[Sign Petition] Condemn Modi govt’s Capitulation on Nuclear Liability

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Please sign and circulate this Citizens’ Statement. Here is why this is an urgent and important issue.

In a clear capitulation to the nuclear vendors’ interests, the Modi government has ratified the Convention on Supplementary Compensation(CSC). We strongly oppose this move taken under the US pressure.

The previous government signed the CSC in 2010, weeks after the Indian parliament enacted a liability law providing for a right of recourse against the suppliers. It was shocking because then the CSC hadn’t even entered into force and the govt could use the opportunity to demand revision in the CSC to safeguard Indian people’s interest.

Since then, the govt has used this international covention as an alibi to dilute suppleirs’ liability in the domestic law. The CSC is an industry-promoted legal template, indemnifying the nuclear suppliers and channeling the liability in case of a nuclear accident to the exchequer.

While just the cost of decontamination work in the ongoing accident in Fukushima is touching US$ 2 Billion mark, in India the liability is capped at a ridiculously low amount of 1500 crores. It is shameful that nuclear suppliers, both foreign and domestic, want an exemption even from such low-capped liability provisions.

It is further shocking that the BJP, which was fiercely opposed to the Congress govt’s moves to dilute and cap nuclear liability, is going out of its way to do the same. As concerned citizens of India, we strongly condemn such move.

S P Udayakumar
Admiral Ramdas
Lalita Ramdas
Achin Vanaik
G Sundarrajan
Kumar Sundaram
M G Devasahayam

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