On Rohith Vemula’s Shahadat Divas: Illustrated Story of Nangeli Who Fought Against Casteist Breast Tax

This comics story first appeared in Art Review Asia.


  1. Luke Mendes, Mobaim

    Sad story. Here too in Mumbai there were reports of the Brahmins who came here tried to do this but were resisted some 500 years ago. Yes they kept their monopoly on the fake Mumba devi temple. the Gazetter also said that the Sanskrit was not correct of that Brahmin priest who asked all to come to settle here on our islands because the indigenous were not dangerous. They used the temple trick to do so. Glad their real colours are out in the open.


    Even after so many years of exploitation, the situation is continuing to deteriorate and brahminism is not being dislodged. The struggle for equality continues with more and more people expressing aversion against the brahmin atrocities

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