Right-wing nationalism swarms India

M K Bhadrakumar | Rediff blog

Last night passed by without anyone in our political class having recalled the entire day what Mahatma Gandhi had said once An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. What took place in the Kot Balwal jail in Jammu yesterday was appalling and it should make us all Indians as a nation sit upon the ground and think where we are heading.

pakistan-murdabadRight-wing nationalism has never imposed its viewpoint so assertively and arrogantly as the one and only viewpoint, and, evidently, its propagandists are influencing a lot of people including Sepoy Vinod Kumar from Uttarkhand.

Where are we heading as a nation? Does the 2014 parliamentary election warrant all this hullabaloo?Is the foreign policy really in a shambles?isnt it also an optical image that is being thrust upon the nation by the media and the politicians?

Why is the media or the political class shying away from even discussing the ground reality that history didnt begin on April 15 in northern Ladakh and much water had flown under the bridge in the vicinity of the Chumar post in the Depsang Bulge area where Indian has been apparently acting belligerentlywhen Gen (Retd) V K Singh was in command in South Block?

Why is it that no one asks whether the civilian leadership and the policymakers were aware of what was going on, or was it a case of the armys Northern Command forcing the pace of events, or, worse still, was it yet another Himalayan blunder? The nation has a right to know.

Again, when we did what we did by executing Afzal Guru just like that and then went on to put on pompous airs as a hard state, why didnt we factor in the grave consequences that would inevitably follow in the downstream?

Both the government which acted pompously and the BJP which brayed for Gurus execution are equally answerable for Sarabjit Singhs ghastly murder.

The biggest danger facing the country today is that the right-wing nationalistic wave which is rising to a crescendo and increasingly locking in the UPA government is so perilously out of tune with the fragility of Indias political economy.

India cannot afford and it does not really need confrontation with its two big neighbors. Yet, we seem to be precipitating the confrontation.

To my mind, President Pranab Mukherjee should have given some sane advice to the NDA stalwarts who met him yesterday to generally calm them down and encourage them as adults to mobilize their political ingenuity to fight the 2014 poll on real issues that affect the lives of hundreds of millions of destitute people in our country. After all, there is no dearth of such issues and there is a real India waiting out there beyond the middle class opinion.


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