Sanghi VC trying to shut JNU’s door for marginalised sections by changing admission policy: Shehla Rashid speaks



    The exam procedure is being made more opaque so that the marginalised sections have slim chance of getting through. As rightly expressed, the demands must be fulfilled and all the reservation quota of jobs should be filled up

  2. This case of cutting down the route is not only for JNU , this implies for even Kendriya Vidyalaya schools,,, HRD Govt of India has categorically started subjugating the marginalised of this country. The struggle starts from childhood and will continue,,, the whole notion of subjugation is clearly based on the current central GOVT which is clearly operating from the context of saffronisation ,, this is clear social massacre, which many people aren’t aware , save our children , save our student communities from these kind of aversion,,,

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