R K Raghavan: the man who gave a clean chit to Modi

(Teesta Setalvad on her facebook)

teestaRK Raghavan’s clean chit to Modi and despite hard proof of criminal conspiracy to commit mass murder, ignoring Raju Ramachandran’s Interim and Final reports to prosecute the Chief Minister–was shocking enough. He also went out oh his way to discredit evidence of officers like R B Sreekumar attributing personal grievances. As bad or worse was his SIT’s deliberate debunking of Tehelka’s sting operation that in law has the value of extra judicial confessions and strong corroboratory evidence. It was treated as such by Judge Jyotsana Yagnik in the exemplary Naroda Patiya judgement dated 29.8.2012. The judgement also makes strong observations against the SIT investigations.

What is worse than this pathetic record is the manner in which play God anchors on the national network have started calling a man of Raghavan s discredited credentials to spout banal comments on the integrity and independence of investigating agencies (sic)….none of the other intellectual/journos have even bothered to point out RKR’s record, a pathetically banal term in service…..

By the way, just for the record, Raghavan’s erstwhile record even before the sham of the SIT investigation can be gleaned in Justice Verma’s report on the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Despite this he crawled his way up to become director CBI —-when in rhe tragic Ruchika case (young girl forxced to take her oen life) due to the sicker than sick behavior of senior cop rathore (DGP) despite his senior colleagues recommending prosecution Raghavan recommended a closure report!

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