Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka: Protest At the UN Office in Delhi on Feb 12th

UN Office SeigeThe UN released its Internal Panel Review in November, inquiring into the role of UN Head Quarters and its various ancillary bodies, in the civil war in Sri Lanka.

The report referred to as “Petrie Report” has admitted grave failures in its functions. In particular, the UN high officials in Sri Lanka prevented the dissemination of death toll figures during the early phase of the war, which could have averted the blood bath during the final days of the civil war. The UN’s approach to the conflict was
clearly biased – in favor of the Sri Lankan government and at the cost of innocent civilians’ lives. The UNICEF high officials were more keen to clear their stock and chose to send cricket bats and black boards instead of life saving medicine
and food to the civilians trapped in the war zone during the height of the war.

The above are a few points admitted in the report. It stops short of admitting its “complicity with evil” which was noted by an earlier report known as the “Brahimi Report” conducted in the context of UN’s failure to avert the Genocide in Rwanda.

Yet, instead of holding the officials accountable, the UN has promoted the officials who acted in complicity with cold blooded murder.

We charge the UN and its ancillary bodies beyond “complicity with evil” to “dancing with the devils”.

We demand justice be done to the innocent civilians – ethnic Tamils – in Sri Lanka, butchered in cold blood by the brutal Sri Lankan regime.

We demand an independent international investigation be conducted over charges of “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”.

We demand the UN be more honest, transparent and account for its complicity with genocidal regime of Sri Lanka.

We invite you all to participate and lend your support in our struggle for justice.

Warm Regards

May 17 Movement, AISA – RYA, PUCL (Delhi)

Kavitha Krishnan
Malathi Maithri

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