A Kashmiris response to Shaiba Rather’s article “Soldiers of the Streets”

Javeed Bin Nabi

I am proud Kashmiri nationalist, a young oppressed, maimed, muzzled and blinded one with full conscious and valiantly write to you that you as a granddaughter of late Mufti Mohammad Syed who is known as collaborator and turncoat to Kashmir history and his people.

Dear Shaiba, In your previous piece ‘Letter to my grandfather’. You was lamenting and mourning the death of your grandfather who was the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. You were very sad and heartbroken because you had left the one who was holding your fingers and giving you salubrious moments all time. But now in this new piece you too had maligned and turned your eyes blind from the harsh reality of Kashmir and of the barbarism and repression of occupying forces on people of Kashmir instead you created questions about ‘threat’ want to know where this threat really originates which in your eyes is blurred and invisible .

You started your piece with the title “Soldiers of the Streets” where you missed to mention that all the brute and inhuman threats and terror since decades have originated from the Indian occupying forces through their devilish and other barbaric Tact’s with the help of traditional political vultures and treacherous of the valley. Since, couple of decades the people of the valley remains in a state of terror and trauma, yelling and festering. It remain visible that the felon and vicious occupying forces repeatedly use volley of bullets, pellets, PAVA shells and stun grenades over a little stone of the youth through which he defends himself and his nation -mates.

Dear Shaiba , It is pertinent to mention here that the product is not the same, believe me there is lot of difference between the ‘soldiers of the streets’ and the  ‘Gun wielding Soldiers of the streets ‘ of valley. Yes, it is unfortunate blessings and ungracious of your late grandfather the people of Kashmir are suffering for.
However, in your write up you had mentioned the short living story of a little boy Adnan who is playing with stones with his undressed and horribly oversized collared shirt. Let me tell how can he (Adnan) maintain himself with well-dressed suits and pressed shirts when there is unprecedented mourning, lamenting, swelling and crying around him? How can he chuckle when his neighbors and all time seasoned friends were killed or thrown behind bars under draconian Public Safety Act? Yes, I firmly believe that Adnan and his little aged company would have gone to schools with well pressed collared shirts and polished boots but let me tell how they will sat down in a classrooms where half of their classmates either are in grave, blind or disappeared .With whom they will play cricket and football now in schools when hundreds of the students around the age of 7 to 16 have received bullets and pellets across Kashmir valley.

The innocent life of the children’s of the valley have been ruined, dribbled and muddled by felon occupying forces. Adnan like thousands of children’s of Kashmir valley are guarding their streets not for this to abuse and harm others but due to the merciless behavior of the Indian forces that is worse than the beasts. Indeed they are more cruel and inhuman than the Nazi’s.

On one hand we Kashmiris are very much unfortunate and bad doomed but on the other hand we are blissful because we have lads like Adnan who are challenging the ominous and perilous policies of Indian state.

Dear Sahiba, Scores of school going minor boys of the pulverized villages, woeful towns and desolate hamlets of Kashmir valley became blind and handicapped for rest of their life. More than ninety unarmed innocent civilians died so far and tens of thousands rather numerous wounded because they were protesting and demanding their birth right. Yes they had ravaged army and Police chokies when their houses were expunged and their mothers and sisters were assaulted, molested and abused by Indian occupying forces. Yes, they attacked the camps when their innocence life was infringed and asphyxiated at their homes by men in uniform . It is true that they were not gone to buy choco bar chocolates in army camps rather they went there to nourish their deep knavery and freedom sentiments through blood and tear.

Let me tell when there were huge Jhatt protests in Haryana, huge number of demonstrations and protests erupted across the state. Corers of worth property was trampled and flamed and several rape incidents also were reported but despite all of this not a single bullet and pellet was used by Punjab police on protesters. Can you tell me why ?

You believe or not India only wants and likes to grab fertile land and power projects of Kashmir valley not the unfortunate and caged people of Kashmir. If India sincerely calls Kashmir its crown and integral part then people of Kashmir should have enjoyed same political freedom,  rights, justice and opportunities like the people of other Indian states are enjoying. There should have been the equality before law.

Dear Sahiba, I fully agree with you that criticism and to ask questions on political and other governmental institutions and its functions is a fundamental principal of Democratic progress; but could you please tell me in what sense you are thinking and believing India as a democratic country. I and thousands of Kashmiris firmly believe that consider India in a line of democratic nations of the cosmos is a myth of decades. Is democracy means that in a short span of time 96 unarmed civilians were killed like coots in wetlands and twenty five thousand wounded and few hundreds lost their eye sight for rest of their life? Is democracy mean to cage and maim people, lockdown Masjid gates on the day of Eid to prevent people from Eid prayers? Is it you’re so called democracy to impose day long curfew, hovering of drones on Eid day and shoot down four unarmed innocents. Is it democracy that more than one thousand teenagers booked under draconian Public Safety Act? Is it democracy to create nocturnal raids, burning of crops and destroying transformers by forces across Kashmir valley?

Moreover, asking questions to Syed Geelani and a little Adnan is just a salt to the deep wounds and scars of Kashmiri people. Believe me your write-up endorse and synchronization a same hypocrite ideology of Muftis. Let me tell how Syed Geelani would attend so called the negotiation table with Government of India when he remain under house arrest from last couple of months and many other Hurriyat leaders were imprisoned in several jails across Kashmir valley and you as a granddaughter of Late Mufti Mohammad Syed want Separatists to negotiate with those people who crippled and muzzled Kashmiri’s.

Even seven year old Adnan and his company know well the futility and the time being dialogue process of the successive governments of Centre and the state. The People of the valley and the Hurriyat fractions are fully aware about the past delegations that arrived valley after 2008 and 2010 mass uprising. What they had done, nothing but only tasted few cups of Shahi kehva and returned back to the arrogant corridors of New Delhi. Perhaps due to your deep and salubrious slumber at home you forget what is happening outside. Let open your window and feel the uncounted pangs of the people of the Kashmir valley. See how little coffins are pouring out in the streets of Kashmir valley. Feel and imagine the pain of a hapless and helpless Kashmiri mother who lost her beloved son and imagine an orphaned sister who lost her caretaker brother. Pertinent to mention here that when there is marauding, barbarism and injustice in any nation then the rebellion becomes duty in that very nation .

I was writing this response to you when my eighteen neighbors all are around the age of 15 to 20 were arrested by JK Police during nocturnal raid. They all were labors. Their mothers are still wailing and swelling in pain.

So , Come and I will saw you where this unending threat really originates.

Javeed Bin Nabi is studying International Relations at Islamic University of Kashmir.

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