Rohith Vemula’s mother dragged in Delhi’s street. And the media is silent.

Salonee Shital

Soon after Smriti Irani had delivered her emotionally charged speech at the parliament , Prime Minister shared the video with his 18 million followers on Twitter. The link was preceded by “satyamev Jayte.” Her speech was all over the social media and on TV. It was called powerful and passionate. However, while she was busy ‘playing mother’ Rohith’s mother was being dragged on the streets of Delhi by the police. She went to India Gate with other well wishers to pay respects to Rohith, in a candle light procession. She was dragged by the police and later detained by the Delhi police along with others. The news was barely covered by the mainstream media. It should be noted however that candle night marches at India Gate usually get covered by all media houses. One wonders why such a serious incident was looked over by the media. Is it a coincidence that Smriti Irani is being branded as a compassionate mother by the media, while Radhika Vemula is being humiliated? Police is busy playing puppet in the hands of the politicians as has been witnessed in Patiyala court Incident.

Rohith's mother Radhika Vemula
Photo: Nisar Siddiqui

Radhika vemula has some questions that she would like Smriti Irani and Narendra Modi.Why did Rohith and other dalit students got branded as an anti-national in the first place. Why the ministry wrote letters to the university? And if Modiji seriously considers Rohith ‘bharat maa ka laal’ then why no actions are being taken against people who drove rohith to take the extreme step.

Radhika Vemula has lost his son who was just 26 and now she is asking for justice. It took them three months to destroy what she had built bit by bit in 26 years.



Salonee Shital is currently an MA student at school of international studies,JNU


  1. good!! Sonali Sheetal for bringing attention to this otherwise neglected incident.

  2. She is not a celebrity. Hence neglected.

  3. Really sad!

    Here’s something to cheer up the mood —

  4. Government is using fear tactics to force it’s will on common people without their will/consent

  5. why the hell a candle march being organised in delhi for a person who died in Hyderabad that too months ago. Only to create political drama. 2 days back 3 school students were killed on delhi roads. now where r those sickulars and politicians and media. why they were not given this kind of media coverage, only because those school kids didnt belong to a particular caste or religion. Shame on these sickulars and advocates of freedom of speech.

    • a candle light march was organized in Delhi because its the capital city. and its a very sad state of affairs that school students where killed on Delhi roads but I would request you to write more on the issue to tell everyone what happened rather than crying foul here. and sir its my request to please come out on the streets and organize a candle light march for the cause. calling others name is not helping anybody. Please take lead and the rest would follow.

  6. every year 1000 of sucides are done in India why only minorities and dalit ppl suicide gets media attention. how is govt responsible for these suicide happening plz explain

  7. Sonali madam, who asked that coward to go for a suicide. Do you know how much scholarship he receives every month. 25000 INR. Which a fresh garduate also do not receive after getting a job in MNC. After getting all these benefits he is sitting in university and wasting the tax payers time and money by forming some groups and don’t know if you have watched his video which is shot by the students of the university itself. He clearly stated that he is hates the safron color and Hindus. Please act responsible while writing. Don’t give more attention and importance to such kind of ass holes.
    Please watch the video. He is telling he saw Safron color and ABVP. so he teared all the banners. Is he in the university for education or doing all the bullshit.

  8. Why is she here at this time when the JNU issue is an extremely sensitive one? Has she come to the streets to protest of her own accord or is it a politically motivated stunt by other interested parties? Did they have permission for the demonstration. And Ms Shital please do take the trouble to learn the language that you write in. ” other dalit students got branded “. You are a post-grad student! What exactly is India resisting?

  9. Actually it is the CONg,Left partys, along with paid media who are dragging her onto the streets and everywhere for their ruthless political selfish agenda

  10. media is becoming more and more biased, thus more and more oppressive.. more and more the intolerance is increasing in india more and more tolerant the media is becoming towards oppression, crimes against the disadvantaged communities at the hands of govt and govt machinary.. Down with such tolerant media..

  11. A person, doing a dharna, is more compelled by his/her surroundings, rather than remote persons. It will be better to have what discussions were going on in this dharna friends, so he got agitated, frightened and prompted to committ suicide. Full enquiry is required to be made about his friends and discussions going on during dharana…

  12. Why one needs to glorify suicide committed by any one, whether an OBC, SC, ST, a farmer, or any one from so called higher castes, for that matter. There are millions of Indians who go through hardships, inhuman living condition, utter poverty, on daily basis. They do not get education, health care, hygiene, food. But they live and struggle to meet their needs, and don’t kill themselves. Certainly the paid media is playing to the tune of politicians, and so is the poor mother of unfortunate Rohith Vemula who was misguided in ending his life.


    Rohith Vemula and his freinds went and beat leader of ABVP in hostel, who was himself OBC category; Police came, VC was informed; In his interview VC told how can I suspend guy who was beaten by 30 others? He had suspended Rohith Vemula and 6 of his ASA friends… This is clear politics by ‘Thekedaar of Secularism’

  14. She is being used…Rohit was not SC…he was OBC…

  15. Hello! What politics is this so-called grieving mother playing Delhi? What is she doing in Delhi when she was supposed to be in HYDERABAD? What does she want a few thousand crores because somehow Media and opposition felt like making use of her son’s death for playing caste politics?