Terror threats by Hindus pretending as Muslims: random events or an RSS ploy?

Editor’s note: in Karnataka earlier this year, the RSS-affiliated miscreants were caught red-handed hoisting Pakistani flag to foment communal tension. Why in India a few random instances of inter-religious gone bad are easily termed as love jehad, a conspiracy in which a whole community is supposedly involved, whereas the increasing instances of Hindu youths masqurading as Muslims and issuing threat are not seen as a conscious effort to malign and criminalise the Muslim community? And they are described as mentally unstable Hindu youth while a Muslim in similar act will be called a terrorist with so many national and international links. Younus SK describes such recent instances here –


Last month in a poster that surfaced in Kolkata one “Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh” terrorist threatened to bomb West Bengal. Days later, police traced the man behind the terror threat. It was Amiya Sarkar- a Hindu. (02 Dec 2014, The statesman)

Earlier this month in Muzaffarnagar police arrested Hindu VHP worker Deshraj Singh for placing loaves of buffalo meat in front of at least three Hindu temples. ( 22 December 2014, NDTV )

Recently 16 ministers in Rajasthan got threat mails in which an “Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist” said that his group would launch series of terror attacks in the state. Police lodged FIR against unknown IM terrorist group. Then, last week Rajasthan ATS tracked down a Hindu man Sushil Chaudhary who reportedly had sent those threat mails posing as a Muslim IM terrorist. (28 December 2014, Times Of India)

This week another Hindu boy was held by Bangalore police for posting threatening tweets to bomb the city. He adopted a fake Muslim identity of Abul Khan to create his twitter page. ( 29 December, 2014, Hindustan Times )

The mischiefs by the four culprits clearly indicate that they hatched the conspiracies basically to implicate some innocent Muslims in the cases and whip up an anti-Muslim frenzy or in the society. Their actions held potential even to trigger anti-Muslim violence.

Interestingly, none of these four Hindus have been booked for serious offences. While releasing them, after perhaps only some rounds of rebukes, the police and media made every effort to convince us that the men were stressed, depressed or mentally unsound.

On the other hand, there are examples of Muslims spending years in jail for sending terror threats threats over emails; in those cases police did not find any evidence of terror linked to them and they were finally acquitted by the courts- but not before they have spent years in jail.

According to our security agencies, a Muslim can never be stressed, depressed or mentally unsound- he can only be a hardcore terrorist !


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  1. On trumped up charges as suspected terrorists several Muslims have spent years in jail before being acquitted.

    When he was 19, student Mohammed Amer Khan was picked up by Anti Terrorist Squad as a suspect in some bombing cases. He spent 14 years in jail before two courts in Delhi acquitted him of all charges in 2012. When he walked out of jail he was 32; his all dreams to pursue higher studies was already dashed. A section of communally biased security agents ruined his life.

    There are scores of such examples in India of innocent Muslims being held in terror charges for years. A sizable section of police, IB and other security agents are biased against Muslims.

  2. Certain points in this article are grossly misleading.

    The Bangalore boy was apparently mentally disturbed which has been referred in the same article cited above.

    Mr. Lalit was elevated by the same panel which had also recommended Mr. Gopal. I cannot believe that collegium recommendations are being discussed in this context.

    • A mentally disturbed boy creates a fake twitter account and posts all these tweets.

      Only an adult who is mentally unsound or a die-hard supporter of Hindutva will say that the first year engineering student- who must be at least 18 years old, was mentally disturbed. Talk to a police officer, lawyer or psychologist- if you know any of them that personally, to get an idea of how this precocious Bangalore boy might have ended up posting those mischievous tweets.

      A mentally disturbed Hindu boy of an engineering college is not supposed to stay updated with the news of Mehdi Masroor Biswas and ISIS.

      • Don’t need to ask a lawyer when I am one myself. I cannot seek a rational view from you when you already have a prejudiced mind. Cheers!

        • Understood.

          Perhaps, when the Bangalore boy’s parents came to seek your advice, you gave them a suggestion to go to a psychiatrist, bribe him/her and get a backdated fake medical prescription which showed that the boy had been under medication for some mental diseases.

          The parents brought the medical prescription and an accompanying medical certificate from the psychiatrist, and you took them to the police station pleading for the “mentally disturbed” boy!

          • Lol. Why don’t you start writing stories? You would rock, trust me!

          • Mr mohit , it seems that you will believe any story told to you . Yet you cant accept the fact that what haroon is saying can be true

          • Well mr. Rohail, how do I believe your version then? And I challenge you to prove your version on the judge’s appointment issue as the information is in public domain.

            BTW it appears your website administrator forget to renew your website. Haha.

  3. Please google for this Zee news story:

    “Note found at Mumbai airport: ‘ISIS will attack on Jan 10′”

  4. If law too have eyes to see religion of accuse to register an FIR. if hindu leave him as of un-settled mind if Muslim book him so that he languish in jail for years before being acquitted by court of law. Is it India of Gandhi Nehru or a banana republic.

  5. This is an old trick being used for over half a century. This is a good example that India, by nature, is a tolerant nation, but not rationally thinking, considering others as co-equals in thinking, analyzing. Some of the explanations provided are outlandish, meant for “oxymorons”. Tolerating others for over thousand years is a great achievement. That has added beauty, uniqueness to it. Religious bigotry is temporary. Modi, if he does not make mid-term modifications in his style, team members, as done in US/UK/Canada. Do so with other third-world, poor countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America. It is a common man’s paradise for Hindus and Muslims. I have tasted it, and feel that way.