I support Jallikkattu protests, but I have doubts…

From Bhargavi Da Shin’s facebook wall

My supporting or opposing Jallikattu doesn’t really matter much but at this point in time, all I am thinking about is…..

In 2009, when I attended my first ever protest for the people of Tamil Eelam…. We were just a few people in the protest and our college closed down for 3 days in order to stop our assemblage and protest…. I did not see this anger, this public outrage and solidarity…

In 2011 after Sengodi from Makkal Mandram immolated herself inside the Kancheepuram Taluk office and pleaded through her death for releasing Perirarivalan and others who are facing fabricated cases and death sentence for such fabricated crime… I remember our entire team from Cognizant (of course there were many other who did not come and had no idea what it meant for them) went and stood in protest…. There was hardly any crowd and very little rage or solidarity… My own family disowned me for attending such protests.

In 2011 again and in 2012, when the women, children and men of this small village called Idinthakarai shook the conscience of the people across India and world. The police did such massive attack on the people of Idinthakarai and Kudankulam, vandalized their houses, slapped atrocious cases against these innocent villagers just because they asked a few questions to safeguard their lives and livelihood and wanted to save the world from becoming the Fukushimas and Chernobyl. There was a massive support. Yet, it didn’t appeal to the crowd that stands now for Jallikattu…

There were several instances of protests and issues on atrocities against Dalits, Police violence against activists in Tamil Nadu, Mullai Periyar, for defending the right of speech of a Tamil writed Mr. Perumal Murugan….. Or the recent immolation of Transgender inside the Pondy Bazaar police station after the harrasment of TN Police. Or those umpteen cases of coastal regulation violations or even the issue of Kodaikanal mercury factory workers.

The crowd that is questioning the authorities, trying to take to streets and protest, mobilize to fight for defending the right to have Jallikattu makes me happy but, it only hurts that this campaign, the energy and the solidarity of the youth and this anger is invoked for selective cause.

Shouldn’t this same anger, this “adakkamaru” attitude be shown to those struggles which also has deep relations to our culture and conscience?

I support Jallikattu because there is a lot of saffronized agenda behind the current BJP government, the AIADMK government and the International organization behind all this chaos which I am dead against.

But, I am confused and lost in a point where “chasing a bull, controlling the same, for a prize money and then taming it” part and with all the pictures of Jallikattu as well as the protest makes me think there is a flow of masculinity and feels a lot like “Jallikattu- as a boy’s/ man’s game” … To show the veeram- dheeram and all still invokes Tamil patriarchy too… The feminist side in me is still confused about this though!

I am just doing a loud thinking here, as to what is invoked in this Jallikattu that we failed to invoke in many other things? Where did I or people failed collectively in invoking the solidarity of Tamil people? Please save Jallikattu and also, do not forget to save your collective conscience & rationality as well, my dear Tamil people….



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