Stop polarisation: A teacher’s open letter to PM asking to take stock of religious polarisation

Respected Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi,


I am a life skills trainer in a private school in a semi-rural area in Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka. My letter addressed to you comes after your speeches on Teacher’s Day and at Madison Square Garden where you stressed on the youth’s important role in nation-building.

Being a school-level trainer, my deep concern is the not-so-good impact of religious polarisation on adolescents all across India, particularly on boys. We as teachers and trainers are striving to inculcate the value of integrity. Sir, polarisation is growing alarmingly, hampering the image of a fast-developing, tolerant India; be it culturally, educationally or economically.

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Your call to us that nation-building should become a national movement with every individual’s association and emphasis on building national character prompts me to suggest something, mainly by being a teacher first and a proud citizen foremost. I would request you to bring about change beginning with your party membership that would allow only employed graduates.

The suggestion is made after my general observation of grassroot level workers of all the political parties being mostly unemployed youth dependent on parents and unaware of the actual ideology of their concerned political parties. Not only this, adolescents too are misled which might hamper their educational interest. I am happy with this pro-development ‘Modi’fication wave, but in non-urban regions the pro-development wave is somewhere lost, leading to polarisation.

I am an optimistic citizen and dream of a progressive India with skills of the youth rightly harnessed, which will be accomplished if we have youth with sound education that is knowledge- and skill-oriented rather than marks-oriented. My letter ends with the hope that the issue brought to your notice here is dealt with as effectively.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Sushma B

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