Sexual harassment, death threats and nepotism at Nalanda University?


All about sexual harassment, death threats and protecting the CRIMINALS!

We were invited to this university to be part of a total ambiguous vision in which everybody made fancy statements and fake promises. The reality hit us when there was an incident of molestation and that particular incident was justified by our senior professor/acting Vice Chancellor of the Nalanda University as “the university is in Bihar and Biharis are like that”. Our friend was asked to keep silent and was discouraged from the further proceedings. Even then the complaint was made through proper channels and ICC came up with their findings and recommendations. The most respected interim Vice Chancellor sat over the documents, worked in cahoots with the victim, and challenged ICC.

The accused fellow directly threatened the complainant and sent a life threat to the Officiating Registrar of the university. The complainant was forced to file an FIR individually. Interim Vice Chancellor, Dean of Historical Studies and Professor Mr. Pankaj Mohan did not come out in support. Instead of taking the responsibility of our entire community, the Interim VC in a conciliatory move, transferred the accused from one hostel to the other jeopardizing the safeguarding measures. We, the Student Community came out in protest and Interim VC accused us for harassing the teachers and himself at odd hours and asked us to focus on our academics. We received death threats in working hours including Registrar, but they denied filing an FIR as suggested by the lawyer appointed by the University. The interim VC suppressed the Registrar for saving his image and reputation of Nalanda University. Our mail ids have been blocked and no mails can be received or sent through those channels.

We want redressal, for everything that has happened to us, and we want it now before it is too late.


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