Satisfying the nation’s conscience, when the nation is a mob!


Musab Iqbal | Newzfirst

What if the politics, the media, the intellect and the legal system are all part of the spectacle to amuse the mob pseudonym – the nation? What makes a nation and what constitutes its conscience? Perhaps the majority, Perhaps the mob!

When a caretaker of nation’s conscience allows its pious rioters to attack and vent anger as ‘public’ has the right to dispose fury, I wonder who is the ‘public’ and to whom belongs the government.

When the media is an advocate and contributory in mob justice, asking questions that satisfy the conscience of mob and presenting opinions as facts and truth as perspective, there is no space for sanity left and there is no scope for asking uncomfortable questions.

When the intelligentsia can be carried away by impulse, by the energy of mob, we wonder what formulates intelligentsia if not going by fact and deep thinking. If intelligentsia is also part of the circus to deliver delight, what is left as thinking?

When the truth doesn’t matter, when the fact is oblivious, and when reality doesn’t stand in front of the nations demand, the nations hunger for justice, the nation’s bloody instinct for revenge; I wonder what a nation is, except a blind beast with a lust for blood.

When the pressing questions are ignored and the perception built in air regulates the thinking and opinion – not just of the nation but also of those who run a nation – I wonder if we are in a nation or a zoo, where the cages of weak are open to serve the diverse tastes of hungry wolves.

Where justice is for the mob, the majority, the anger and sentiment of the numbers, we are silently reminded of being a democracy; enough emotional numbers can change the fate, can change the landscape, can change the darkness into impeccable brightness; the satisfying conscience is thus for these majority, these numbers, these numerical values which are proudly getting digitalized, so the conscience can be delivered more easily.

When conscience is the referential object to imagine the nation as an integral construct, I wonder then does it include the opinion, the sentiment, the very conscience of Kashmir, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal, the people in Saranda, the tribals in Dantewada, Bastar, in deep jungles of Odisha, the farmers preferring suicide over ‘a proud chest-beat’ for being an integral element of the Conscious Nation.

When we are darkly covered by the appalling narrative of proud and pride, we must seek moments of silence to introspect what we are as people and what we want as human.

Musab Iqbal is a political writer and chief editor of


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