Police Inaction in Jisha’s Case: Rule Not an Aberration

                       C. Suresh

If Nirbhaya rocked the conscience of the nation in 2012 ,it is the turn of another girl, Jisha, an LLB student in Kuruppampady near Perumbavoor,Kerala ,who was brutally raped and mutilated beyond recognition. Jisha,after completing her post graduation was pursuing her ambitious law degree from the government law college, Ernakulam. She was a hapless dalit girl leading her precarious living in a poramboke land( the land under government) without any provision for housing, and with a meagre income by her mother Rajeshwari, a coolie worker supporting the daughter in her strides.

Jisha was found dead at her house on April 28 at 8.30 pm by her mother.Preliminary investigations by the police have revealed that the girl was brutally raped before the murder. According to the police the attacker might have inserted a sharp weapon into the girls genitals causing her intestines to pop out. She had over 30 stab injuries on her body. Her chest was pierced by a sharp weapon on both sides. The cause of death is believed to be due to a severe head injury.

This is just a reminder to our society that many Jishas awaits to be assaulted in such a brutal manner. I saw the same anguish among  many mothers living in the canal colony, where the families are huddled in 3 cents land without proper shelter. Houses are made with loosely laid bricks stacking one by one without cementing them. The households are living under perpetual fear as most of them do not have toilets or doors to protect them from the neighbours prying eyes,’’says writer activist Sarah Joseph.

The most intriguing part of the story is the utter ineptitude of the police which served as a mute spectator to the grotesque episode. Despite repeated complaints of molestation and unruly behaviour by some inmates of the colony, the police remained unenthusiastic to intervene in the state of affairs rubbishing it as a routine matter of internal bickering between the residents. Residents of the colony was always scoffed at denying them drawing water from the nearby wells.

After 6 days of gruesome murder the police are clueless about the culprits and allegations are galore at the criminal indifference by the ruling dispensation as they deliberately blocked the news due to fear of political setbacks in the forthcoming election. Right from the beginning the police was seen dragging its feet citing slender excuses like the colonists were reluctant to give testimonies against the crime and they are not cooperating with the investigators etc. There are allegations of grave mishandling by the police that they allowed the family to cremate the body before receiving reports of chemical examination of the dead  from the lab. This is interesting at a time when the police are yet to conclude about the exact cause of death of an actor named Kalabhavan Mani who died under mysterious circumstances some time back , due to conflicting voices on chemical analysis.

jisha mother                                                                            (Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari)

“There are about 45 lakh dalit adivasis across the state of which around 30 lakhs are landless living in dilapidated conditions.’’says  Dhanya Raman,a dalit activist. “I have covered almost 2500 colonies across the state and everywhere we see umpteen number of rape cases largely unreported in the media, and hushed up due to fear of societal backlash. Many are mentally shocked and live in their mad worlds,”adds Raman.

It is nothing but ridiculous that now the home is bubbling with mourning politicians across the political colours consoling the destitute family members, enlivening their hope in the next government. Hoping against hope the poor chaps invariably exercise their franchise extolling democracy forgetting the misrule end to end.


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