In Pictures: Pinjra Tod’s Women’s Day March

Today was an exhilarating day, as we marched together in our collective strength, rage and love, drawing inspiration and energy from the millions of women known and unknown women whose struggles against the pinjras that bind us, have brought us women to where we are today. In our maddening and screaming songs, slogans and dances, we came together to continue this history of struggle, of being out on streets to demand for half the sky, to break the gates and locks all around us and to dream of stars and stardust. The whispers are resounding into loud joyous vibrations today, vibrations that will break the cages of our lives!
International Working Women’s Day Zindabad!

We marched our way inside through colleges, we broke through hostel gates and filled these cages with our songs of azadi, and when the VC’s office closed its gates on us we jumped through because it is this locked gate that is the patriarchal symbolic of the very oppression we face as women students in the university.
Aaaeee aaaaeee aaaeeee woh, pinjra tod ke bahar aaaeee 🙂

Sabhi pinjro ko todenge, itihas ki dhara modenge! #pinjratod

Pic credits: Harsh Vardhan

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