Open Letter to the People of India from Bleeding Kashmir

Dear People of India

Greetings! I am sure that your collective conscience is yet to be satisfied. I am not Syria. I am not Palestine. I am not Gaza either. God has made me “Paradise on Earth”. But now I am as good as living hell. I am an untold story. I am bleeding land being brutally and illegally occupied by your nation which uses its military power to suppress the voice of freedom of my people. They have already killed tens of thousands of my innocent sons. The cheapest thing on my land is none other than that of human blood. My children grow up watching graveyards populate their villages. My daughters continue to live an undignified life. Everything on my land whether it is home, hamlet, town, city or market has tragic tales of grief to narrate. I wonder how your nation has never been questioned of its atrocities. Doesn’t it deserve to be brought before the International judicial court of the United Nations (UN) for her trail of killing about my five lakh people and other crimes like human rights violation in past six decades? Unfortunately your electronic media has always remained biased. They never supported my cause rather they brushed the atrocities of their government under the carpet.  A daily business of slaying my people mainly children is being reported in the internal pages of your print media, quite often in microscopic fonts. That is the biggest reason why you are unfamiliar of the brutalities carried out by the various fascist regimes of your nation. The realities of my land remain shrouded. My people had reasons to live but they see themselves as if they never lived. They are in a grip of utter trauma living a miserable life and there is no one to hear their anguished cry. I am virtually crumbling under Indian occupation and my people are at a fateful crossroad and facing an uncertain future. But one is thing is sure! India cannot occupy me based on gun power. The more they kill my people, the more rebels they would create out of them. Even if India would kill my entire population, yet it won’t be able to brush my issue under the rug and move on.  How long you can turn a blind eye? Your “Proud Army” is crossing all heights of atrocities by killing my teenagers mercilessly. Blood bath continues. People are being caged, curfew imposed, internet and other modes of communication are snapped and hospitals, ambulances even journalists are targeted. During past 15 days, there has been the brutal and sadistic murder of people, all civilian, mostly youth and children.  The only crime they do is that they resist against Indian oppression through protests, voices, and stones. And in return they are being killed through bullets and pellets by brave Indian soldiers. Don’t forget that stone pelting has resulted the death of none not even a single security personal but bullets and pellets took away the lives of thousands of my children. Such inhuman actions may satisfy but it won’t benefit you. My people won’t give up. How India can defeat them who have already defeated their own fears? None can stop them from freedom. The flag of freedom they raised to heights.  Freedom from Indian occupation. Freedom from Indian oppression. My sons will attain it, even if they have to kiss martyrdom.  Please put yourselves in the shoes of my people and try to see the conflict through their eyes. Talk to any common man and he can share with you the direct pain, injustice and indignity that they continue to suffer as a result of the Indian oppression. My people are not doing any crime but asking for a plebiscite which was promised by your respected Prime Minster Nehru Ji. Here’s a valid question to ask you as Indian citizens, political leaders, bureaucrats, army chiefs, right-wing extremists and so: Are you blind? Can’t you see that my people want recognition of their identity? Burn your bollywood movies. Come to my land. Walk through my cities. The bridges. The ruins. The graves. Look at what I eat. Look at my buildings. My shrines. My architecture. My history. Speak to me.  Holding me against my will not bring any benefit to you and your country. It is definitely undemocratic, brutal and absolutely unnecessary.

My people are crying out for a solution which would have sincere interest to understand the solemnity of the existing situation- which would understand the pain of the common man- which would hold the hands of a mother who has lost her son- which would give them a future of justice and reconciliation… I will end up this painful letter with the words of Shelly, the English poet; Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud  I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!



Bleeding Kashmir

Dr. Aasif Shah

Pondicherry University


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