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By Anurag Modi,

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The Election Commission of India, is not reacting to our letter on the threats to Shamim Modi’s life, but if one goes by experiences of past three elections, once again Shamim’s life is under threat, for contesting assembly election from Harda assembly constituency as a third time candidate of Samajwadi Jan Parishad. She faces threats at the hands of BJP nominee and four term sitting MLA Kamal Patel., who for past two decades ruling the area. In the recent incident of rioting on 19th September in Khirkiya town, though there is enough prima facie evidence to suggest that the main accused in the case, Surendra Sing Rajput, allies Tiger, was close to him, and he along with his son, Sudeep, engineered the riots, yet, it was only after our PIL, that an FIR has been registered against his son; but he is yet to be arrested.

File Photo of Shamim Modi
File Photo of Shamim Modi

The incidents of victimization of Shamim during elections

In 2003 Assembly general Election, in order to attack our Candidate on the day of polling, a team of goons was sent by BJP’s four time sitting MLA Kamal Patel. To extract the whereabouts of Ms. Modi, her party worker Mr. Rambharos Yadav was brutally attacked. Though, the FIR under crime no 176/03 was lodged at the Chipbad Police Station; though, after much agitation, the investigation was closed after BJP assumed power in MP.

In 2004 Parliamentary General Election, on the eve of voting day, our Candidate form Betul constituency, Ms. Shamim Modi, was illegally detained at the Chipabad Police Station.  The ECI, in its inquiry by then Commissioner, Jabalpur, Mr. Rajkishore Sawai, proved that she was illegally detained. The same was communicated to the Chief Secretary through your D. O. No. 466/MP/LA/2003, dated 23rd September 2004.

After 2008 assembly general election, in which Shamim Modi was again our candidate,  in the post election political vandalism our candidate Ms. Shamim Modi, was brutally attacked at Mumbai residence- sustained 118 stitches; her throat was slit open.  Our petition for demanding CBI investigation against sitting MLA Kamal Patel is pending at the Mumbai High Court.

Shamim has been facing threats, in the past she has been provided two armed guards by Jabalpur High Court, as she has been fighting many PILs against the power lobby.

We, request your support in the following ways:

We are attaching a draft petition; please mail the same to the Election Commission of   India, You may modify it. If you don’t have much time, please sign the petition here.

Who is Shamim Modi?

Shamim Modi is an assistant professor at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), and is also an activist working in Harda, Betul and Khandwa districts of Madhya Pradesh. She was arrested on February 9, 2009.  More about her can be read and heard here in her own voice.   


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