

Tushar A. Gandhi

This is the launch of the Samghi agenda to subvert the Republic and to discard The constitution written by Babasheb Ambedkar, a Dalit icon. We the people must now wake up and gird our loins for the battle to save Our National character which ensured we remain a Secular Socialist State. We must stand resolute to defend our constitution as well as our social character.
BJP Govt should have as well modified preamble to say “caste-Hindu, capitalist” republic that is India. A little honesty.

John Dayal
But did we nit know from the very beginning that the real target was the Constitution of India?

Mihir Sharma @mihirssharma
Hey BJP I agree to amend the Preamble if you decide whether you want to get rid of “secular” or “socialist” first, OK?

@aruns_nambiar: Sena wants Secular and Socialist removed from the constitution? What would they like in its place? Communal and Casteist?

Joe Athialy
‘Let nation debate Preamble: Ravi Shankar’ Why Preamble, let’s first discuss the need for Constitution.

Mairaj Uddin Khan
Socialist, secular is the first victim. Next will be democratic and finally sovereign?

On behalf of, we thank fellow citizens for supporting our petition against the government’s mischievous advertisement this 26th January, which omitted ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ from the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.

We are dismayed by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry’s “explanation”, published in today’s newspapers.  It defies credulity to contend that the  Preamble amended in 1976 was “not available”, and the original, outdated one was used in tribute to the Constitution’s framers.

The advertisement didn’t have a “retro” theme, but had a contemporary photograph of five women and three men in the foreground, beneath Narendra Modi’s prominently displayed quote about the government of India having “only one holy book” and “that is the Constitution”.

But the Constitution is emphatically not a “holy book”; it’s a secular document. Besides, six of the eight human figures displayed in ceremonial costumes are seemingly Hindu; the remaining two appear to be Northeastern tribals. As many as four of the five women have tikas on their foreheads, identifying them with one religious community.

No Muslim, Sikh or Christian finds a representation in this majoritarian advertisement. This reflects the pro-communal change in perception and attitude driven by the Modi regime with its ideological allegiance to Hindu Rashtra.

Several commentators have noted that even this year’s Republic Day parade showcased a very Hinduised picture of many states, and floats of the states ruled by opposition parties were excluded. The tableau on ‘Make in India’ was reportedly prepared by a US-based public-relations agency.

Our e-petition emphasised that the words ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ were added to the Preamble to reflect the collective will of the Indian people to uphold those values.

We deplore the government’s misrepresentation of the spirit of the Constitution and Republic Day, and call upon the people to remain vigilant to distortions of the core-values of our democracy.

Editorial team,

Contact: Kumar Sundaram +91-9810556134


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