RSS Killed Gandhi: This Month, Let’s Break The Silence On The First Political Murder of Independent India

All of us have written essays on Gandhi in our school days. Our textbooks and teachers mostly wrapped up the story with a quick sentence about his murder by a fanatic.

Why this deafening silence about the first political terror act of independent India? Most Gandhi museums also have very little on his murder. Why the cleansed history? Why did sections of politicians within the Congress party made peace with RSS silently and allowed the poison to grow in our country?

Gandhi was killed by Hindutva zealot Nathuram Godse in a pre-meditated and planned murder. He was in constant touch with Savarkar, who escaped the murder trial on narrow grounds. Godse, or RSS, never attacked any British nor were their publications and activities banned by the colonial rule.

This month, 30th January will mark the 70th anniversary of one of the biggest conspiracies against the idea of India.

We must break the silence. Despite our disagreements on Gandhi, particularly about his approach to caste discrimination and varna system, we must expose the forces that did not want a united and secular India.

Sanghis did not kill Gandhi because they were against partition. They killed him because he did not let India become a Hindu India after Pakistan became a Muslim nation. The division was not between Hindus and Muslims, but it was about whether our countries should be defined by religion or should be secular and multicultural.

This month, we will share reports, articles, videos on Gandhi’s murder and will curate them on our website. Suggestions on a collective online event for observing January 30th as a day for peace and love, against communal hatred, are welcome. Please comment below or write to us on


  1. Laboni Singh

    Very good idea.Its time we stop fooling ourselves.

  2. Devaki Khanna

    We should not only highlight the RSS’s role in the murder/assassination of Mahatma Gandhi; we also need to look at the role played by its leaders in inciting communal violence, first in the pre-independence era and then after independence. They pose as nationalists and yet are the most anti-national outfit hiding in plain sight.

  3. Is this paper cutting from one of the oldest Newspapers of India “The Hitavada” started by Lokmanya Tilak’s Servants of India society. published then from Nagpur

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