Bharat Mata and India: Nazi-style Political Binaries Playing Havoc

Dr Sanjay Aparanti

Dr. Sanjay AparantiDr. Aparanti is a retired Superintendent of Police, with keen interest in Sociology and Criminology. He contested Parliamentary elections on Aam Aadmi Party’s ticket.

Binary is a concept in life where you are asked to choose either- or, i.e side A or side B, you cannot have an opinion of both in part. Could that be a fall out of the two party political systems? Question to be pondered over! In US you are vertically divided in Right or Left, rather Right v/s Left. Republican or Democrats. In UK the counterpart is Conservative and Labor respectively. The division in the society accordingly has happened on the lines of pro-choice or pro-life, tax more or tax less to resolve the issues of Gun Laws, termination of unwanted pregnancies, re-establishment of America’s monitory power etc.

The worst example of the political binary for the world had been that of the speech delivered by the American president George W Bush asking world to take a clear side of either with him or with the terrorists. With this ‘binary creation’ world saw a catastrophic outcome of destructions of sovereigns Iraq and Libya ,one after the other, followed by assassinations of the dictators, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, one hanged after a ritual of a sham-trial and the other killed while running for life and helpless, reminding of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

The ongoing round about controversies and debates in reverberating and echoed in every part of India today are on the similar lines of Nationalists v/s Antinationals. Those who say Bharat Mata Ki Jay and those who do not. Those who say Jai-Hind for salutation and those who would not. A country with its population which is of the same racial stalk may be with differences based on abiotic factors like temperature, precipitation and altitude. Having one rich Harappan culture admixed with Aryan variations and almost settled by the turn of 20th century. Should it get divided by the petty binaries at this point of time in the history of humankind? Mr. Jawed Akhtar in his last, term-ending speech in Rajya Sabha added fuel to the fire by saying Bharat Mata Ki Jay three times and thereby obliterated the scope for harboring a dissenting opinion/voice to otherwise marginalized critical thinking souls in this nation today. That reminded of certain government officials shouting and working for the government illogically, recklessly and in detriment to society’s harmony and ethos at the fag end of their career, eyeing the post retirement rehabilitation. Dividing society on the binary lines and ruling the ignorant masses thereafter has been the hall mark of dictatorial regimes of Hitler and Mussolini. That even made the population ethnocentric and xenophobic and gave a psychological tool to conduct holocaust and put world for everlasting scars of World War II. German population when was taken to the various sites of the concentration camps by Eisenhower the supreme Commander of the allied forces to show the unbelievable and agonizing sufferings of humans who were on the other side of the axis of binary so as to generate public opinion and to have a psychological backing to the first international Trial conducted by the military tribunal at Nuremberg, Germany in1945 leading to the punishments to the Nazi perpetrators of Nazi war-machine. Visitors were dismayed and realized how wrong they were in praising Hitler and be a victim of the binary that made them side the German racial supremacy concept and to harbor animosity towards the ones who were on the other side of the binary hypothesized by the fascist Nazi ideology. Even if the German population in general had not committed the holocaust crimes, they were on the side of Hitler by the binary he had created.

It’s a time now at this critical hour in the human history when the world is seeing the devastating effects of atrocities being committed every day on the opponents created by sectarian binary by Taliban, Al-Qaida, Al-Qaida of Arabian Peninsula, Boko-Haram, ISIS (now IS) and likes and also the ones created by American president George W Bush by his, “in every region now has a decision to make, either you are with us or you are with the terrorists” a historical blunder leading to regime changes illegally that ruined sovereign nations. The masses are seen divided every day on the binaries created and by incessant research by the fascist ideology to create more such to further the nefarious designs of the fringe elements who have come to power by just 31% votes with the monetary help of industrial thugs coupled with the canvassing by misusing media and the digital revolution and skills of management whiz-kids. It has divided the population into social media groups on the lines of binary of pseudo nationalism leading to social skirmishes every day. Even the government officials are seen divided by this binary.

It’s high time now if we do not identify the dangers looming ahead of civil strife which will surface – during religious fests and anniversaries of iconic historical-mythological-religious figures – of worst kind with devastating effects and permanent scars that although some political parties are longing to have but we the nation as a whole cannot afford it economically and socially. Government seen as supporting this binary creation has lost faith in the minds of intelligentsia. A nationwide discourse is needs to be initiated and persuaded relentlessly by the academia across the disciplines to generate harmony with the help of thick enmeshed cultural fabric. The Nationalists-Antinationals binary will have to be done away with immediate effect to make India a prosperous nation with true patriotic citizenry-that it always had-bound by it’s fabulous constitution.





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