An open letter from a Kashmiri to Hurriyat leaders


Respected Hurriyat Leaders,

I would like to ask you certain questions, I hope you won’t mind answering them.

It’s has been struck in my Heart, Mind and Soul since I was in my 12th grade in 2008, but I couldn’t ask you. I was a kid and thought whatever you leaders will decide is better for us.

It was repeated in 2010 And now in 2016, and it’s happening again.

Before people start judging me I’m born and bought up in Downtown, and I stand by the Idea of an Independent Kashmir, I have, like everybody else lost my loved ones (not one but two), to India’s Atrocities.

The Struggle for freedom demands Sacrifice, and Sacrifice we have given. Yes, each one of us, each one of the people fighting on roads or staying inside their homes, we have sacrificed one thing or the other, a friend or family, we have lost many, and have lost a lot and YES, Kashmir is ready to do more.

You know much more than I do, you have seen things more closely than any of us have, that is why you are the leaders. We respect and abide by the protest calls given by you.

The History-


The Kashmir was an Independent Kingdom, before Pakistan overtook and Kashmir had to ask India for help and then this good neighbor turned bad and Occupied our place. This is the bitter reality that each of us know.

To make things clear for the readers, it was Pakistan that CREATED this Kashmir Dispute, who tried to FIRST ILLEGALLY OCCUPY Kashmir. And India followed, because you see India cannot stay behind if Pakistan does anything.

The Human Rights Violation:

Kashmir has been on the receiving end of a lot of Mental, Emotional and Physical abuse from both the Sides, Yes, on both the sides, The PoK and The IoK have both been traumatized to the core. The Killings, the torture, the rapes the missing family, it is common in PoK as it is a Norm in IoK. We do not hear about the Pakistan’s brutal behavior with PoK people for the same reason as to why the people of India don’t know about what Indian government and Indian Army has been doing in this part of Kashmir. The news never makes it on the TV screens and Newspapers.

The Problem with Our Freedom Struggle:

History is witness, a freedom struggle is successful only if it is neutral, only if the true essence of the Struggle is Freedom. FREEDOM for us means Independence from India AND Pakistan, not from India alone.

People will ask me as to why I decided to bring up this topic today, because TILL NOW, it was the people, the crowd without a name who were waving Pakistani flags during protests, who were shouting the Pro-Pakistani slogans, I couldn’t blame them, I couldn’t find them and tell them what our struggle is about, they are naïve kids, they need to be guided, guided about what our freedom struggle is all about.

I don’t know why some people want to give this freedom struggle a communal touch, it was never our goal and we have witnessed, it has never helped us ever. The people who think this is going to help us in any way should ask themselves if this is really helping our struggle, is it really worth the blood of more than 1 lac Kashmiris and counting.

Why aren’t the young minds of Kashmir picking up the right flag in their hands, our flag the most beautiful flag on earth for every Kashmiri. More than 50% of the Kashmiri youth doesn’t even know what our flag is.

Isn’t this your responsibility to make them aware about what the Identity of Kashmir is, because you call yourselves the Hurriyat Leaders, you will be the stars when the History of Kashmir will be written, isn’t it your responsibility to guide people on the right path.

           The real flag of Kashmir

Let me tell you what a mind of a common Kashmiri girl who has been under house arrest for more than 34 days now thinks:

The crowd waves Pakistani flag during Protests, in-front of Indian forces, what do you think will happen, more bloodshed than if they have had waved Kashmiri flags, that by logic DOES DEFINE THE RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION.

The bloodshed will not be because People are waving the flag of a the country involved in the Kashmir Dispute, Naa.. the Blood Shed will be because it is the Step Brother of India that is involved in the Kashmir Dispute, the fight between India and Pakistan is not only about Kashmir, they are the US and USSR in making, they will kill to make each other feel inferior. And that is what is happening in Kashmir.

The people of Kashmir are getting killed not only because they are asking for their right to self-determination, but also because the waving of Pakistani flag is fueling Indian forces to kill them.

This act of our children not only is the reason of more deaths but is also responsible for the pushing away of the Kashmiri minorities from this struggle for freedom, because when they logically think they prefer to be better off in Indian Control than to be in control of Pakistan.

This not only increases the number of people who die at the hands of Indian forces but also makes our struggle unauthentic and illogical.

The Protest Programme:

Today you, the Hurriyat leaders of our nation we follow blindly, have issued a Protest Programme.

In that Programme 15 August is referred to as Black Day, it is no doubt a Black Day for us, if there would have been a color darker and scary than black, I would have named 15 August with that. But the same stands for 14 August. Why have you named 14 August as the Pakistan Day, it is their Day LET THEM CELEBRATE IT, IT IS FOR US AS BLACK AS 15 AUGUST IS!

With due respect, I try to remind you time and again in this letter that Pakistan is as much responsible for our situation as India is, why are you giving so much importance to them?

Yes, Pakistani government is demanding the plebiscite of Kashmir now, we as Kashmiris respect that, but that is that, we JUST respect that like we respected Atal Ji’s take on Kashmir, we do not and we cannot be a part of that country or this country.

It is time to leave our personal benefits that we get from being a part of India and Pakistan and work on the freedom struggle of Kashmir, and that is what Kashmiris are doing. I hope, you being the leaders will understand your responsibility in controlling and containing the role of communal forces in this struggle, I hope you won’t let the blood of martyrs get wasted, I hope you have understood a thought that strikes this common girl’s mind. I hope to see the Sun of Freedom Shining in Kashmir soon, Freedom from India AND Pakistan.

Liah Qureshi

A Curious Kashmiri


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