How People in Power Get Away With Unscientific Statements: Dr. Tejal Kanitkar

Pointing the blame inwards, Dr. Tejal Kanitkar said that it is our own inability to call out every day obscurantism that is responsible for people in power like politicians to get away with atrocious statements with dangerous implications for our society at large.

One Comment

  1. This is typical pseudo intellectual rubbish. How do we make sure that every statement that comes out of our mouths is scientific. Impossible. Nobody is able to guarantee that.
    ‘atrocious statements with dangerous implications’ – is not scientific either. What is the scientific meaning of ‘atrocious statement’? There is none. How do we measure ‘dangerous implications’? Is there a Meter to measure this?

    So she is indulging in the same rubbish, she is blaming others of. Hypocrite to the core without any scruples.