Photos: students occupy admin building in JNU to protest seat-cuts

Assert your right to University!
Join the ongoing blockade of Ad Block against the UGC Gazette Notification!

“Lost rights are never regained by appeals to the conscience of the usurpers, but by relentless struggle.” Babasaheb Ambedkar

” Equality is not given, nor it is claimed; it is practiced, it is verified.”
Jacques Ranciere

Having slaughtered social justice, the JNU Administration is absconding from the legitimate and just questions of students from the oppressed communities. The UGC has authored a Modern Manusmriti i.e. UGC Gazette notification dated May 5, 2016. The modern Manusmriti will permanently stop students belonging to oppressed communities in entering modern social institutions like universities. Taking cognizance of the issue and urgency, the Committee of Suspended Students for Social Justice and some progressive organisations have called for a blockade of the Administration from today and the blockade was completely successful today. Until the Admin reject the Gazette in toto and implements social justice, the blockade will continue.

The committee extends its revolutionary salute to the karamcharis and various employees for cooperating with students in implementing a complete blockade of Ad Block.

The extended version of Modern Manusmriti must be rejected in toto. Therefore, we appeal to each and every student to come to Ad Block and participate in the total Blockade of Ad Block, so as to claim our right to social justice and assert our right to university.

Committee of Suspended Students for Social Justice

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