Speak, An Ordinary Citizen’s Letter to PM

Respected PM Saheb,

Being a member of Hindu Nationalists party, your silence on killing of Muslim guy by the goons of Hindu outfit is understandable but unfortunately for you, your silence seems to have sent wrong message to the Muslim residents of Unnati Nagar, who are changing their appearance and attire and have chosen to shave beard and shun skull caps and Pathani suits as they fear that their appearance and attire makes them easy target.


Being a member of communal party, I don’t know how much you understand about Secularism but people of one community changing their attire and appearance because of the fear of goons of another community is very shameful thing to have happened and is not good for the future of the country, which is said to be Secular.

I don’t know how much your words can compensate the loss of that unfortunate family but they will surely make people aware of your much needed concern not only for the residents of Unnati nagar but also for all the Muslims of this country who are in shock ever since Mohsin’s killing.

I request you to break your silence and come out of Manmohan mode, not for me, but for all your supporters who have been saying that communal BJP at center is no threat to Muslim, minorities and to the Secular fabric of this country.

Vaibhav Tiwari, a Concerned Citizen.


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