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It’s time to rise against hate. It’s time to say a strong NO to peddlers of Godse and hate-mongerers of all kinds.

30th January is a day when a heinous crime – in fact the first cold-blooded political murder – was committed in India. Not against a person, but against the idea of a new independent India burying the past and moving ahead together.

These are times when we must renew our pledge against the rapidly spreading hatred in India. The goal of a developed, progressive and inclusive India cannot be allowed to be hijacked by the forces of hatred.

This 30th January, lets come together – against hate, for harmony and love.

Please send your selfie – holding the placard with hashtags #NO2Godse #No2HATE written on it. You can add your own creative messages – text or even sketch – on the placard. If you are unable to take print, sending selfies with handwritten messages or just standing with the hashtag flashing on your tablet/phone will also work.

All such individual selfies will be posted on facebook, on the ‘India Against Hate’ page. A large-size collage of selfies from all over the world will be printed on 30th January , to be used in peace marches and other events being organised against the crude insanity of installing Godse statues.

The selfies can be posted directly on facebook on this event page, can be emailed to us on or can be whatsapped on 9650779721

Kumar Sundaram,
Phone – 9810556134

Placard against hate

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