Stand in Solidarity with Adv. Anima!

Adv. Anima Muyarath was attacked by Misogynist elements during Calicut Bar Association General Body Meeting on 10th January

Calicut: Advocate Anima Muyarath, who was recently suspended by the patriarchal Calicut Bar Association (Kerala) as an attempt to silence her, was brutally attacked today at Bar Association General Body meeting. In the GB meeting, which later ratified her suspension, Anima also faced dirty genderded and sexist comments by the members of the bar association. One of the members even threatened her by saying that “she has just seen the eve teasing part and they are capable of doing much more”.

Advocate Anima M
Advocate Anima M

Though Anima escaped unhurt when a bar association member threw chair on her, another lady supporting Anima was severely injured. The whole episode which started with brave Anima publicly criticizing the gendered and sexist comments made by lawyers, has now taken a very ugly turn with all attempts by the members of bar association to vilify and silence her.

Thousands of women face such gendered and sexist comments at their workspaces and unfortunately women who fight against such attempts are made to suffer. Same thing happened with Anima, who publicly dared to speak against such attempts. Shamefully Calicut Bar Association which as an organisation is expected to stand and fight for justice, denied the basic fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression to its own member. The situation has now worsened to a state where she has been physically attacked inside the bar association office to silence her.

This shameful incident points towards the highly patriarchal and misogynistic nature of functioning of Calicut Bar Association and mentality of the members of the bar.

Demand the revoking of Anima’s suspension and unconditional apology from Bar Association!

Arrest the member of the bar association who attacked Anima, and passed obscene and vulgar comments against her!

Stand in Solidarity with Anima!



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