PUCL Strongly Condemns Delhi Govt. Order on Defamation

New Delhi (10th May 15/ Press Note):  PUCL (Delhi)  is shocked  to learn that Govt. of Delhi has approved a policy  to initiate prosecution of the citizens under section 499/500 of the Indian Penal Code  for making defamatory imputations against the  Chief Minister, Ministers and various govt. officials. The Delhi Govt. has issued a circular dated .06.05.2015 in this connection.

It is a very reprehensible step by the AAP party which has been voted to power  with an  overwhelming majority  by the citizens of Delhi as it had claimed  and promised that it would be accountable to the people and  its functioning would be transparent.



Such an order can be passed only in an authoritarian or a fascist state. Purpose of such an order seems to be to threaten and deter    citizens from expressing any dissent or criticism  of the  functioning of the  Chief Minister, Minister and other officials. Delhi citizens are not going to tolerate such an order which is a flagrant attack on their fundamental right I.e. ‘freedom of expression’.

As far back as in 1956 the Supreme Court in this connection had said,“ Those who fill a public position must not be too thin skinned  in reference to comments made upon them. Whoever fills a public position renders himself open to attack. He must accept an attack as a necessary, though unpleasant, appendage to his office.” (1956 SCR 476 ,Kartar Singh)

We therefore  call upon the  Chief Minister  of Delhi Govt.to respect the democratic spirit of the Indian Constitution and immediately withdraw such derogatory order.

Issued by N.D.Pancholi (Adv.), President, People’s Union For Civil Liberties (Delhi)

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