Why Pinjra Tod movement is much beyond cool girls’ protest: watch video

Pinjra Tod

A big thank you to National Dastak and Ritu, for giving us this opportunity to comprehensively cover various aspects of our struggle. The media otherwise repeatedly edits out most things we have to say, and constructs a particular limited narrative of Pinjra Tod, that they can package in a ‘cool’ and ‘savy’ manner, leaving out the larger political and ideological concerns that drive our movement.

Do watch!



  1. Such moments are useless and senseless nautanki, simply spoiling the girls. You better go to Kashmir, AMU, Jamia etc…

  2. Good attempt to projet the patriarchal society and atrocities on girls and women. The movement should be extended to other universities, rural areas and remote parts where girls are severely exploited and male hegemony is very high.